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(Bio by Scott )
Real Name:
Roland Desmond
Occupation: Criminal
Base Of Operations: Bludhaven
Status: Deceased
Height: 8'
Weight: 527 IBS.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


As a kid Roland Desmond lived with his brother Mark on an island near Gotham. Unlike his brother, Roland wasn't awfully bright and it didn't take him long to get a criminal track record, with convictions for robbery, petit larceny, conspiracy to commit grant theft and murder. When an experimental serum turned his brother into the hulking Blockbuster, Roland saw it as a perfect opportunity to bring his criminal activities to a new level by manipulating his brother into carrying out his criminal activities.

Mark eventually died at the hands of Brimstone during a mission for Suicide Squad and Roland returned to a life of petty crime. However, some months later the alliance of aliens activated a gene-bomb in Earth's atmosphere, that triggered the latent meta genes in a great number of humans. Among those affected was Roland who was wracked with seizures and rushed from prison to a hospital. The prison medical staff then treated him with an experimental steroid in an effort to cure him. Instead the steroid reacted with his genetically altered cell structure to enable him to become a hulking creature like his brother. He also exchanged his soul to the demon Neron for improved intelligence.

Blockbuster quickly built up a criminal empire. Roland met Nightwing face to face. In recent times, their battle became personal. Holding Nightwing responsible for the death of his mother, Blockbuster began killing and destroying all those close to him. During their inevitable rematch, he was defeated by Nightwing and shot and killed by Nightwing's partner Tarantula.