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Jun 30, 2003
Latest Batman movie news and rumours
source: E Online

E Online has looked into the latest rumours regarding the Batman film. Here is what they are reporting

Batman Heads North: So, we called Warner Bros. and asked them if Ashton Kutcher was Batman, and they said, "No." Naturally, we're hearing from everybody else that he is.

We also asked if the Batman 5 is about to happen and whether screenwriter David Goyer was, in fact, flying up to Vancouver, British Columbia--where Goyer's shooting Blade 3 this summer--to hang with director Christopher Nolan and talk about preproduction. Again, the answer was, "No."

So, we asked the basic "Is the movie shooting in Vancouver?" question. And, as they say, we were "met with static." So, when are these big announcements going to happen? When will we get that splashy pronouncement about the next Batman and the fact that it will likely roll out some time in 2004 or 2005? ('Nuff Said has already pieced this together.) When will it be too late in the summer to start shooting the movie?

Our sources report that the script is great, actually, and that everything is smooth sailing, except for the disagreement between the studio and Nolan over the casting of Bruce Wayne. The studio wants Kutcher, Nolan wants Guy Pearce or somebody who could actually play the role. Not always a bad thing. When Sony and Sam Raimi went to war in the Leonardo DiCaprio versus Wes Bentley Spidey fight, we got Tobey Maguire out of the deal, so why not? As long as Kutcher gets punk'd in the equation, we could care less.

Sounds consistent with the news and rumours from this past week. As far as the Nolan/studio disagreement over casting, hmmmm where have I seen that before?

Owen Wilson not to appear in Catwoman film
source: E Online

E Online has also looked into the Owen Wilson casting rumour for the Catwoman film. Wilson told EOnline on the set of Starsky and Hutch that he isn't involved with the film.

Jun 27, 2003
More Batman movie news
source: various

The news and rumours for the new Batman film are beginning to pile up. First off, Bill of Batman on Film received a scoop from an individual whose girlfriend claimed to have seen Chris Nolan meet with Christopher Lloyd. Second he is reporting that 2005 is the target release date for the film.

Another interesting tidbit that was submitted to Bill is regarding Guy Pearce. Frosteey of says he watched the Daily show with Pearce and there was no mention of him saying he was a contender for Batman.

As far as Casting is concerned, it appears that Kutcher is the front runner but there are other candidates in the mix. The person who provided the Christopher Lloyd rumour said that Nolan has until this summer to cast his Batman. Also on, a scooper is saying that Kutcher is the studio's choice for Batman while Nolan wants an unknown.

Don't put any stock on the Christopher Lloyd rumour. Bill himself isn't vouching on its validity. As far as the Kutcher casting is concerned,  it does seem like corporate casting as he is the studio's choice for Batman. Neither Nicolas Cage nor Ashley Judd were cast by a director for Superman and Catwoman. The studio made the choice. Hopefully Nolan will cast the RIGHT actor for the role.

Mattel to make a limited edition Die Cast Batmobile
source: Sportcraftcars

Some very good news for fans of the Batmobile, and there are a lot of them, from the Burton Batman's. Mattel is making a limited edition Die cast model of the Car in a 1:18 scale. Sportcraftcars is taking pre orders for it so if any of you are interested, Head down to this Link

Jun 25, 2003
Batman movie gets Producers

LSOK has learned of some interesting news regarding the new Batman film. Edward McDonnell will be producing Batman. His previous credits include, Insomnia and Three Kings. An Executive Producer has also been attached to this film. His name is Greg Silverman.

Sounds like good news. Based on what I've heard from LSOK, Greg Silverman sounds like a good choice. He doesn't appear to be like "Dumb and Dumber" who are attached to Superman (Brassel and Robinov). Pending that the higher ups keep their hands off this project, sounds like this movie is good to go- A.J

Birds of Prey Sells out
source: Comics Continuum

Though the Birds of Prey bombed on the TV screen, the opposite is happening in the comics. Birds of Prey 56, which features the new art team of Gail SImone, Ed Benes and Alex Lei, sold out 24 hours after its sale date. Looks like DC has another winner on its hands.

Jun 23, 2003
Some more details on Kutcher and Batman
source: Dark Horizons

Dark Horizons also has some news on E Online's reports that Kutcher is the sole candidate. DH seems to be echoing the same thing. Here is their report

"Christopher Nolan wants Guy Pearce. I think that's about the extent of it. Essentially, the studio has had another 'Ratner' situation on their hands, because the director wants someone, and the studio wants someone else. That someone the studio wants is Ashton Kutcher. Thankfully, it's not as big a deal as the whole Superman thing [which has been madness], because in this place everyone gets along - and from what I hear Kutcher is the new Batman. Done deal".

