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Now that you have looked around the site, I welcome your thoughts, questions and comments about: 

-A certain article or review I may have posted.
-A request to write your own article.
-Make your own submission.
-Just some comments about the site.

you can reach me at Before you submit anything please read the guidelines below.

Submitting an article

-Should deal with Batman and can be on any aspect or form such as TV series (I would like to hear from fans of the show), animated series, movies, comics etc
-Try not to go overboard. At least 300 words is acceptable.
-Don't write an article that attacks a person personally. I don't want to see an article where the person talks about why Joel Schumacher is an idiot. Try to attack their work, not them.
-Keep it clean: no racist, sexist or other inflammatory remarks or comments. No foul language either .

Submitting a comic review

-Don't give a full blown summary of what occurred. Sum it up in a few sentences.
-Try to be objective.
-Include some sort of rating in the end such as a ranking or star rating.
-Again keep it clean.