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July 29, 2002
Batman vs. Superman recap
source: Comics2Film

Comics2film has a recap of all the developments regarding this film. First is the casting of the main leads. The site contacted Wolfgang Peterson's production office and they too confirmed that no casting has been done. However both Law and Farrell were under consideration.

Another story (Which I failed to pick up) was that Akiva Goldsman, (Yes the guy who wrote Batman and Robin) was brought on board for rewrites. However Peterson's source said that, based on what she knew, Walker was the only writer on board.

  Birds of Prey tidbits
source: Zool Entertainment via Comics2Film

Zool Entertainment has an excellent interview with Dina Meyer and Rachel Skarsten in regards to Birds of Prey. Both Women talk about the show, where they did research and more. The Interview can be found Here.

The Comics Continuum is reporting that Birds of Prey will debut on Wednesday October 9. Meanwhile you can check out a new Trailer for the show at the WB site by clicking Here

......And Finally
TV Guide has provided the Comics Continuum a list of 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time. Batman came in at number 40 (One behind Superman) while Bugs Bunny took top honours. To see the full list, go here

July 24, 2002
Collin Farrel as Batman? Jude Law as Superman?
source: Aint it Cool News

Harry's got some regarding the lead roles for Batman vs. Superman. His inside source is reporting that Collin Farrel and Jude Law have already been chosen for Batman and Superman respectively.

However Corona Coming Attractions has received word from Warner Brothers that the lead roles have not been cast yet. However both actors are under consideration.
  More information on Back to the Batcave Batmobile
source: Comics2film

Comics2film is reporting that the Batmobile in the Back to the Batcave special will be a replica and not the one from the show. The site's sources and readers noted some differences from the original and the new one such as
-The Bat symbols on the doors look similar to the ones on the hubcaps
-The new car has a full steering wheel as opposed to the airplane yoke of the original

The replica however was designed by George Barris who made the original car.

...And Finally

Adam West and Burt Ward will reprise their roles as Batman in Robin in an episode of the Simpsons. Here is some brief information on that episode from the Comics Continuum

In "Large Marge" Sunday, Nov. 24, Marge mistakenly thinks Homer is eyeing other women. In an effort to uplift her appeal, she decides to get plastic surgery to look younger. But the surgery goes awry when Marge receives breast implants that were meant for a younger patient. Meanwhile, Bart and Millhouse catch an episode of Batman and Robin (guest stars Adam West and Burt Ward), where they battle Clown Man -- who coincidentally looks a lot like a younger version of Krusty.

July 22, 2002
A new Harley Quinn has been found
source: Comics Continuum

A replacement actress for Harley Quinn has been found. Mia Sara will replace Sherlyn Flynn after the pilot episode. Mia's credits include, Ferris Bueller's day off, Time Cop and appearances in several other shows.

Back to the Batcave tidbits
source: Comics Continuum

Also from the Continuum is a newsbyte on Burt Ward's thoughts on this upcoming special

Burt Ward said the upcoming Back to the Batcave special on CBS will be full of "terrific recollections and flashbacks." Ward, 56, who played Robin in the Batman TV show, and Adam West, who played Batman, were interviewed this week by Entertainment Tonight about the special.

"The explosions, the injuries, the fights, the women," Ward said. "There was a certain fantasy for young ladies what it would be like with super-heroes."

"I thought it was a wiggy idea. I thought it was fly," West, 73, said in typically campy fashion about the special.

Both actors said they were glad they played the characters back in 1966-67 are still identified with the roles. "It's been wonderful. I love having played Robin," Ward said.

"Wherever I go, people ask me about Batman," West said. The special has not been scheduled yet, but will air this fall.

Comics2Film has some additional information in regards to the sets. An insider reported that he saw the Batmobile, "a nuclear reactor core type structure" and a box with question marks on it. The site also has some pictures of the 60's Batmobile which can be found Here

July 19, 2002

Batman vs. Superman filming location to be Florida ?
source: Batman on Film

Bill recieved an email from an individual in regards to where the film will be shot.  The person speculated that the film will be filmed in Florida and Tropicana field and the Citrus bowl may be possible locations.

Counting Down had a brief summary on an article in Entertainment Weekly regarding this new film. Here are some more comments from Wolfgang Peterson and more info

On Batman and Superman (Again): "Their individual crises are what pit them against each other. Superman [stands by] his old thing of 'truth, justice, & ther American way' - oh, boy, he gets into trouble with that one!" Meanwhile, Batman "gets into a case so violent that he's about to lose it. [But] it's a superhero film, so of course at the end they join forces."

