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Hoods and thugs are no match for Batman, but there are a few notables that have given him a run for his money. Batman's villains have often varied in terms of their modus operandi. Some like the Riddler, Two-Face and the Penguin have matched wits with him while others like Bane, KGB Beast and Man-Bat have locked horns with him physically.

Arkham Asylum

   Calendar Man || Cavalier || Charaxes || The Clayface Family || Cornelius Stirk
Crazy Quilt || Firefly || Harley Quinn || Joker || Killer Croc || Mad Hatter || Mr. Freeze || Mr. Zsasz Maxi Zeus || Poison Ivy ||  Riddler || Scarecrow || Two Face || The Ventriloquist

Everyone Else

Bane || Black Mask || Blockbuster || Cat-Man || Clue Master || Copperhead || David Cain || Dead Shot
Dr. Phosphorus || Etrigan the Demon || Hugo Strange || Hush || King Snake || KGBeast || Lady Shiva
  Lock Up || Man-Bat || Nocturna || NKVDemon || Penguin ||  || Rupert Thorne
Samsara || Slade Wilson || Solomon Grundy || Tally Man || Zeiss

Gone but Not Forgotton

Abbatoir || Ratcatcher || Ra's Al Ghul

Out of Action

The following characters are here for reference. They were once a part of canon but no longer.

Professor Milo || Tweedledum and Tweedledee