Rogue Lists

 Maxi Zeus

Real Name: Maxwell Zeus
Occupation: Former Professor/Criminal
Base Of Operations:
Gotham City/West Coast
Height: *6'
Weight: *160Ibs

Maxie Zeus is reportedly a former professor of Greek Mythology and a foremost expert on their history and culture. Some unexplained events led Zeus to leave the academy and turn to crime. It was about this time that his wife either left him or died and Zeus took to raising his daughter Medea alone. He quickly amassed a following, perhaps as a result of his charismatic personality. With Gotham's underworld in constant turmoil sparked by the comings and goings of masterminds like the Joker and the Penguin - Zeus was in a position to climb to the top.

Maxie Zeus led the criminal underworld for some time until he came to the Batman's attention. After some altercations Zeus eventually left Gotham. Conceding defeat, he relocated to the West Coast and concentrated on new schemes.