Rogues Gallery

The Penguin

REAL NAME: Oswald Cobblepot
OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal
WEIGHT:180-200 IBS

Oswald Cobblepot's woes began when he was just a young boy. He had to put up with an overbearing mother who made him carry around an umbrella even on days when the weather was nice and clear. She feared that Oswald would catch pneumonia and die like his father did.

The Umbrella only added to Oswald's problems. Other children mocked him for it and for his round podgy appearance and big nose by calling him "Penguin". Oswald could only keep his anger and frustration to himself vowing one day to set things right.

When he grew older, Cobblepot became a master criminal and developed an elegant personality which covered his criminal activities. Penguin has committed many crimes which mostly involve heists, control of certain operations or pitting other criminals against each other for profit. When it comes to Batman, Oswald does his best to keep his hands clean. He makes sure that crimes of his committing can't be traced to him

Other Info

-Penguin is well read in the study of Birds.
-He is one of the few rogues who isn't sent to Arkham if he is ever arrested.
-Penguin has a new use for Umbrellas: He often customises them to double as either guns or swords.