Rogue Lists

The Clayface Family

Basil Karlo (ClayfaceI)
Matt Hagen (Clayface II)
Preston Payne (Clayface III) Shondra Fuller (Clayface IV) Cassius (Clayface V)

OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal


HEIGHT: varies 
WEIGHT: varies
EYES: mostly orange or red
HAIR: varies

Many people were introduced to this malleable foe of Batman's in the animated series but little do they know that there are five Clayfaces each with their own powers and capabilities to give Batman a good fight.

The first Clayface is former actor Basil Karlo. Karlo became obsessed with a play he was in and called himself Clayface as he murdered members of his cast. Originally he used normal makeup to disguise himself, but when Karlo discovered that there were other Clayfaces, he brought them all together and formed a group called the mudpack. He also took samples of each of the Clayfaces and created a serum which he injected himself with thus becoming Ultimate Clayface. During a Battle with Batman Karlo fell into a pit and was trapped underground but was freed when Gotham was hit by an earthquake.

Matt Hagen is the second Clayface. Matt was an underwater adventurer who came across a strange pool of mud. When Matt touched the mud, it covered his body giving him a hard shell covering and allowed him to transform into any shape he wanted. Hagen died in the storyline "Crisis on Infinite Earths"

The third, and at one time the deadliest, Clayface was Preston Payne. Payne was born with a physical deformity that left his face disfigured and was shunned from society. When Payne learned about Matt Hagen's shape shifting ability, he took a sample of Hagen and injected it into his body. However this only made his life even worse as he was constantly in pain which he could only relieve by touching someone or something. His touch would melt the unfortunate victim. Payne wears a suit to prevent him from melting things by mistake.

Shondra Fuller is the fourth Clayface. Fuller felt ashamed of her unattractive appearance so she was granted "Clayface" abilities by the leader of a villainous group called Kobra. Not only can she alter her appearance to suit her satisfaction, she could also create wings and fly.

Cassius is the son of Shondra and Preston who fell in love when Basil Karlo brought them together. Sadly for them, they have been separated from their son who is kept in a government lab while they are held in Arkham. Cassius' full abilities are not known.

Other info

-Basil Karlo was one of Batman's earliest villains. Matt Hagen was created in the Golden Age while the latter three were created in the 80's -90's

-Matt Hagen made his non comic debut in Batman: The Animated Series. In the animated series Matt Hagen is an actor (perhaps a reference to Basil Karlo) who needs a special cream to enhance his appearance. However when he is caught breaking into the factory that makes it, he is force fed the cream which leads to his transformation.

-Of the five Clayfaces, Utimate Clayface is considered to be the strongest. During his imprisonment in the earth below, Ultimate Clayface absorbed some quartz diamonds which have given him the ability to fire energy blasts at his foes. However Cassius, if he ever gets free, may prove to be the strongest.

-There was a sixth version of Clayface called Claything. It was a sample taken from Cassius which fused itself with a DEA (Department of Extraordinary Activities) scientist and went on a rampage through Gotham. It had the ability to melt objects simply by looking at them (Believed to have inherited from Cassius and possibly the scientist). Claything was destroyed and his remains are stored at the DEA HQ