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Oct 28, 2004
Dennis Quaid not in the running for Gordon?
source: Batman on Film

It's been a while but here is some brief news on the Batman movie. Bill's sources are telling him that Dennis Quaid is not in the running for Gordon. Bill also stated that there won't be any casting news until 2004.

For more details head down to Batman on Film

Oct 7, 2003
Are Ra's Al Ghul and James Gordon cast?
source: Superhero Hype

According to a source from Superhero Hype. John Malkovich and Dennis Quaid have been cast in the roles of Ra's Al Ghul and James Gordon respectively.

As far as I know, Malkovich turned down Spider-Man because he said it wasn't his genre and movies of that kind were business proposals not art. As for Quaid, his name has been attached to the role. Wait and see as always.

Catwoman news
source: Hollywood North

Hollywood North has some more pictures from the Catwoman set including those of a few pages of the script. Also Superhero Hype is reporting that a trailer for this film will be attached to the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King".

The pictures can be found at this Link

Oct 3, 2003
Batman Movie bytes
source: Batman on Film

Here are some tidbits that Bill recently posted on his site regarding the new film

Two more join Catwoman
source: Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed two more names to join the cast of CATWOMAN. Alex Borstein (MAD TV, Showtime, The Lizzy Maguire Movie) and Michael Massee (24, Amistad) are the latest additions. Borstien will play Patience Price's best friend while Massee will play a villain role.

Gotham Knights to showcase Hush Aftermath
source: Newsarama

Jeph Loeb may be finished with Hush, but the new writer of Gotham Knights, Andy Lieberman intends to explore some of the villains that appeared in Hush.

“My first arc deals directly with what Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb did in “Hush,” Lieberman said. “My issue is #50 and it, along with #51 and #52 will be 30 pages, with the first arc being six books long. I think the story we’ve developed, combined with some amazingly kick ass art work, will not disappoint. Look, I’d even be as bold as to make a Brubakeresque-money-back-guarantee but seeing as it wouldn’t be my money fans might think that somewhat disingenuous - and DC would hunt me down and kill me. But if fans stay with Gotham Knights even for the first three books, I really think they’ll be hooked.

To read more about Andy's plans for the title click HERE.