Rogues Gallery


Real Name: Jonathon Crane
Height: 6'1
Weight: 150 IBS
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Jonathon Crane is the Self Professed "Master of Fear". Crane was nicknamed "Scarecrow" by fellow students in high school due to his thin lanky appearance. These same "jocks" bullied Crane for most of his high school career.

After Crane left school, he became a professor at Gotham University in the specialty of phobias. Crane had a very unorthodox teaching method in which he subjected his own students to his self made fear toxins. Eventually the faculty administration decided that his methods were hurting the students and he was dismissed. Angered at this, Crane took his revenge by using his toxins against the people who helped ruin his life and taking on the name which he was once branded. Scarecrow. 

In addition to his fear toxins, Scarecrow is also a skilled martial artist and uses his lanky physique to his advantage.

Additional Notes
-The Joker is the only person who is immune to Scarecrow's fear toxin
-Scarecrow has often mistakenly inhaled his own toxin and his greatest fear is Batman
-Scarecrow has previously worked with Joker and Two-Face