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Killer Croc

(Bio by Scott)

REAL NAME: Waylon Jones
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Base Of Operations: Gotham City
Marital Status: Single
HAIR: none

Waylon Jones was born with a rare disease that made his skin increasingly scaly as he aged. By the time he was an adult, he resembled a green, humanoid reptile. After a difficult childhood, Waylon began a life of crime. Working his way up from petty theft to murder, Waylon spent most of his life in either reform school or prison. After being paroled, he eventually found a job as a circus sideshow freak and gained the name "Killer Croc." Tiring of the circus life, he returned to crime with lofty ambitions. But, thus far, his goals have exceeded his abilities.

Despite his lack of super-powers, Killer Croc is a dangerous opponent. His great size, better than average strength and leather-like skin (which offers unusual protection against injury) make him a formidable threat. Croc is also a good wrestler and can be deadly in close quarters combat.

As years passed, Croc's skin condition began to affect him mentally. He soon began behaving more as an animal than a man which caused him to leave the organised crime business and go solo.

Other Info
-Croc's tough skin allows him to absorb normal blows and punishment than a normal human can
-At one point, Swamp Thing tried to help Croc by inviting him to live in the swamps away from society. Croc accepted at first only to be taken over by his criminal urges causing him to return to Gotham city.