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November 28, 2002
More Birds of Prey fallout: Let the mudslinging begin
source: Mediaweek

Now that Birds of Prey is dead, the blame game has begun. WB entertainment president Jordan Levin earlier stated that the show failed due to "failure of execution,". However In a Mediaweek article, BoP producer Brian Robbins pointed the finger at Levin saying that he didn't have faith in the show and felt "Buyer's remorse". Robbins however agreed with Levin's feeling that Laeta Kalogridis didn't have experienced writers helping her out.

The full article which also talks about future Tollin/Robbins projects can be found at Mediaweek

Teen Titans voice cast released
source: Marv Wolfman's website via Comics2Film

The official website of Marv Wolfman has released the voice talent for the new Teen Titans series. The cast is as follows. The Brackets indicate previous work

Scott Menville (Mission Hill): Robin

Hynden Walch (Stanley): Starfire

Greg Cipes (Club Dread): Beast Boy

Tara Strong (Batman Beyond): Raven

Khary Payton (Swatters) : Cyborg

Dave Coulier (Full House) Tramm

Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation): Aqualad

November 25, 2002
Birds of Prey cancellation fallout
source: Gotham Clocktower

Days after Variety and Hollywood reporter announced the cancellation of Birds of Prey, which by the way was confirmed last Wednesday, other promotions tied to the show have been cancelled. For starters, TV Guide has shelved its plans to feature the Birds of Prey on its covers. In addition the appearances of Dina Meyer and Ian Abercrombie at a comic convention in Los Angeles yesterday were also cancelled a few days in advance.

The ratings for this show continued to plummet. Last week's show drew a 3.4

And finally Gotham Clocktower has some details on what to expect for the series finale of this battered and bruised series. Head down to that site to learn more

November 20, 2002
Batman 608 sells out again
source: Comics Continuum

Batman continues to be a top seller for DC Comics. DC announced that the second printing of Batman 608 also sold out. The first printing was the top selling comic of October.

"I'm flabbergasted," Lee said. "The response from retailers and fans has been completely beyond what Jeph and I expected. And this is only after the first issue! This kind of thing is unheard of, in my experience - it's exciting!"

"This is so overwhelming, it's hard to imagine it getting better," Loeb said. "And then I remember that we're only on the first issue! There's all kinds of good stuff coming: Superman, The Joker, Nightwing... All of us on the team want to thank the retailers and the readers who are spreading the good word and getting folks racing into the stores to buy not only Batman, but other great titles as well!"

"I don't recall ever running out of a second printing so quickly," said Vince Letterio, DC's Manager - Direct Sales. "The response from retailers has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a swift sell-through and strong word-of-mouth. Expect the continued strong quality of the stories to sustain this positive momentum."

Arkham Asylum mini series details
source: Newsarama

Dan Slott and Ryan Sook have an interesting little mini series slated for next spring. Arkham Asylum: Living Hell is a six part mini-series that will focus on some of Arkhams inhabitants. Some well known others little

More details about this project can be found at Newsarama
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman creative team
source: Toonzone

The folks at Toonzone have learned who the creative team will be for the new animated film. They are listed as follows

Story: Alan Burnett
Script: Michael Reaves
Directors: Tim Maltby and Curt Geda

November 19, 2002
Birds of Prey cancelled !!???
source: Variety, Hollywood Reporter via Comics Continuum

Looks like reign of the Birds of Prey could be over. Insiders for both Variety and Hollywood Reporter are saying that Warner Brothers is ending the show.  Here is what Hollywood Reporter is saying

WB Net clips 'Birds' ' wings, picks up 'Grounded' sitcom
Nov. 19, 2002

The WB Network is about to say goodbye to the leather-clad Batgirls of "Birds of Prey" and hello to the portly dad and perky kids of "Grounded for Life." The WB has struck a deal with Carsey-Werner-Mandabach to pick up the family comedy "Grounded for Life," which had been on the fence for a full-season pickup at Fox. Also on Monday, sources said the WB pulled the plug on the femme Batman spinoff drama "Birds of Prey," which popped a big number in its premiere but fell off quickly in subsequent weeks. There was also a behind-the-scenes shuffle among the creative team on the Tollin/ Robbins-Warner Bros. Television drama. It's unclear when production will stop on the initial 13-episode "Birds of Prey" order. New episodes of the show will run on the WB through next month. "Grounded for Life," starring Donal Logue as the head of a rambunctious middle-class clan, will relocate to the WB in March, most likely as a companion to the WB's Friday night tent-pole comedy "Reba." (Cynthia Littleton)

And a tidbit from Variety

'Birds' sags; 'Firefly' glowing
Skein dives post-preem, Whedon show gets 2 more


The WB is grounding "Birds of Prey," while Fox is shining a little bit of love on "Firefly."

