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  June 28, 2002
Details on Darwyn Cooke’s new Catwoman project
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has some details on a new project that Catwoman artist Darwynn Cooke is working on. Selena's big score is a 96 page graphic novel which Cooke says will answer some questions about the revamped Character here are some details

“I actually had the idea for this when we started Catwoman. When it became clear Ed was making her more of a Robin Hood type, the question occurred to me: Here is a woman presumed dead, on the run; Where did she get the money for this altruism? So this story actually takes place before Catwoman #1. It's a hard-boiled Heist story in the tradition of Stanley Kubrick's The Killing and Richard Stark's Parker novels. Slam Bradley will be there, and a neat ‘year one’ flashback for the Catwoman lovers.”

To the full article can be found at Newsarama by clicking Here

  Online Interview with Roger Stoneburner
source: Comics2film

Comics2Film has an interview with the stuntman who plays the Joker. It can be found by clicking Here


  June 27, 2002
Birds of Prey: details on the actor who plays the Joker
source: Comics Continuum

The Continuum has some more information regarding the Birds of Prey show. It reveals that the Joker is played by stunt man Roger Stoneburner. Here is what Roger thinks of this role

"It was pretty cool and I'm happy to see that it was picked up and will even shoot in L.A.," Stoneburner told The Continuum. "This way many stunt people will be working on it and hopefully I will be called back to reprise The Joker, with Mark Hamill doing the voice. He really has the great voice for that character; (he's) just not tall and scrawny like me."

To read about How Roger was chosen to play the Clown Prince, go to the article at the Comics Continuum by clicking Here
  World's Finest Film given the green light?
source: Aint it Cool News

Harry is running a rumour from someone who claims that a co-worker told them that Warner Brothers is planning to make a film featuring Superman and Batman with the title of the project being "Asylum". Again this is rumour, nothing concrete.

  Harley Quinn Title to get new creative team in November
source: Newsarama

Fans of the Joker's flame will be interested to know that starting in November, the creative team of Andy Lieberman, Mike Huddleston, inker Troy Nixey will take over in issue 26 of the Harley Quinn comic.

To read more about this new team, go Here

  June 23, 2002
Birds of Prey news
source: Comics Continuum , Gotham ClockTower

Rob from the Comics Continuum has some interesting tidbits regarding the new show. Noteworthy is that Bruce Thomas, the actor who played Batman in the OnStar ads, will reprise his role in the pilot. Here are some other highlights

* The Continuum on Thursday visited the Warner Bros. stages, where Birds of Prey is filmed. One of the sets is New Gotham High, where Barbara Gordon is a teacher. A scene involving Barbara exercising was cut from the pilot, but might end up in the final version that actually airs on television. In addition to hallways and lockers, there is a small gymnasium.

* The Clocktower set is being revamped from the pilot. Currently in the works, it will be lighter in tone than it was in the pilot.

* Production on the first season is targeted to begin in late July.

* Metahumans will be appearing in Birds of Prey, but the show won't become a super-villain-of-the-week series.


In other BOP news, Craig has links to some video clips from the show. To see them, go to the Gotham Clock Tower site by going Here>
  June 8,2002
Batman movie rumour (Updated)
source: Batman on Film, Aint it Cool News

Bill has posted a rumour regarding the Batman film franchises' future. Apparently, Kevin Smith was contacted about taking over the Batman franchise.
(Note: This rumour is not true as Kevin Smith had this to say
"For the record, I am NOT in talks with Warner Brothers about the 'Batman' franchise (though after being on the 'DD' set that handful of times, I wish I was). I don't know where people get this stuff.")

  Birds of Prey trailer

A trailer for the upcoming show has been released. It can be viewed by going Here

  June 5, 2002
Brief Catwoman News
source: ComicsContinuum

The Comics Continuum has a newsbite on Ashley Judd's thoughts on Catwoman from the Jay Leno show.

Appearing on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ashley Judd reiterated her commitment to star in a Catwoman movie. "How sick am I in two years going to be of talking about the suit?" Judd said. "Catwoman's really cool because she's this very hen- pecked, loser, insecure gal who ultimate sort of busts out and maximizes her alternate opportunities, shall we say. "And it continues to have a dialogue between oppression and empowerment." Judd responded to Leno's inquiry about Catwoman appearing in a Batman movie. "Catwoman has her own movie, Jay, get with the times," she laughed. French director Pitof has been attached to the film, which will come from Warner Bros.

DKII # 3's release date
source: Newsarama
Circle July 31 on your calendar. That is when the long delayed third part to Dark Knight Strikes Again will be released.