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(Bio by Scott )
Real Name:
Natasha Knight
Occupation: Criminal
Base Of Operations: Gotham
Status: Single
Height: *5'8"
Weight: *127 IBS.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


Natasha had a hard life of begging on the streets. She was found and taken in by her adoptive father, Charles Knight. In his home she lived a life of luxury and elegance. While working for Wayne Industries, she was involved in a radioactive accident. This turned her skin palid and gave her a sensitivity to light.

After Charles had been killed by rivals, Natasha met her stepbrother Anton, who fell in love with her. The two soon lived up their inheritence, partly since they were used to a life in luxury, and partly because of Natasha's rare "light sensitivity" disease she needed expensive medical treatment. When they ran out of money, they followed in their fatherís footsteps. Clad in a black body suit, Anton started to rob Gotham's rich as the Night-Thief, while Natasha operated behind the scenes as "Nocturna" - mistress of the night.

When Night-Thief went to prison, Nocturna continued her life of crime with other allies such as Nightshade. Later on, she became an intimate friend of both Bruce Wayne and the Batman, something that made both lives more complicated.