Nothing's official on "Birds," but industry insiders confirm the Frog has told Warner Bros. TV it will not be ordering any episodes of the superhero drama beyond the frosh skein's original 13-seg commitment. Still undecided: Whether producers WBTV and Tollin/Robbins will shoot the remaining four episodes from the initial order.

While "Birds" scored boffo numbers with its bow last month -- attracting nearly 8 million viewers and winning its 9 p.m. Wednesday slot in men 18-34 -- skein soon began to bleed viewers. By last week, "Birds" had lost nearly half its premiere aud.

There's no word yet when "Birds" will ankle the Frog lineup or what will replace it. Possibilities include the reality skein "Class Reunion" and another Tollin/Robbins drama, "The Black Sash."

Meanwhile, Fox hasn't given up hope on "Firefly." The network has ordered two more episodes of the Joss Whedon actioner, keeping the show on life support for now.

Fox had previously picked up six additional scripts for "Firefly," which is produced by 20th Century Fox TV through Whedon's Mutant Enemy shingle. Whedon -- who's directing an upcoming seg of the skein -- and Tim Minear exec produce the actioner, which stars Nathan Fillion as the leader of a renegade space ship 500 years in the future.

"Firefly" continues to struggle on Friday nights. After eight original episodes, the show has averaged a 2.2 rating and 8 share among adults 18-49 and 4.8 million viewers.

Just to add to the above, last weeks ratings didn't do much to help the cause either. The show managed a 3.8
More Batman movie rumours
source: Zentertainment

Some conflicting movie rumours regarding the next Batman movie from the website Zentertainment. The first is regarding their earlier rumour about Batman: The Frightening

The reports that Batman The Frightening is in preproduction stages are false. I don't know who put that report up or why. Warner Bros. is now concentrating on reviving the Superman franchise. Then they'll work on the Bat.

and the second

while Im intrigued who gave you the infortmation about the new Batman film. You're pretty much right on the money.

Just a few things, the title isn't confirmed - the writers are merely a couple of camps scribbling drafts, and although you didnt mention it, all cast rumors from previous months are out. yes, Colin Farrell and the others.

My brother in law works in a design firm, and they're doing preliminary designs for the film. I think the best news of all for this film - which you may already know - is that Michael Keaton might be coming back as Batman. Keaton's about to sign for a multi picture deal at Warner, and the Batman film is one film he's being courted for. Apparently he's open to it too. It'll be a return to the dark gothic like feel of that first batman film. the Scarecrow is definitely the villain - heaps of people under consideration for that one though.

Though I always suggest everyone to wait and see, I'm putting my money on the first one. Michael Keaton is never coming back to play Batman.

November 15, 2002
DC to release collection of Alex Ross's work
source: Newsarama

DC will be releasing a 256 page hardcover coffee table edition collecting Alex Ross's DC Work. Mythology: The DC Art of Alex Ross will be published by Pantheon and will feature artwork featuring DC's heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

The Book will include never before seen sketches, a Story by Chip Kidd (who has written the book as well) a re-telling of Robin's origin by Paul Dini and an introduction by film director M. Night Shymalan.

More details are available at Newsarama

More animated DVD's on the way?
source: Toonzone

Based on information from a source of theirs, Toonzone is reporting that Warner Brothers is planning on releasing more DVD's based on their animated Batman and Superman shows. The site believes that another Batman animated DVD, a Superman DVD and a Justice League DVD will be released. plus another set of similar DVD's in the fall 2003

In related news The studio will be releasing a Superfriends DVD on  April 22, 2003.

