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Black Mask 

(Bio by Scott with additional info by AJ)
Real Name: Roman Sionis
Occupation: Crime Lord
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Marital status: Single
WEIGHT: 195 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: None
Roman Sionis was owner of Janus Cosmetics Company and a leading citizen of Gotham City.

After losing his company to bankruptcy, he became mentally unstable and sought revenge against those he saw as responsible for his failures. Carving a mask from the lid of his father's coffin Sionis assumed the identity of the Black Mask.

In an effort to throw Batman off his trail, Black Mask burned down his family estate which also resulted in his mask being fused to his face. After Gotham became a 'No Man's Land' Black Mask became even more unhinged and tried to make a power grab but failed. For a short time, he remained low and out of sight only to return when the city was thrown into a huge gang war. He has regained much of his status.

Other info
-Sionis has known Bruce Wayne since he was a child through their father's friendships. However he himself dislikes Wayne.
-Black mask has mastered forms of torture which he used on people during the gang war in Gotham. He also murdered the vigilantes Orpheus and Spoiler.