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Monday October 29, 2001

Year One NOT a prequel?
Source: Superheroes at the Movies

Earlier I had some information (see below) that said that the Year One Film might be a prequel. However Fabio2 has said otherwise. Here's what he says:

I checked in with my best sources regardless to see what the skinny was. No truth to it whatsoever, there are no plans for Y1 to be a prequel to the '89 film. Lorenzo DiBonaventura hired Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller to re-start the film series, as both Aronofsky and Miller have stated in past interviews. Warners aren't interested in the series as it was, they want to start it anew, simple as that.

What do I think? As I always say, wait and see........

Batman: TAS Boxed sets petition

With the announcement that the Animated Series is being released on DVD, concern grew that Warner Brothers would only release a "best of" set as opposed to season sets. As a result, petition has been set up to get the latter. If you would like to sign this petition, go Here

Thursday October 25, 2001

Batman Titles getting writer changes
Source: ComicsContinuum

Starting next year, some of the family titles will be getting some major changes. Though the changes won't happen until next summer, here is a preview of which titles are affected. The move will follow Long time Bat writer Chuck Dixon's departure to CrossGen comics.

ROBIN: Following the extra-sized 100th issue of Robin, which Chuck Dixon will co-write with new writer Jon Lewis, recipient of a Xeric Grant, (True Swamp, Ghost Ship), Lewis becomes the series' regular writer with #101 in April.

"Jon's got a unique voice, and he's going to be steering the Teen Wonder in some very interesting and exciting directions," said Robin editor Matt Idelson.
"Bob Schreck suggested I take a look at True Swamp, and I liked what I saw enough to ask Jon if he wanted to take a stab at Robin."

NIGHTWING: Devin Grayson moves over to this title from Batman: Gotham Knights, beginning with Nightwing #71 in July. "This is the assignment Devin's wanted for years," said Nightwing editor Michael Wright. "To say she's enthusiastic would be an understatement, and that enthusiasm is spilling over into everything she writes for the book."

BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS: Scott Beatty takes over, tentatively beginning with issue #32, in stores in August.
"Scott's really established himself as a writer who understands Batman and all the other characters that populate his world, which makes him the perfect choice for Gotham Knights" series editor Schreck said. "The name of the game in this book is teamwork, so it'll be interesting to see where Scott takes it."

BIRDS OF PREY: Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore takes over Birds of Prey with #47, reaching stores in September. "We're delighted to have Terry Moore coming on board for Birds Of Prey. I've been into his work on Strangers in Paradise for years, as he's one of the best - maybe THE best - writer of female characters out there. What better book for him to take on?" said Lysa Hawkins, who takes over editing with the same issue.

Wednesday October 24, 2001

Year One a Prequel?
Source: Batman on Film

For some time, it appeared that Aronofsky and Miller's Year One would be a restart right? Apparently it appears that it will now be a prequel to BATMAN(1989). In addition the upcoming "World's Finest" film will be in the same continuity as the previous four films. Interesting..... though I'm hoping it is not true. It would make things more confusing than they are.

Sunday October 21, 2001

Fistful of Batman DVD's on the way:
ource: ToonZone

The World's Finest/Toonzone website is reporting that a WB rep confirmed in an online chat that there would be a slew of Batman DVD's released in 2002 among them are

-Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Original Cut)
-The Batman/Superman Movie
-Batman: The Animated Series
-Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero
-Special editions of Batman and Batman Returns are under consideration.

The full details can be found Here

AJ: This is definitely good news. Here's hoping that Batman Forever gets the "Special Edition" treatment as it has a lot of deleted footage that would perhaps improve the existing film. Second, lets hope that WB ditches the snapper cases.

Justice League character information
Source: ComicsContinuum

The Comics Continuum has a list of character descriptions for the upcoming JL animated show. The full list of descriptions can be found Here Here is the description on Batman

Everyone knows Batman as the Dark Knight who strikes terror into the hearts of criminal ins Gotham City, but in the Justice League, viewers discover another facet of the mysterious caped crusader. Not only is Batman the world's greatest detective, but he also has one of the greatest scientific and analytical minds on Earth. Although he has not superpowers of his own, Batman is often the key to the Justice League victories.