Tone of the film: "doesn't deal with a political situation like [the Sept. 11th attacks], but it deals with the morality of this world right now and the gray zone we're in. Just to see how superheroes work in today's world is interesting."

In addition he wants leads who can "can really act and give complexity and emotions, but would have the fun of being a great superhero and maybe pump up a little bit."

EW's Industry source obtained a few more actors who may be in the running for these roles. They are Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, James Franco, Jude Law, & Paul Walker.
  More Christian Bale casting tidbits?
source: Calgary Sun via Batman on Film

The Calgary Sun recently had an article on Christian Bale. The article also made mention of the rumours that Christian Bale (who recently appeared in Reign of Fire) is being considered for Batman. Here is a snippet of that certain piece

If all the planets align in his favour, Bale could soon be tangling with Superman.

The buzz in Hollywood is that Bale is the front runner to play Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman in the new Warner Bros. epic Batman vs. Superman.

For his part, Bale is playing coy and won't even confirm he's taken meetings.

"I have nothing definite coming up at the moment. No contracts have been signed," is his mantra.

Batman 608 Discounts for retailers
source: Comics Continuum

Looks like the debut of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee on BATMAN may a big one. Perhaps a bigger one for retailers. The Comics Continuum is saying that retailers who order in excess of 200 percent of initial orders of Batman 604 will receive an additional 5 % on Batman 608 in addition to the existing discounts. Interesting........

July 16, 2002
Birds of Prey news: The cast and creative members speak
source: Comics Continuum

The cast members and the people behind Birds of Prey recently sat down and discussed the upcoming show.  The full transcript can be found at the Comics Continuum by clicking Here.

In other Birds of Prey news. Harley Quinn will be recast because Sheryln Flynn isn't able to commit to future episodes.

Brief Batman vs. Superman info
source: Batman on Film

Bill decided to check in on the current casting rumour of Christian Bale as Batman. He was given this response he received from a representative of Bale's

"As with any actor, any role involves negotiation so I cannot confirm or deny rumors at this time. If and when Christian lands a role, I announce it on the NEWS section of his web site.

Bill also had some tidbits, albeit rumour, regarding the upcoming film
-Year One and the Superman film will be prequels to Batman vs. Superman
-McG has no problems with the above but Darren Aronofsky does
-Lex Luthor and Joker may be the villains
-No references to the previous four films (Both Batman and Superman)

July 14, 2002
Batman vs Superman news roundup
source: MTV News and Superhero Hype

Here is a round up of news regarding the Batman vs. Superman film. First is some snippets from MTV News

On the Batman, Superman team up: "[It's] never happened before," said Wolfgang Petersen, who plans to direct (or is that referee?) the movie. "You had it in some of the comic books, but never on the big screen. They're so different. ... It sets up great material for drama."

"I love [the Batman and Superman films] very, very much," Petersen said. "Especially in both cases the first two. I saw them over and over again. ... ['Batman vs. Superman'] is part of the lore of the Superman films and the Superman comics and the same with Batman, but it's also different. First of all, the dynamics are different because if they are in one movie together it changes a lot of things and it gives you a new perspective on superheroes. ... You have also the look and feel of Metropolis, the bright golden city, and the feel of Gotham, which is a shadowy, sinister city, in the same movie. This is Superman/ Batman of the time after September 11th, also. It takes place in today or tomorrow's world."

On what to expect from the script: "We have a script that really very, very much concentrates on the characters," he said. "It's really material for two great actors."

In addition, Peterson said that the film will have lots of action, no Robin and will be different from the previous Batman and Superman films.

To read the article in full, go Here

In more Batman vs. Superman news, Superhero Hype has a rumour that Christian Bale is being considered for Batman while Vince Vaughn or Paul Rudd might play the Man of Steel. Hope the Bale as Batman part is true.

July 9, 2002
Batman vs. Superman: Full speed ahead
source: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter (With additional info from Comics Continuum, Batman on Film and Aint it Cool

Big news regarding this much rumoured project. This film will be the first out of the blocks. Here is a snippet of news from the Comics Continuum

Wolfgang Petersen will direct Batman vs. Superman for Warner Bros., with the film scheduled for a 2004 release. Andrew Kevin Walker, who wrote Seven and has worked on drafts of both X-Men and Silver Surfer, has written the script for the film. "It is a clash of the titans," Petersen told Daily Variety. "They play off of each other so perfectly. (Superman) is clear, bright, all that is noble and good, and Batman represents the dark, obsessive and vengeful side. They are two sides of the same coin and that is material for great drama." Petersen, whose last project was The Perfect Storm, will produce with Diana Rathbun. "We are very pleased that Wolfgang Petersen is bringing his considerable talents to this newest episode of two of our most important franchises," Warner Bros.' Lorenzo di Bonaventura said. "In his hands, Batman vs. Superman will carry forward the Warner Bros. superhero tradition; we look forward to starting this project as soon as possible." Casting should be announced soon, and production is targeted to start early next year. Development continues on both Superman and Batman: Year One.

