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Ra's Al Ghul

(Bio written by Scott with additional material by AJ)

REAL NAME: Ra's Al Ghul
EYES: Brown
HAIR:  Black and White

Rs al Ghl has been alive since the Middle Ages. A doctor in North Africa, his wife was killed and he was buried in a pit when he offended the son of an important Sultan, by saving the life of a man the prince nearly killed. The pit contained a mysterious substance that both heals and prolongs the life of anyone bathed in it. Such pits, referred to as Lazarus Pits, have been discovered by Rs all over the world. Their healing quality appears to be born of the earth itself.

In his long years, he has seen and lived through many wars and conflicts which have affected his views on the planet. Growing ever so tired of the problems of the world, Ra's has come up with a plan that he feels will set things right. Ra's plans on destroying the existing world and recreating a peaceful green utopia which his grandchildren will inherit. Though Ra's has the resources and people to help him carry out his plans, there is one person he truly lacks: A genetically perfect Man to marry his daughter Talia.

When Ra's learned of Batman, he decided to study him and learned his secret. He then put him to a test by staging a fake kidnapping involving Talia and Robin which Batman passed. Though Batman loved Talia he dismissed Ra's plans for the world as Madness and leaving Ra's to believe that Batman must fall before he can carry out his plan.

Other Info
-Ra's is a skilled fencer and swordsman. His strength is at its peak when he uses the Lazarus pit
-Ra's even tried to use Bane as his grandson
-Of all of his minions, Ubu is his most loyal and powerful. Ra's' has had many Ubu's in his life time.