Backed by Bruce Wayne's vast personal fortune and the scientific resources of Wayne Enterprises, Batman has access to all kinds of weapons and technology, from prototype hyperdrive vehicles to deep-space Batsuits. But Batman is uncomfortable in the glare of the public spotlight. He prefers to work along in the shadows, only joining a Justice League operation when absolutely necessary. When he does commit to helping the League, he brings to it the same fierce determination that he does to his own crusades against crime. Batman's grim attitude often rubs his teammates the wrong way, but he earns their respect with his unwavering dedication to justice.

AJ: While I haven't reported much on this show, I am looking forward to it. Notice something about Batman's cowl design? That's the exact same design he had when he made his debut in DETECTIVE 27.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again info
Source: ComicsContinuum

DC Comics on Wednesday announced some of its plans surrounding The Dark Knights Strikes Again, Frank Miller's follow to 1986's The Dark Knight Returns. "Bob Schreck, the editor on the project, was kind enough to give me copies of the first two issues of the series to read," said Bob Wayne, DC's vice president - sales and marketing. "I'm now extremely confident that fans will be excited by it. In fact, they're going to be bowled over by just how good it is. I have every expectation that this enthusiasm will translate into phenomenal sales on each issue." The first issue reaches stores on Dec. 5. Among the promotional plans are:

* Flash animation trailer at scheduled to be on the website in late November. * Four-inch by 72-inch oversized posters scheduled to arrive in stores on November 7.

 * Countertop display scheduled to arrive in stores on November 28

* "Now Sale," window posters, measuring 10 inches by 13 inches, scheduled to arrive in stores on Nov. 28. "The Dark Knight Strikes Again presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers to excite their regular customers and to attract new and even 'lapsed' comic book readers," said Matt Keller, manager - marketing services.


Birds of Prey TV Show on the way?
Source: Hollywood Reporter

With Marvel starting a huge TV/Film juggernaut, it looks like Warner Brothers is answering back with a new project of its own. Here is Hollywood Reporter's blurb on this new project

Following "Smallville," the WB Network's young-Superman drama that premieres tonight, Warner Bros. Television and WBTV-based Tollin/Robbins Prods. are revisiting another DC Comics superhero franchise. The network has given a put pilot commitment to "Birds of Prey," a drama based on DC Comics' offshoot of the Batman comics of the same name, centered on a trio of female crime fighters. Laeta Kalogridis ("Lara Croft: Tomb Raider") is attached to write the script of the project, which will be executive produced by Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola. "Birds" could well be a companion piece for "Smallville." It is the latest fantasy project for the WB, which recently gave put pilot commitments to two one-hours from WBTV: a young Tarzan project from producer Laura Ziskin and a drama about the land of Oz based on the books of L. Frank Baum. Kalogridis is repped by Endeavor. (Nellie Andreeva and Cynthia Littleton)

In terms of ratings, Smallville, despite the nay sayings and criticisms of Roswell fans, is doing well in ratings. Here's hoping BOP does well too.


Saturday October 13 2001

No Batman films in the foreseeable future?
Source: Batman On Film

Bill Ramey is reporting that it may be at least 2004 or 2005 before we see another Batman film. In terms of the current status of each projects, 

Dini/Burnett/Yakin's BEYOND is, for all intents and purposes, dead. The YEAR ONE script is being developed slowly. Plus, we all know that Darren Aronofsky is working on LAST MAN first; with that film scheduled to be in front of a camera next summer. And the UNTITLED BATMAN/SUPERMAN PROJECT was just announced a few months ago. Give it some time.

In an earlier report Bill's source said that they didn't see the Batman/Superman project happening. Also Paul Dini confirmed that Batman Beyond is dead during the summer.

As for the Catwoman film. John Rogers has submitted a second draft and Catwoman will be Patience Price. oh well....