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Brief Trivia and Tidbits on the show.

-in 2002, after the success of their Smallville series, Tollin and Robbins went to work on a Batman related show. They were planning on making a Bruce Wayne TV series that followed Bruce in his early years when he was traveling the world learning his skills before he became Batman. Plans for the series were shelved when Lorenzo Di Bonaventura fought to kill the show feeling that it would conflict with the Batman Year One movie.

-Birds of Prey was based on the comic, originally written by Chuck Dixon, which featured Oracle and Black Canary. However, the producers of the show decided to make some changes to the characters to make the show appeal to non comic viewers as well. Among the changes included changing the setting of Gotham city. Gotham is referred to as new Gotham and would be set in a future where Batman was in a self imposed exile.

-The show's Black Canary is much different from the comic version. In the comics, Dinah is much older (late 20's to mid 30's), skilled in martial arts and uses the sonic cry; a sonic powered scream. The Comic Canary succeeded her mother, the first Black Canary who also had the sonic cry.

-Huntress is not a member of the Birds of Prey in the comics, but she has worked with them.

-Ashley Scott's Huntress character is loosely based on the Pre-Crisis Huntress who also happened to be Batman and Catwoman's daughter.

-Oracle/Barbara Gordon's tragedy is roughly the same as it was in the comics. Barbara was crippled in the story "The Killing Joke"

-Sherlyn Flynn was originally cast as Harley Quinn but was later replaced by Mia Sara. Flynn left for other commitments.

-Jesse Reese's character was originally named Jake.

-The pilot of the show was not supposed to show Batman, Catwoman and Joker, but they were later added in. Joker was referred to as "The Man in Shadow" and be voiced by Mark Hamill Licensing issues prevented these characters from appearing or being mentioned.

-The original pilot had Sherlyn Flynn as Harley and the sets were considered 'Burtonesque' however in the pilot that was aired, they were more "Schumacheresque'

-Meta humans are DC's version of Mutants.