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September 30, 2002
Batman Year One being fast tracked?
Source: Aint it Cool News

In the midst of all the hoopla regarding the Superman movie, Harry Knowles has some information which should make us Batman fans happy. Harry is reporting that Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is fast tracking the Year One film since Aronofsky's film The Fountain was canned due to Brad Pitt's departure.

Harry also has some news regarding Batman vs. Superman. He confirms that Akiva Goldsman was hired to rewrite Walker's script and the storyline had Batman and Superman fighting because Batman held Superman responsible for his fiancé's death.

Full details can be found Here. 

  Robin returns to the small screen as a Teen Titan
source: Comics Continuum

While Batman is spending his animated days as a member of the Justice League. What about Robin. Well The Continuum is reporting that Warner Brothers Animation is now at work on a Teen Titans animated series. Here is a brief description of the show from the studio

"Teen Titans is based on the popular DC Comics comic book characters. Teen Titans, set in a future of intergalactic strife and interplanetary battles, features five teen superheroes each with special powers, led by the Boy Wonder Robin. This group unites to form a

 defensive force to protect the Earth from a new generation of villains. An eclectic group, their powers complement each other so that when they band together, they become a superb fighting force. Their personalities, on the other hand, often clash. Discovering how to control their powers, these Teen Titans must learn to work and grow as a team while dealing with the trials and tribulations of being teenagers."

The show is set for a 2003 release on Cartoon Network. More details on the show can be found Here

  September 29, 2002
Batman 608 tops sales, gets paper upgrade
Source: Comics Continuum

Looks like the demand for Batman keeps getting higher. Diamond Distributors is saying that Batman 608 topped other comics in copies for October in-store book based on initial sales orders. In addition, BATMAN will have a higher paper quality. Here are some more details from the Comics Continuum

"We're excited by the response," said Bob Wayne, DC's Vice President - Sales & Marketing. "Between the high quality of the work Jeph, Jim and Scott are turning in and our team's ability to get the word out, this run on Batman is among the most highly anticipated projects of the year. As soon as fans see the entire issue, they'll realize it's so good that word-of-mouth will push demand even higher. I suggest retailers check their orders on subsequent issues and increase them as soon as possible."

Lee, also Editorial Director of WildStorm Productions, said, "Jeph, Scott and I thank retailers for their overwhelming support for Batman. We're all having a blast with it and I hope it shows in the finished work."

Loeb said, "This SO rocks. I'm incredibly proud to be associated with this amazing team of Scott, Alex Sinclair, Richard Starkings, Morgan Dontanville, Mark Chiarello, Bob Schreck and, oh yeah, Jim what's his name. Thanks go out to everyone at DC, all the retailers and especially the readers and fans who have made this dream come true and returned Batman to its rightful place!"

DC also announced that beginning with this issue, the paper stock for Batman will be upgraded. "We considered a paper upgrade from the very start and went back-and-forth on it," editor Bob Schreck said. "Once the work started to roll in and we saw just how amazing the whole package looked, it was an easy choice."

  More on Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Hush
source: Newsarama

As we anxiously wait for this highly anticipated story. Newsarama caught up with the brains behind this story.

Jim Lee on working on Batman: “Part of my interest in selling WildStorm to DC was the desire to work on the biggest iconic characters in the world and there are no bigger characters than Batman and Superman,” Jim Lee said. It's my ultimate plan to split my personal, creative work between the WildStorm Universe and the DCU. Batman #608 is just the start of a lot of work I want to do.”.

Jeph Loeb on how this project came to be: “It really began with Mark Chiarello, DC’s Senior Art Director or whatever his title his is. I prefer to think of him as ‘Person in Charge of Pains in the Ass,’ under which Tim Sale and I squarely fall,” Jeph Loeb told CSN. “Mark understands that working with me is a challenge because I’m very hands-on - not out of any disrespect for any person doing their job, but because as the late great Archie Goodwin taught us (Tim, Mark and I) you can always use another pair of eyes. In fact, on this project, the folks in editorial - Bob Schreck - and the Wildstorm team - inker Scott Williams and colorist Alex Sinclair - along with my good luck charm, Hip Flask creator and letterer Richard Starkings, all have done such a wonderful job that mostly what I get to do is smile.