Hilary J. Bader Passes away
source: Comics2film

Some sad news to report. Hilary J. Bader, long time writer in many of the animated Batman shows passed away on November 7 due to breast cancer at the age of 50. Hilary also worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Xena and Lois and Clark. She won two Emmy's for her work on Superman/Batman. She is survived by her husband, mother, sister and other family members. At this time I would like to express condolences and sympathies to her family.
Batman: Mystery of Batwoman details
source: Toonzone

An insider has provided Toon Zone with the official description for the upcoming Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman video. The description is as follows:
"A ruthless destructive vigilante posing as Batwoman is wreaking havoc in Gotham City. While she sets her sights on thwarting Penguin's evil plans, Batman concentrates on discovering this mysterious imposter's true identity. But when she's captured by the vicious Bane, it falls upon the caped crusader to rescue her, defeat Bane and foil the Penguin's devious plot himself."

DC's plans for Batman in 2003
source: Newsarama, Comics Continuum

On Sunday, DC revealed its projects for 2003. Here are some Batman projects to look forward to

Batman: Child of Dreams: Manga legend Kia Asamiya adds his name to the list of infamous story tellers to work on Batman. Child of Dreams is a story that takes place in both Tokyo and Gotham city and has Batman dealing with many of his familiar enemies. Noteworthy is that this story was originally published in Japan and is being translated by Max Allan Collins

Birds of Prey: The comic: This story is based on the TV series and is geared toward new audiences

Batman: Death and the Maiden: Greg Rucka and Klaus Janson return to Batman with this nine part mini series that pits Batman against Ra's Al Ghul.

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman:  Matt Wagner tells a story featuring DC's big three, Superman Batman Wonder Woman. Set early in their careers, they find themselves dueling with villains like Bizzaro and Ra's Al Ghul

Full details on many of these stories are available at Newsarama
Various Birds of Prey News
source: Superhero hype

Despite the hype, "The Sins of the Mother" episode only managed a 4.1 and couldn't lift the show out of its 5fth place spot.

Perhaps in an effort to boost flagging ratings. WB will be airing back to back Birds of Prey episodes on November 27. The first will be the pilot episode which will be followed by the episode "Lady Shiva"

The Gotham Clocktower also has some information regarding future episodes and Sung Hi Lee's thoughts on working with the cast of the Birds of Prey (She liked it) full details can be found here
November 4, 2002
Campaign to save Birds of Prey launched!!
source: Birds of Prey Online (Formerly The Clocktower)

Based on its mediocre showing, it appears that Birds of Prey may be on life support and some fans have started a campaign to save the show for at least one more season. If you are a fan of the show and would like to help, click Here to see what you can do.

-All the best to the people. However, if the show wishes to be a ratings success the writers are going to have to try a lot harder than do "Metahuman of the week episodes" A.J
Batman movie rumour
source: Zentertainment

The following rumour was found at Zentertainment and involves new people and perhaps a new direction for the next Batman movie. Just a rumour so take with a grain of salt.

There is buzz that with all the hoopla over the new Superman project, Warner Bros. have secretly tapped the team from the film From Hell, Rafael Yglesias and Terry Hayes, to offer up a draft for a new Batman film. Details are sketchy at this point and all we know is that the working title is Batman: The Frightening and it will tell the story of Batman's first encounter with the Scarecrow. Actors being approached for the role of the Scarecrow include Jeff Goldblum, Christoher Lee, and Frank Langella.

November 3, 2002
Birds of Prey ratings drop again
source: Gotham Clocktower

Birds of Prey continues to struggle in the ratings. This week, they took a further plunge only managing a 4.0. Many are hoping that this week's episode "Sins of the Mother" will stop the bleeding
Ubi Soft plans sequel to Batman: Vengeance
source: IGN

Ubi Soft has announced that will be making a sequel to their Batman: Vengeance videogame. Here are some details from IGN

Batman 2 is being called an "arcade-style action game" by Ubi Soft. The title, which is in development by Ubi Soft's Montreal studio -- the same subsidiary that created Batman: Vengeance -- will feature advanced fighting scenes. The game will be based on The New Batman Adventures animated series and will continue the theme and style of Batman: Vengeance.

"Ubi Soft believes the Batman franchise is poised to become a blockbuster in video games," said Laurent Detoc, president, Ubi Soft. "The winning formula for Batman: Vengeance will be improved upon as Batman 2 comes to life."

"After the success of Batman: Vengeance, the popular Batman franchise will continue to make strides in the gaming world with a sequel," said Philippe Erwin, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "The game's release on multiple platforms should extend Batman's reach to video game fans around the world."