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March 30, 2003
Some details on Goyer's take on Batman
source: Batman on Film

Another one of Bill's sources has chipped in with some thoughts on what to expect from Chris Nolan's Batman film. Here is what he had to say

"Tell your readers that they should expect something completely different from what they have seen previously (past Bat-films--Jett) or what has been rumored. And don't expect any villians from the previous four films to be in this one; i.e. The Joker. I don't think Nolan wants to just remake Bat89. By not having The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, etc. in his film, he will avoid the enevitable comparisons to the previous four films. Word on the street is that Chris likes The Scarecrow for this one. But don't bet the house on it. Just expect something different and very good from Nolan and Goyer. And hiring Goyer was a VERY good thing."

What about that rumour regarding Andrew Kevin Walker

"When he (Walker--Jett) met with Nolan, it was explained to him, that Nolan had 'ideas of his own' on which way he wanted to take the movie and script. Was interested in looking at a younger Batman/Bruce. I am not sure if that is still the case, but may be. If I find anything else out, will let you know."

Something Completely different? How different. Whatever it is let's hope it is good and I agree with Bill 100% when he hopes that this Batman film doesn't meet the same fate as Superman and Batman vs. Superman-A.J
Year One concept Art online?
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has bagged itself some interesting Booty. They have a couple of work which appears to have been done for Batman: Year One. Check out the designs by going Here and Here

March 29, 2003
David Goyer to write Nolan's Batman film
source: Variety, Comics Continuum

Variety announced Thursday that David Goyer, writer of the Blade films, has been signed as writer for Chris Nolan's Batman film. Goyer confirmed this with the Comics Continuum but wouldn't discuss what his film is about. Variety also mentioned the Aronofsky/Miller film and said that it has stalled.
Batman Comic project: Jekyll and Hyde
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has some details on a six part mini series called Batman: Jekyll and Hyde. It will be written by Paul Jenkins and will feature Two-Face. Here are some highlights

On what the Story will be about:

One of the characters in the story, a doctor, lays the groundwork for the thesis that will be explored. “This doctor tells Batman that he has termed the ongoing struggle we all have inside of us the ‘Jekyll and Hyde principle,’” Jenkins said. “That principle states that all men are two men in conflict. It talks about the two sides of a person, and to me, who’s the best person to comment upon the duality of Batman’s nature? It would be Two-Face. Here’s a guy who’s just completely split.
“Our premise is that Two-Face has had electroshock therapy for way too long, and the two sides of him are split – permanently, and he’s constantly at war with himself, and desperately trying to find validation, desperately trying to bring his mind to ease. In a way, Two-Face very much needs Batman, both as a human test-subject in a way, and also as a validation for what it is he’s attempting to do. I’m not going to give away the specifics of that, but that’s where Two-Face comes in. Being the kind of person he is, there’s a side of Two-Face that you feel real sorry for, and a side of him that you hate, and that’s how it works.”

To read more about Paul Jenkins, his take on Batman and previous work, head down to Newsarama
March 23, 2003
Yet more Frightening news
source: Batman on Film

Rumours regarding Batman: The Frightening seem to resemble a ping pong game. Just when you hear that it is all fake, something else comes up to say otherwise. Well Another one of Bill's sources has chipped in with some information which suggests that there may truth to all these Frightening rumours.

"The Frightening script is never going to be made. It is not a current project, and WB no longer has any intention of making it. I looked over the draft you have, your draft is very old. Regardless, expect the Nolan project to resemble it in some way, its a popular piece of literature over at WB. The reason its been leaked so much is because once the project was axed every minion in the company had access to it."

Another person emailed Bill telling him that in a chat session with Harry Knowles, he learned that Chris Nolan will be taking some ideas from this abandoned script. In addition Bill is also reporting that Darren Aronofsky and his Year One project has been shelved and only Chris Nolan's project remains.

-As I've said above, this all feels like a weird ping pong game. As I always advise people: Wait and See. BTW Bad news for Superman fans. Director Bret Ratner pulled out of the project due to the the studio's shareholders vetoing his choice for Superman (Soap star Matthew Bomer) along with his problems with Warner Brother's resident idiot Jon Peters. Ratner appeared to go down the road that Dick Donner and Sam Raimi went with their films (Cast an unknown in the lead, respect the source etc) but that went against Warner Brothers way of making superhero films (Cast a big Hollywood actor in the lead role, mess around with the source, do anything to make money etc) The one good thing going for Nolan is that he won't have to deal with Peters but if he gets shafted like Ratner did then I wouldn't be surprised if directors stayed away from all of WB's superhero films. Time and time again, Warner Brothers has continued to show that it is incapable of competence and in the end the fans are the ones who lose -A.J

March 22, 2003
Frightening script is a fake?
source: Batman on Film

A Quick follow up to yesterday's news. Bill's source (A different one) is saying that the script that was posted on his site and AICN is a fake. For the time being, accept it as being a fake and because of that I probably won't review it.
First look at the Animated Batwoman
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has received a picture of the DVD cover of the upcoming animated movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. The cover shows how Batwoman will look like in the movie. The Cover is below

I wonder why thy didn't use her Golden age Costume? A.J

March 21, 2003
Warner Brothers registering more domain names?
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype is reporting that Warner Brothers has registered a couple more domain names; and Sounds Interesting but this isn't new as they did that a few years back by registering domain names related to Year One and Batman Beyond. What could this mean?
...And Speaking of The Frightening
source: Batman on Film

According to Batman on Film, Aint it Cool News recently ran a story on Batman: The Frightening and posted the script. However they pulled the story at the request of Warner Brothers. Bill's source has told him that the script that was posted is legit.

For full details and to read a copy of the script, Head down to Batman on Film

-I downloaded a copy of the script and will review it soon. A.J

March 17, 2003
Halle Berry is Catwoman?
source: Variety

It was a rumour a while back but Variety is reporting that WB is close to signing Halle Berry to play Catwoman. As for Nicole Kidman, she has turned down the role because she wouldn't commit to three films.

-Hmmm I like Halle Berry and she is capable of pulling it off but I, along with many others, just aren't interested in this movie. Not because we dislike Catwoman, but because the "real" Catwoman has been shafted for this fake feline. A.J

March 11, 2003
Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb to extend their stay on BATMAN
source: Newsarama

Good news for people who are enjoying Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's work on BATMAN. Newsarama is reporting that the creative duo will stay on the BATMAN title for another six months. Their next storyline will feature a member of Batman's rogues gallery and have Robin back at Batman's side.

The full article, which has thoughts from Loeb, Lee and covers of upcoming issues, can be found Here

Batman 612 sells out. To get a second printing
source: Newsarama

"Hush" continues to be a success from DC. On Wednesday, DC announced that the fifth part of the story, Batman 612, sold out from the publisher and will get a second printing. The second printing will have an alternate cover.
Teaser description for "Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman"
source: Toonzone

Anyone buying a Warner Home video will get a chance to see a teaser for the upcoming direct to video Batman film "Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman" a reader of Toonzone sent in a description of the teaser which is as follows

"The teaser starts off with what looks like a cloudy white and gray sky, you see the word Batman start to appear, then a bat behind it. Then the words The Mystery of the Batwoman appear."

"The voice-over in the teaser says 'For years the people of Gotham have asked who is he? This fall they'll be asking, who is she? Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman coming Fall 2003 only on DVD and Video.'"