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The following are movie scripts that were provided to me courtesy of Fabio2. Take a look at them all and see what you think

The Batman by Tom Mankiewicz: The first Batman script ever written. It went through a second draft before being rejected by Jon Peters (Tim Burton as well?) in 1986.

Batman by Sam Hamm(1986): Sam Hamm's first draft for Tim Burton. This draft was a lot longer and in depth than what was filmed. Read and see what made the final edition and what didn't

Batman Returns (1991) by Daniel Waters: Daniel Waters first draft for the sequel to Batman. Contains many differences to what was filmed.

Catwoman (1995): The script Tim Burton would have used if he went ahead and filmed his Catwoman movie or would he?

Superman Scripts

Superman Lives by Kevin Smith: Kevin Smith's contribution which was rejected by Tim Burton upon taking up the project.

Superman: The Man of Steel: Alex Ford's script took a different direction to what Jon Peters wanted.