Loeb on Hush: “Hush,” the twelve-part storyline that begins in October, is a the archetypal Batman story filled with the characters who have helped to define the Dark Knight mythos - Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, the Joker, Two-Face, Huntress, and even Superman. Was such a star-laden storyline Loeb’s idea? “Actually, it was a ‘Jim wants to draw these characters and why not they’re great and he is too, so now I have to find a story that will do that’ plan’, Loeb explained.

“But, I didn’t want to tell a ‘Villain of the Month’ story, so we worked on something that hopefully will excite long time readers and catch lots of new ones as well. And look, I’m not an idiot, despite what my Mom says. There are a few people on this planet who can use a pencil to draw women the way that Jim does. There are more than a million young men - and, I suspect, a few women as well - who still remember when Psylocke came up out of the water in what I suppose we could call a bathing suit in The X-Men. Looking over the rogue’s gallery, Batman has a pretty impressive lineup for a guy who is supposed to be a loner - Catwoman, Huntress, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Talia - and as a fanboy, I admit to trying to work that into the story. Quite successfully from the ‘Yes, you will go blind if you keep that up’ point of view, by the way.”

The full article can be found at Newsarama
  Birds of Prey episode info
source: Comics Continuum

Here is a brief summary of the second Episode of Birds of Prey titled  "Slick,"

"Slick (guest star Silas Weir Mitchell), an evil meta-human who can turn from solid to liquid, is hired by Dr. Quinn (Mia Sara) to kill the honest cops who stand in her way. When Reese (Shemar Moore) is the next intended victim, Helena (Ashley Scott) comes to his aid and their mutual attraction continues to grow. Meanwhile, Barbara (Dina Meyer) believes Dinah's (Rachel Skarsten) story that she's just a runaway, but Helena remains suspicious."

Michael Katelman directed the episode, which was written by Laeta Kalogridis and Melissa Rosenberg.

And before I sign off for today, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this. It seems that Dina Meyer isn't too pleased with my colleague Fabio2's thoughts on the series. Here is what she said

"I’m a cyber junkie. There’s somebody named Empress Vader who likes Ashley. I go on the boards. I would say 95 percent of what I’ve read has been positive in regard to me being Oracle. People seem happy I’m playing her. But, there’s this one SHADM (I think she means SHATM, Fabio's new online name - AJ) guy. He is so bitter and so evil and says the nastiest things about the show. He’s judging everything on the fact that Batman 'fled'. Batman would never flee."


To read the full interview, which is quite good, click Here 

  September 21, 2002
New Batman animated movie planned. Kelly Ripa to star as Batwoman!!!
Source: Comics Continuum

Well, it looks like we won't be seeing a live action Batman film for a long time, but for the time being Warner Brothers Animation is getting ready to release another animated film. Titled Batman: The Mystery of Batwoman, the film will have Kelly Ripa, co-host of Regis and Kelly,  providing the voice for Batwoman.
  While we're still dealing with Batman movies...
Source: Batman on Film

While things are quiet on the Batman front, Bill of Batman on Film received an email from an individual in the film business. Here are some tidbits

On the question of whether there will be another Batman film:  The answers are 'yes' and 'in due time' respectively. The studio [Warner Brothers--Jett] is well aware that there is a huge demand for a Batman film. They also realize that Batman films will mean huge coin for the studio. So, a Batman film is going to happen.

On other Batman projects:  You can chalk up 'BvS' as being DOA. 'Batman Beyond' is still hanging around, but it will never happen. Look for different creative teams to get hired by the studio over the next few years until WB finds the Batman film they really like.

