Rogue Lists

Crazy Quilt

Written by Scott
Real Name: Unknown
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'11
Weight: 172 LBS
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
 crazy quilt

Crazy Quilt, was an artist/crime boss who gave instructions to his men through his paintings. He was shot in the face and blinded. Desperate to regain his vision, he underwent experimental surgery. The surgery was a semi success. He could see, but only in vivid, bright colors. That sent him over the edge and he took the name Crazy Quilt and began a career of crime. He got locked up and escaped, but Robin quickly put him back in prison again.

Before Crazy Quilt was released from prison, his doctor told him he was going to be blind again. He stole some new technology and kidnapped a doctor to fix his eyes. Everything worked out perfectly, and he regained his vision. During a fight with Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson), the boy wonder reflected a laser in Crazy Quilt's eyes and caused blindness again.

This caused him to go mad. Crazy Quilt got a man to make a new helmet that hooked up to the optic part of his brain. It worked and he sought his revenge against Robin for blinding him. He fought Jason Todd and was sent back to jail.