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February 25,2003
Batman tops Diamond's pre order list (Again!!!)
source: Newsarama

Batman continues to be in hot demand among retailers. Batman Issue 613 topped Diamond distributors March preorder list where the list consisted of mostly Marvel titles. This is the third month in a row that the Batman title has done this.
New artist for Detective comics
source: Newsarama

 Newsarama has learned that artist Ryan Sook and Inker Mick Gray will take over the art chores for Detective Comics starting issue 789.
Greg Rucka returns to Detective....Sort of
source: Newsarama

Fans of Greg Rucka will be pleased to learned that the former Bat-writer will be returning to Detective Comics, but as a writer for a back up story which will serve as a prelude to his nine part mini series: Batman Death and the Maidens. Greg's story will appear in Issue 783
February 20,2003
Catwoman movie news: Ashley Judd leaves and new writers come aboard
source: Filmforce

Big news regarding the Catwoman film. Trade magazine Variety has confirmed Ashley Judd's departure from the film due to a scheduling conflict with her performance in Broadway show Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Variety is also saying that Nicole Kidman may take the role.

Stax is also saying that the script for this film has been rewritten by Mike Ferris and John Brancato who also are working on Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. However the main character's name is still Patience Price and not Catwoman

February 15, 2003
Back to the Batcave airdate
source: Comics Continuum

Circle Sunday March 9 on your calendars. That's when CBS will air the two hour Back to the Batcave special starring. Adam West and Burt Ward. They will be joined by 60's show alumni members Frank Gorshin, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar. Here is CBS's summary of the special

"While trying to unravel the details and find the Batmobile, West and Ward flashback to the tumultuous times of their 60s television to reveal a bizarre behind-the-scenes story of the creation of a television classic, from their on-the-set explosions to their wild real-life encounters with fans."

The Continuum also has a full set of pictures from the special. Click Here to check out scenes of the cast, the redesigned costumes of the show and the Batmobile
Batman movie news: Andrew Kevin Walker to write Chris Nolan's Batman film?
Source: Batman on Film

Bill's sources have chipped in with some very interesting news. One of his sources is saying that Andrew Kevin Walker, who wrote the now delayed Batman vs. Superman script, may write the new Batman film and that Andrew Walker met with WB and Chris Nolan. Bill is also saying that Nolan's film will be an origins film. Could Year One be history?

-As long as Akiva Goldsman doesn't come to do rewrites, which he did on the Batman vs. Superman script which Andrew Walker didn't like, I have no problem with this.
Editorial changes at DC
source: Newsarama

Some changes in the DC offices. Editors Dan Raspler, Andy Helfer and Morgan Dontanville have been fired by DC. All three have had some Batman links. Raspler was an assistant for Dennis O' Neill, Helfer edited Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, as well as the upcoming projects Batman: Child of Dreams,  Batman: Hong Kong while Dontanville was assistant to Bob Schreck the current group editor of Batman.

I wish Dan, Andy and Morgan the best in securing other work.
Batman Archives price drop
source: Newsarama

Fans who wish to check out early Batman stories may be interested to know that DC has cut the price of its Batman Archives #1 book. This collection will now sell at 19.95 down 30 dollars from 49.95
February 3, 2003
Details on Nolan's Batman film
source: Batman on Film

One of Bill's trusted sources has chipped in with some information regarding what direction Chris Nolan may be going with his Batman film. Here is what he has to stay

"Dig deep into your sources, find out that Nolan may 'talk to a lot of script writers' and maybe, just maybe, he wants to go back to the origin of Batman. Somewhere along the lines of 'Year One' ideas? Maybe, just maybe, Nolan wants to explore Batman when he was young. Young as in 18-25 young. Dig deep, my friend, find it to be the plan...."

To add to this, another one of Bill's sources said that Aronofsky may not be directing Year One since the studio isn't impressed with what he has done with it.
Nicole Kidman to be Catwoman
source: Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood reporter is saying that Warner Brothers is trying to get Nicole Kidman to play the role of Catwoman. The HR is saying that Kidman will make a decision based on the latest draft of the script.