On what to expect in terms of casting from Wolfgang Peterson:  "We are not going to go with typical action stars but great actors who will do an action-oriented part."

In addition to casting for the World's Finest, there are three female roles up for casting as well. Casting for this film will begin in the next few weeks. The film will take place in both Gotham and Metropolis.

AJ: Wow!! Looks like Warner Brothers is talking tough about counterattacking Marvel! Let's hope this film is a good one and not a prequel to the Wonder Twins

July 8, 2002
New artist for Detective Comics and more....
source: Comics Continuum

At the Wizard World convention in Chicago, Bob Schreck revealed that artist Tommy Castillo will be Ed Brubaker's artist when he takes over for Greg Rucka.

other tidbits
-There will be a Birds of Prey special based on the TV show. Schreck had no comment in regards to Huntress' appearance in the comic
-Schreck also said that the first five issues of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's run on Batman are completed. They feature Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and Catwoman


July 3, 2002
Another take on the World's Finest movie situation: Not out of the blocks first??
source: Superheroes at the Movies (SHATM)

Fabio2 has chipped in with his two cents on the World's Finest news that is making waves. Here is what he is saying

Well, a lot of websites are now reporting that the WORLD'S FINEST film project will be made first and blah blah blah. However, as I pointed out in my report a few days ago (below), extreme caution must be taken with this news. Firstly, the originating story at Variety made some factual errors re: the CATWOMAN film and BATMAN: YEAR ONE, so the entire article must be taken into doubt. Secondly, as Coming Attractions rightly stresses, WF has by no means been green-lit, so anyone saying that it will come before BATMAN: YEAR ONE or McG's SUPERMAN is premature, and at this point wrong (WF is NOT filming in February); and that both those films have been postponed, is outright false! Be careful with what you read elsewhere.

The truth is, all the above films are in development (Y1 is a restart, NOT a prequel), as to which film comes first, nobody knows, but WF is in no way ahead in development of any of the other films listed. Director Wolfgang Peterson has a full list of films on his slate, WF isn't coming anytime soon, if at all.

In another Development, the folks at Comics2Film recently contacted Wolfgang Peterson's office and confirmed that there is indeed a World's Finest movie project named "Asylum"
July 1, 2002 (Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian Bat fans)
More Details on World's Finest
source: Superhero Hype, Batman on Film

Things are getting interesting in regards to Warner Brothers and their comic films. It now appears that we could be seeing World's Finest before Year One or Superman. Here is a snippit of an article from Variety on Superhero Hype

"Batman and/or Superman": It's been five years since the poorly received "Batman and Robin," and Warners now seems ready to take its superhero responsibilities seriously.

Since then, the studio carefully examined all sorts of permutations for these two superheroes.

In 1997, Warners pulled the plug at the last second on Cage in "Superman," saying the script wasn't quite there. Last year, the studio brought Darren Aronofsky on board to develop "Batman: Year One" with creator Frank Stack.
(AJ-I think the person means Frank Miller)

But the superhero project that has the greatest likelihood of moving forward, Horn now says, is "Batman & Superman," in which the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight join forces against evil. Wolfgang Petersen is attached to produce, develop and possibly direct.

Bill Ramey of Batman on Film's source had this response.

"I really think the studio has decided to go with the Batman/Superman project first, and then relaunch the characters in their own franchises. They could still so 'Year One' later as a prequel, and they could even do McG's Superman film down the line. Remember, Aronofsky and McG were hired to develop a project; they were not greenlighted to make the films. Just like Dini and Yakin with 'Batman Beyond' a few years back."

 Question: How do you defeat one Superhero from your rival at the box office
Answer: You make a movie with two of your best heroes.
Kidding aside, this could be one big expensive movie. Hope the folks at WB know what they are doing. -AJ

Warner Brothers also had a small statement in regards to the Catwoman film

"Catwoman": Horn says Ashley Judd is the frontrunner for that part ("I like Ashley, and I'd like her to do it"), but no deal is in place and the film won't get the greenlight until the studio gets the latest draft from John Rogers.

(Thanks to SpiderFreddie for the heads up on the variety article)