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July 3, 2003
Bruce Wayne to appear on Smallville
source: Zap2it

In an interview with Zap2it, Smallville writer Al Gough said that he hopes to show Bruce Wayne in Smallville's third season. As to how he will be in terms of age and personality

"Basically about Lex's age, and he's more of a darker, brooding figure. At this stage in their lives, I don't think Clark and Bruce get along, because they are, in a weird way, opposite sides of the coin.

" One's grown up under the guidance of very loving parents, and one has grown up without parents and feels the need to avenge their murder. Bruce is not Batman yet, but again you see, as you do with Clark, the seeds of the man he will become."

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Batman: Year One movie designs online!
source: Superhero Hype

Now that the Year One film project has been shelved, Superhero hype has obtained some movie designs for that film. Head to this link to see them all