The person also stated that the earliest to expect a Batman film is in the mid to late part of this decade. Specifically a year or two after Superman (which could see a release in 2004)

Sounds encouraging...

  Birds of Prey Spoilers
Source: Comics2Film, Gotham Clocktower

Comics2film has an interesting spoiler (obtained from Gotham Clocktower) regarding the Birds of Prey episode "Sins of the Mother" if you are interested, click Here

....And Finally

According to Newsarama, DC has announced that they will no longer have letter columns in their comics.
  September 19, 2002
Catwoman Comic news
source: Comics Continuum

Looks like there will be a slight change to Catwoman # 11. Here are the details from the Comics Continuum

Catwoman #11 was originally solicited as the first by the new creative team of writer Ed Brubaker, artist Cameron Stewart and cover artist J.G. Jones. Instead, it will be by guest writer Steven Grant, regular Catwoman penciller Brad Rader and inkers Mark Lipka and Dan Davis, with a cover by Jeff Parker. In the story, Catwoman is offered a theft that can't miss. But there's more going on than meets the eye as the FBI, members of Gotham's mob families and old foes from Selina's past all collide. And no one really knows who's playing who. Catwoman #11 is scheduled to be in stores on Sept. 25. Catomwan #12 (cover to the right) is due on Oct. 23 and #13 on Nov. 27.
Birds of Prey online chat sessions
source: The Clocktower

AOL has set up chat sessions with the cast members of the show. The dates and times are as follows

Wednesday October 9th at 9:30pm ET- Shemar Moore chats live after the "Pilot" episode

Wednesday October 16th at 7:30pm ET- Ashley Scott chats live before "Slick" airs.

Wednesday October 23rd at 7:30pm ET- Dina Meyer chats live before "Prey For The Hunter" airs.

Wednesday October 30th at 7:30pm ET- Rachel Skarsten chats live before "Three Birds And A Baby" airs.

AOL Keyword: Live
  September 17, 2002
Unrelated and Related news involving Batman (and Superman)
source: Superhero Hype

This weekend, it was announced that Brent Rattner would replace McG as director of Superman. This announcement also appears to be another nail in the coffin of Batman vs. Superman. Here is what Rattner has to say about the Batman vs. Superman movie.

"I know you've heard about this 'Batman vs. Superman' movie, but that's getting scrapped because of my film. Anyway, I don't see how that film could have been done because Superman would have certainly killed Batman."

Raise your hand if you disagree with Rattner's last comment?

In other news. The following are some snippets from an article in the New York Times. It talks about Superman but there is some information regarding Batman vs. Superman

Who supported what at WB: the debate over the path of Superman underscored the creative rift between two top studio executives, Alan Horn, the president of Warner Brothers, who took over three years ago and favored the more feel-good "Superman," and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the 12-year Warner veteran who backed "Superman vs. Batman." Mr. di Bonaventura quit two weeks ago to become an independent producer.

Supporting arguments for both movies: One by one, the executives argued each story's merits. Mr. di Bonaventura made the case that "Batman vs. Superman" was chock-full of action and that the story would be easier to market, said one executive who attended. Some argued that Mr. Abrams's story was compelling and with three parts, tripled the number of DVD's, games and licensed products the studio could sell if the first movie was a hit. If the movie bombed, the studio could still proceed with "Batman vs. Superman."

The Article also confirms that Akiva Goldsman was brought on to do rewrites on Andrew Kevin Walker's script.

The full article can be found by going Here

  September 15, 2002
Colin Farrell Batman rumours false
source: Comics Continuum

Well Colin Farrell has put to rest the recent rumours that had him pinned for playing Batman in Batman vs. Superman. Here is what he told a TV magazine

"No, you're talking to the wrong (expletive) cowboy,"

 "I have no idea. I think that's Internet fodder, you know. Swear to God.

"Would I want to play Batman? Who the (expletive) wouldn't?" 

