Rogue Lists

Mr. Freeze

REAL NAME: Victor Fries
OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal
HEIGHT:6'0" (with suit)
WEIGHT:200 IBS (with suit)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown

Victor Fries was once a well respected and highly regarded scientist who had a beloved wife named Nora. Unfortunately an incurable illness stood between the two. Fries put his wife in cryogenic stasis in the hopes of one day finding an cure for his wife so that they would be reunited.

Unfortunately two events would prevent this from ever happening. First was the callous actions of Fries' employer Gothcorp who tried to shut down the cryogenics lab due to high costs. A scuffle with Fries and security personnel ensued and a stray bullet released super coolants on Victor. The effects of the chemicals forced Victor to live in very cold conditions.

Fries vowed revenge and created a suit that would allow him to walk in normal temperatures while providing his body with the cold it needed. He then proceeded to kill Gothcorp's executives and committed crimes in the hopes of getting money to continue research to save his wife.

The other factor which would prevent Fries reunion occurred during a battle with Batman. Fries accidentally fired on the machine holding his wife killing her. Despite the fact that his own actions caused her death, he blames Batman for the incident.

Other facts
-When Mr. Freeze made his debut in 1959, he was referred to as Mr. Zero

-in 1997, the comic writers decided to go with the movie idea of having Freeze's armour powered by diamonds. The idea was dropped after fans, who were already seething over BATMAN and ROBIN, objected.

-Freeze's origins have often altered over the years. The original comic version had freeze in an lab accident, the 60' TV series had freeze in an accident involving Batman. The current comic origin, which the film BATMAN and ROBIN also used, was written by Paul Dini for the comics and taken from the animated series.