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March 31, 2002
World's Finest news correction

Bill Ramey emailed me in regard to his source's information on the World's Finest news. Bill's source told him that development will still continue on the project and a new director will be chosen. However this doesn't mean that Warner Brothers is definitely making the film, as I last reported, meaning it could get the ax anytime. I apologize if I misinformed anyone and to Bill for misinterpreting his news.

Speaking of Batman on Film

Bill has posted a Year One rumour, which he says to take with a grain of salt. WB is pushing Aronofsky to start work on Year One once he is finished making The Last Man suggesting a possible mid 2003 start time. He also states that WB may release Year One in time periods such as Halloween, spring break etc...

...And finally
The Comics Continuum had a small newsbit stating that Azrael: Agent of the Bat 100 will be the title's final issue.


March 27, 2002
World's Finest: opposing view points
source: Superheroes at the Movies, Batman on Film

Just a follow up to yesterday's World's Finest news. The kings of WB inside info, Fabio2 and Bill Ramey have opposing view points in regards to the fate of this project. Fabio2 is saying that his inside source told him the signing of McG and J.J Abrams for Superman was another nail in the coffin for the World's Finest Project. On the other hand, Bill Ramey's source is saying that Warner Brothers is definitely making this film and will find a replacement director for it.

Interesting. The question is, who's source is correct. comments?

A Batman novel on the way
source: Comics Continuum

Interesting news from the Comics Continuum. Pocket Books is planning on releasing novels based on the heroes from the JLA. The first to get the treatment is none other than Batman. Here is what the Continuum is saying

Justice League of America: Batman - The Stone King is the first of six adult prose paperback novels starring the DC Comics characters from Pocket Books. The Stone King, which reaches comic book stores this month, is written by Batman veteran Alan Grant and features a painted cover by Alex Ross, who contributes iconic covers to the entire series. Each book in the series is told from the point of view of a specific Justice League member, with the exception of the sixth book, which will feature each hero equally.

For more details and the complete article, go to the Continuum by clicking Here

March 26, 2002
Pitof not directing Catwoman
source: Counting Down, Allo cine

Counting Down is reporting, based on info from a French site named allocine, that Pitof will not direct Catwoman. Bill Ramey of Batman on Film is assuming that Kinka Usher may be back in the running.

World's Finest movie no more?
source: Cinescape

Cinescape, along with Dark Horizons and Superhero hype, are reporting that the World's Finest movie may no longer be in the works as director Wolfgang Peterson is getting ready to work on Warner Brothers' The Trojan War. This film will also feature Brad Pitt who may pull out of Darren Aronofsky's The Last Man.

Another Batman title to get a second printing.

Also from Cinescape is news that Gotham Knights 27, which has Superman confronting Batman concerning his murder accusation, is getting a second printing after the title sold out before its in store release. A similar thing happened with Birds of Prey 41. Gotham Knights is the third recent Batman title to get a second printing along with BOP 41 and Batman 600. I'll have reviews of both BOP 41 and GK later this week.

March 20, 2002

Gillian Anderson in Year One?
sources: Dark Horizons, Superhero hype, Batman on Film

This rumour surfaced last week, but I didn't decide to go with it until now. Dark Horizons reported that on a radio show, Gillian Anderson (X-Files) said that she may be in Batman: Year One. This weekend, Superhero hype ran a news bite where a reader said that teen mag 17 reported that she would have a small cameo type role. Finally Bill Ramey's source is saying that no formal casting decisions have been made on the film so it could be false.

AJ: Sounds interesting. As to what role Gillian could play? how about Sarah Essen. She seems to be the fan favourite. Now on the other hand, if she is going for a cameo role, then it would have to be Martha Wayne. Let's wait a while and see how this one goes.

March 15, 2002

New Catwoman movie director ?
source: Filmforce

Stax at Filmforce is reporting that a French director named Pitof has now Warner Brother's new "favourite" to direct Catwoman starring Ashley Judd. Stax received this information from a "source in the know". For more details about Pitof and what work he has done, read Stax's article by clicking Here

...And finally

Birds of Prey 41 will be undergoing a second printing after the title sold out before its store debut.

March 12, 2002

Batman: Closure trailer up

Paul J. Wares has put up the trailer for his short film Batman: Closure and it is very impressive. I highly recommend everyone take a look at it. Just a note, the trailer is 15 megabytes but in my opinion it is worth the download.

The trailer can be found Here

March 11, 2002

Jim Lee new BATMAN artist?
source: Newsarama

Newsarama is reporting that rumours are running around that Jim Lee will succeed Scott McDaniel as the next penciller on BATMAN when Ed Brubaker moves to Detective Comics. Jeph Loeb is rumoured to be the new writer of the same title.

Superman & Batman monthly comic on the way
source: Newsarama

Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness and Cam Smith will be teaming up in early 2003 to write a monthly comic teaming Superman and Batman together. For more details click Here

...And finally also from Newsarama

 After a disastrous 2000 which led to the its cancellation and revival by Ed Brubaker, The Catwoman comic is enjoying success even selling out its third issue. No one is more happier than the title's writer Ed Brubaker.

“I couldn't be happier,” added Brubaker, asked for his take on the reaction to the series thus far. “My sense was that people were digging what we were doing, but like most people in comics, I work in a vacuum, so when I heard it was getting heavy reorders and that even its advance orders were starting
to bump up, I was pleasantly surprised. According to my editor, Catwoman #1 was Diamond's third biggest reorder for December. When I heard issue #3 sold out, I sort of couldn't believe it. Bob Wayne had to confirm it for me, and then I almost fell off my chair.”

To read the full article, plus details on a new artist, click Here


March 4, 2002

Batman 600 to get a second printing
source: Newsarama

Well you can add Batman 600 to the list of top selling Batman titles. Newsrama is reporting that the issue went into press two days after its release. Here is DC' s Bob Wayne's take:

"This is a truly phenomenal issue, and we're happy to see retailers and fans responding to it so well," said Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "The new printing will allow even more copies of the book to get into more hands."

Paul Dini on Harleen Quinzel casting
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has a small quote from Paul Dini and his thoughts on the casting of Sherilyn Fenn to play his creation Harley Quinn.

"I think she's a good choice, especially as the creators have re-imagined not just Harley, but all the characters as darker and more intense than their comic-book and cartoon counterparts," Dini told The Continuum. "I was a big fan of Sherilyn's work on Twin Peaks. She'll add a nice dimension to Dr. Quinzel and her deeply twisted other side." 

To learn more about Fenn, go to the article Here

Another review of Birds of Prey Pilot.
source: Gotham Clock Tower

Gary of Gotham ClockTower has obtained a copy of the Birds of Prey pilot and gives his view on it. To read his review, which does contain spoilers, click Here