Rogue List


Written by Scott
Real Name: Arnold Etkar
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Marital Status: Deceased
Height: *6'
Weight: *155lbs
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Red

Arnold Etkar was an insane man who felt that he needed to feed upon the souls, and blood of his own relatives. He killed 26 of his family members, including several that he killed after escaping from Arkham Asylum.

Abbatoir became the subject of pursuit by Jean Paul Valley who was acting as Batman. Valley prevented Abbatoir from killing a school bus of children but allowed him to escape.

Abbatoir was chased into a refinery by Valley who nearly knocked him into a vat of lava. Abbatoir hung from a plank and Valley allowed him to fall, therefore becoming responsible for his death. Abbatoir's death eventually resulted in Bruce reclaiming the mantle of Batman