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(Bio by Scott )
Real Name: Garfield Lynns
Occupation: Former Hollywood Special Effects Expert now Arsonist
Base Of Operations:
Gotham City
Height: *6'
Weight: *180 lbs
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Brown
Garfield Lynns worked in Hollywood as a Special Effects expert but he eventually got fired because the director thought he was too dangerous. He is now a pyromaniac who lights fires for the sake of loving fire. He seems to think that he sees things in the flames he creates.

Firefly's costume is perfectly suited for his activities and is flame-proof. His main weapon is a large flamethrower.

Other Info
-Garfield and his sister were orphans and were raised in an orphanage. He also has a dislike for places such as amusement parks or other family oriented places due to the fact that he was unable to go to these places.