Rogue Lists


REAL NAME: Drury Walker
HEIGHT:6'1" (As a human) 6'9 (In beast form)
HAIR:  None

Small time crook Drury Walker decided to improve his standing in the criminal world so he took on the role as a socialite who offered his services as a hitman. There was only one problem, Walker took on one of the most laughable aliases ever: The Killer Moth.

Not only did Walker choose a terrible name, but his skills as a hitman weren't that good as he was easily defeated by Batman. To further his embarrassment, Walker was defeated by Barbara Gordon on her very first case as Batgirl. Walker's lack of results as well as his name made him a laughing stock on both sides of the law.

Haunted by his failures and the lack of respect given to him, Walker was determined to make people respect him. When a demon named Neron offered to make him more powerful and fearful than he ever could be in exchange for his soul, Walker accepted and was transformed into a giant winged creature called Charaxes.

Charaxes is anything but a joke. He is a terrifying man-eating creature who captures his prey and cocoons them to eat later. He also has acidic saliva which is fatal to any living thing it touches.