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November 25, 2003
Batman Casting News: Michael Caine is Alfred!!!
source: Variety, Hollywood Reporter

Well it took a little while but it looks like Chris Nolan has found his Alfred for Batman: Intimidation Game. The Trades are reporting that Oscar Winner Michael Caine has signed on to play Alfred. This quashes the recent rumours that Michael Gough would return as Bruce Wayne's manservant

Sounds like perfect casting.

Catwoman news
source: Wizard World, Comics Continuum

Wizard World recently conducted an interview with Catwoman director Pitof. The full interview can be found Here

In other Catwoman movie news, DC has announced that they will be making a comic adaptation of the film. However it may not be a film to comic adaptation as they have done previously

Nov 20, 2003
A Batman Movie rumour

The folks at Cinescape have posted a long report on some possible developments regarding the new Batman film. Here are some brief highlights

  • Scarecrow will be in the film but will play a very minor role.
  • Ra's Al Ghul is the main villain
  • Most of the film will take place in London
  • Christopher Eccleston (28 Days Later) might play the Scarecrow
Head down to Cinescape for the Full Details

In other news, Latino Review confirmed what most people have known for sometime and that is Lindy Hemming designing the costumes for the film.


Nov 12, 2003 5:41:48 PM
Slight correction to Cover credit

A brief correction to point out. Alfred Kamajian, the cover artist for Gotham Knights 48-50 has asked that the cover credits for his work simply refer to Kamajian. The correction has been made in the December Comic previews

Brief comments from David Goyer
source: Countingdown

Counting Down has a brief snippet of an interview that Wizard magazine did with David Goyer. here are some brief highlights

On the previous Batman movies:"I have never been happy with any of the "Batman" movies. They got some things right, but I was always dissapointed, and I don't think that there's been anything even close to a definitive "Batman" film. What was interesting for me, working on ["Batman"], is that on one hand, I was in the trenches working and on the other hand, I was this kid going, 'Oh my God, I can't believe that they're letting us do this because it's everything that I ever wanted to see in a big, sweeping, epic superhero movie.'"

On Christian Bale as Batman:"Bale is an excellent choice...I think the fans should be doing cartwheels. Face it, the guy was born to play Bruce/Batman."

If anyone has read the full interview, I'd be more than happy to hear from them.


Nov 8, 2003
Edge shoots down Egghead rumour
source: WWE

This is a followup to the rumour of wrestler Edge playing Egghead in the new film. Edge appeared on the WWE's online show "BYTE this" and killed the rumour. Everyone can relax now.

Catwoman's ID gets a change and Photography on the film starts
source: Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers has announced that Principle photography for this film is now underway in Vancouver Canada. Also of note is that the character's name has been changed from Patience Price to Patience Phillips.

Patience Phillips? Oh forget it!!

November 1, 2003
More Casting rumours
source: Aint it Cool

Harry Knowles has some rumours where he says that Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins may be attached to the film. Freeman is apparently tied to a scientist type role while Hopkins will be Alfred.

Superhero Hype has a small rumour as well. They are reporting that Professional Wrestler Edge will play egghead in the film.

Wait and see though I have difficulty believing the Egghead rumour

New Art Team for BATMAN
source: Newsarama

At The Los Vegas Comic Convention, DC announced that that Judd Winick and Dustin Nguyen will be taking the reigns of the BATMAN title once Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso end their run. This counters earlier speculation that Bill Sienkiewicz was coming on the title after Azzarello and Risso.

More more details about this creative team, head down to Newsarama

Halle Berry on Catwoman
source: Filmforce

Halle Berry had a recent chat with the folks at FilmForce. She talked about how a broken arm will from the fil Gothica will not stop her from doing more roles like that. She also says how she was a fan of Eartha Kitt and how her character is one of nine Catwomen.

More details at Film Force