That's putting it mildly......
  September 1, 2002
The Batman Musical is on! Tim Burton to direct
source: New York Post

Just when you thought it was gone forever, Batman: The Musical appears to be on again and this time has Tim Burton at the helm.

Broadway! "Batman: The Musical" has finally landed a director - Tim Burton. Warner Brothers, which is producing the multimillion-dollar musical, has been courting Burton, who directed the 1989 "Batman" movie as well as the 1992 sequel "Batman Returns," for over a year.

The studio sealed the deal last week, theater sources say, after Burton had several long and productive meetings with bookwriter David Ives and composer Jim Steinman.

Reached yesterday, Steinman said: "We're thrilled he's going to do it. David and I floundered around for a year trying to figure out how to musicalize Batman. Then we looked at Tim's original movie and thought, that's it."

Steinman said Burton "has already got a list of 20 designers from all over the world he wants to talk to about the production."

Burton - who also directed "Planet of the Apes" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" - has never staged a musical before, though he's said to enjoy the theater and has mused to friends that he'd like to start a puppet theater one day.

According to one theater source, he wants to direct "Batman: The Musical" because he is not pleased with the goofy, campy turn the franchise took with "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin," both of which were directed by Joel Schumacher.

Burton's movies were haunting and much darker than the theme-park rides Schumacher cranked out.

"He wants to re-establish his original vision," said the source. "His major impulse is to redeem the soul of the 'Batman' series."

Burton will begin working on the musical full-time next year. The plan is to open out of town in 2004 and arrive on Broadway in 2005.

The budget is still being worked out, but veteran producers figure a "Batman" musical would cost at least $15 million.

In addition to Batman and Robin, the musical will feature the characters The Joker and Cat Woman.

Steinman, whose "Dance of the Vampires" opens this fall on Broadway, described his "Batman" score as a mixture of "Brecht, Weill, Rodgers & Hammerstein and rock 'n' roll."

The overall design concept, as of right now, he said, is "Gotham City as Berlin in the 1930s."

Warner Brothers is in the process of setting up a theatrical division similar to the one Disney has put together.

The studio, says a source, has carefully tracked the success of Disney's "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast," and now wants to get in on the game.

"They have movies that are just as popular, and they are looking for new ways to exploit them," the source said.

AJ: First Frank Miller writes a wacky Batman story now Tim Burton directing a Batman: Musical. Strange.....

  Birds of Prey News
source: Comics Continuum

The Continuum reported this week that the third episode of the show "Prey for a hunter" has wrapped up filming. In addition, the pilot's Harley Quinn scenes were reshot with its new cast member. In addition, the Clocktower set was redesigned to give it a more lighter look.

  Back to the Batcave Details
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum also has some details regarding the Back to the Batcave special which will appear on CBS .

The Continuum has obtained two images from Back to the Batcave: The True Adventures of Adam West and Burt Ward, the upcoming special that will air on CBS. The special reunites Batman series stars West and Ward in a comedy adventure where they stumble upon a diabolical plot to steal the original Batmobile from a charity benefit. While trying to unravel the details, they flash back to the tumultuous times of their 1960s television series to reveal a bizarre behind-the-scenes story of the creation of a television classic, from their on-the-set explosions to their wild real-life encounters with fans.

In a recent interview, West told The Continuum that Batman was his favorite role, even if it stereotyped him. "Because I grew fond of it, but mostly because of the audience response," West told The Continuum. "People love Batman, so I'm not going to argue; I'm just going to enjoy it as I go along."

West has appeared as himself on television in numerous shows the past few years, including The Simpsons, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, MAD TV and even NBC's short-lived Jenny. He did the voice of the Grey Ghost in Batman: The Animated Series and provided the voice of Dog Zero in Fox Kids' The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs.

Also appearing in the Batcave special are former Batman TV stars Frank Gorshin (who played The Riddler), Lee Meriwether (Catwoman) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman). Paul A. Kaufman is executive producer and director. Duane Poole wrote the script. Production on Back to the Batcave has been completed. An airdate has not been set yet.