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Here are some other Bat and Bat related sites That I have come across. If you have a site that isn't listed or if you would like to have your site added email me at Include the name of the site, the URL and a brief description of the site.

Batman Sites

The Darkknight Simply the best Batman site around. Go here and you'll know why
Batman: Defender of Gotham A Pretty darn good site. Definitely go here.

The BatSquad An informative website which looks at notable Batman stories.
Gotham City Central
Bat Sitings
Batman Reborn

Batman Characters

Extreme Robin Website A Page devoted to the Dark Knights squire, Robin. A must for fans of Robin.
Lair of the Huntress
A Page devoted to the Anastasia of Gotham, the Huntress
Unofficial Spoiler Web Site A Site devoted to Gotham's other lady in Purple, the Spoiler.
Canary Noir A page devoted to the hottest tag team in comics, the Birds of Prey.
The Dark Damsel Another Batgirl page. Definitely go here
Azrael: Agent of the Bat A treasure trove devoted to the Avenging Angel Azrael. If you're an Az fan, make sure this is the first page you go.
Cats Illustrated A very well designed Catwoman page. Features include info on Catwoman and numerous written works.

Villainous Vamps of Gotham city   


Batman Movies

Batman on Film Up to date info on a possible fifth Batman movie.
Batman Movie Collective. An excellent and comprehensive site on the Batman movies and video games.
Batman Movies Website A website devoted to the Batman films

Batman Animated Series

Batman: Animated Series official site The official site of the original animated series.
The Batman-Superman site The Official site of the new series. Supes' here too.
Official Batman Beyond Website The official site of the new series.
The World's Finest News, reviews, bio's or the DC's animated shows can be found here.

Batman TV Series

Adam West's home page See what Adam West is up to these days.
Yvonne Craig's home page See what Yvonne Craig is up to these days.
The 1966 Batman Tribute Page One of the best pages on the television series. Definitely go here.

Batman Misc

The Art of Don Newton A site that looks at the work of the late great Batman Artist, Don Newton
Jam BatCave
A collection of Batman related articles from the Toronto Sun
Superhero costumes a place to buy costumes of your favourite heroes. Looks great.

It's not related to the original Mantle of the Bat, but its bigger and better. Give this a look.
Official DC comics homepage I think everyone knows what this is. lots of info and downloads.
DC Fanzing. A fanzine devoted to DC. Recommended

Gotham Tales An Alternate version of Gotham envisioned by the site's webmaster. Interesting approach.
Wiggy World Formerly the Lazarus pit. Now includes information on TV shows, movies and DVD's.

Non Batman websites
Comics Directory - comics related news, books and web resources.

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