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(Bio by Scott )
Real Name:
Dr. Thomas Elliot
Occupation: Criminal, Surgeon     
Base Of Operations:
Gotham City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200Ibs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, Tommy Elliot already had a devious criminal mind.  Arranging for his wealthy parents to die in an automobile accident, Elliot's plan to inherit their wealth came to naught when his mother survived with the medical intervention of Dr. Thomas Wayne.

After going to Dr. Elliot for help with a brain tumour, the Riddler, went to Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit and got cured. Returning to the United States, Riddler offered the cure for cancer to Dr. Elliot, whose mother was suffering from the disease as well. Apparently in conversation he conveyed his hatred of the Waynes to the Riddler, who knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman offered Elliot a plan for vengeance that would benefit them both.

Recruiting both enemies and allies of the Batman through either rewards and or deceit, Dr. Elliot and the Riddler executed a plan of vengeance to once and all destroy Batman both body and soul, keeping the Dark Knight constantly guessing who was the enigmatic Hush.