Bill of Batman on Film also checked with one of his sources and his source told him that the rumour is legit?

Ok it looks like we are wading into dangerous territory. As bad as this sounds, I suggest everyone waits and sees like I always say. If by chance this is true, it will cement in my mind that WB's execs are the real filmmakers as this sounds like something they would do

Catwoman gets another writer
source: FilmJerk

Filmjerk, is reporting that the Catwoman film is getting another writer. Ed Solomon has come on board to replace John Rogers who has left the project. It appears that Solomon was brought on to completely redo the script because previous efforts didn't satisfy the studio.

FilmJerk is also reporting that a casting call has been made for a 9 - 10 year old who will play a younger version of Patience Price.

A WB comic film having problems?

And Finally.....

Hollywood North Report is saying that the Catwoman film will me film in Vancouver's Lion's Gate film studios from September 1 to December 31.

Jun 20, 2003
Dorky Actor #1 choice for Batman?!!!!
source: EOnline

A while back, I reported, based on info from Batman On Film, that Ashton Kutcher was in the running for Batman. Since then we've heard several names such as Rob Estes, Guy Pearce (who himself said he was in the running) and now E Online is reporting that the King Dork Kutcher is the studio's #1 choice to play Batman!!!!

Wait and see as I always say. It should be noted that Kutcher also tested for Superman and his test was liked By Ratner. Based on what he's done right now, Kutcher seems condemned to appear in only films where he plays a Dork (Kind of like Jason Biggs with Teen films) but what if he does a good job? could he?

Jun 17, 2003
Various Batman movie rumours
source: Batman on Film, Dark Horizons

Just some Batman movie tidbits to talk about. First Batman on Film is reporting that Chris Nolan Met with former Melrose Place star Rob Estes. It's unclear though if the meeting was Batman related. Second, Dark Horizons has some information on Guy Pearce where he has said that he is in the running to play Batman in the next film.

Jun 11, 2003
New Animated Batman show in the works?
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum is reporting that a new Animated Batman show is being planned by WB Animation. The show will have a younger Batman. Though details are sketchy, Aint it Cool news is saying that the show will be called Batman -Wired and will feature a Batman using some sort of high tech suit.

I have received information from an inside source, A very reliable one who says that the AICN report is totally bogus. He says that someone made a joking comment about making a Batman show like the one described on AICN to the producers of the animated show. Everyone had a good laugh and blew it off. He also said that the producers are working on a new show and will wait on the reaction of the new movie to decide what to do.  -A.J

June 4, 2003
Jim Lee on Batman
source: Comics Continuum

Artist Jim Lee gave some comments about what to expect from his artwork on the second story arc that he and Jeph Loeb are working on at Wizard World.

"If anything, I feel more comfortable drawing the character," "It took me about seven or eight issues. The issue that came out this just week is probably the first issue I felt pretty comfortable drawing the character. And that's because I tend not to do a lot of sketchbook type stuff. I tend to warm up directly on the page, sort of experiment directly on the page, for better or worse. "So hopefully, the last six-issue arc I do with Jeph on Batman, I'll finally figure it out and it will be the definitive Batman for me."

Lee also said that there were no plans to make Sin Tzu, a character he created for the next Batman video game, into a comic character though he did say that there will be a novelization of the game.

Batman news from Wizard World
source: Comics Continuum

At the Wizard World Convention, DC had a chance to talk about some of their upcoming projects. Here is a rundown of some of the Batman related news items

-Starting with Issue 121. The creative team of Bill Willingham (Fables of the Vertigo line) and Rick Mays will work on the Robin comic. Willingham stated that he plans on giving Robin "a different look and a different feel."
-Batman: Illustrated by Neal Adams will be a three volume hard cover series that will collect all of Legendary Batman artist Neal Adams' work

Batman and Joker make the AFI's list
source: AFI

Last Night, the American Film Institute ran the list of its top 100 heroes and villains and Both Batman and the Joker made the list along with Superman. Batman made the list at # 46 in the heroes list while the Joker made it at # 45 in the villains section. Atticus Finch and Hannibal Lector were the top choices of both lists. Superman made the list at # 26.