-Though I tend to make my decisions on films when I see them, my interest in this film has gone cold. The only Catwoman I know of is Selina Kyle. Former prostitute turned anti-hero. Not some "Batman Returns" spin off named Patience Price...
Ian Edginton talks Batman/Aliens II
source: Newsarama

Those nasty Aliens from the Alien movies are back looking for more trouble and they've found Batman, Again!!! Writer Ian Edginton shared some thoughts about this project

As always, though it would seem challenging to bring together a street level character like Batman with a sci-fi series like Aliens, Edginton says the key is simply to try your best to work within a framework that both character can fit into well. "My main concern was that it should be done in a credible way," Edginton said. "The notion of the Aliens or their eggs coming to Earth via an alien spaceship has almost become a cliche in itself but then again; you have to get them on the planet somehow? So I thought okay, let's embrace the cliche and run with it, take it to the extreme.

"So the ship containing the Aliens hasn't just been here for a few centuries, it's been here for millions of years It was here before Antarctica was buried under the ice and it's been waiting for us ever since, waiting for us to walk upright, develop opposable thumbs and the kind of curiosity that usually gets us into trouble.

"Which is of course what happens to a doomed Antarctica expedition in the 1920s and later the present day construction workers who discover a hidden laboratory, sealed up for seventy years like ancient tomb and containing all sorts of nasty secrets.

"Logically, this then introduces Batman into the mix. He's drawn in via a series of grisly murders which, as the mystery unfolds, appear to have an extraterrestrial origin. Once he realizes that an Alien is involved, he knows from his encounter with them in the previous mini-series that the lives of every man, women and child in Gotham are in jeopardy."

To read more about this, click Here to go to Newsarama
February 4, 2003
Dina Meyer on Birds of Prey
source: Comics Continuum

At the Comics & Pop Culture Convention in Pasadena, California, Dina Meyer took some time to discuss the now defunct Birds of Prey TV shows.

What to expect in the series finale: "There are some changes to the Clock Tower at the end,"  "We don't blow it up, but neat stuff happens." 

On playing a character like Oracle: "My problem with the whole being in the wheelchair all the time wasn't the sitting, but that I wasn't able to use my arms. They wanted to have this really fancy, high-tech, Batmochair kind of thing. They wanted it to look really cool, and I'll give it to them, it did.

"But I always thought thing that was so cool about Oracle was that even though she was using the wheelchair, she wasn't confined to the wheelchair. She was still very physically active. When I read the comics, I got the impression she was still quite active even though she couldn't use her legs. She was always working out.

To read more about what Dinah has to say and learn which former Batgirl liked her take on Babs Gordon, head on over to the Comics Continuum
And while we are discussing Birds of Prey, Some details on the series finale
source: Comics Continuum

Here is what to expect in the series finale of Birds of Prey

"Citizens of New Gotham are being turned into clay by a villain whose crimes are similar to those of Clayface (guest star Kirk Baltz), the master of shape-shifting who has been in Arkham Asylum for many years. Helena (Ashley Scott) confronts Clayface and learns that his son, Chris (guest star Ian Reed Kesler), is responsible for the new rash of crimes, and for the murder of her mother as well. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn (Mia Sara) acquires the power to hypnotize others with her eyes, and persuades Helena (Ashley Scott) to reveal the secrets of the Clocktower, along with Barbara's (Dina Meyer) and Dinah's (Rachel Skarsten) true identities."

Live by the metahumans, die by the metahumans :)
Aronofsky out of Year One?

According to the site (A fan site BTW) they have received word that Darren Aronofsky may not be attached to this project anymore.

"We have recently been in contact with a very reliable source who told us that, although official word is that Darren is attached to the film, the studio was not keen on the Aronofsky/Miller all. If the film every does happen, it will be without Aronofsky."

Sounds exactly like the Superman rumours, which by the way were shot down by Variety. It is interesting to note that 4 sites with different sources all reported that Ratner was leaving. With this in mind, I suggest everyone to wait and see (as always)
Details on new Batman comic Project
source: Comics Continuum

Batman will be visting the Orient once more. This time courtesy of veteran Bat-writer Doug Moench and Hong Kong comics creator Tony Wong. Here is DC's description of this story

"Batman: Hong King begins when the Dark Knight discovers a serial killer who uses streaming video to broadcast his vicious executions via the internet. To put a stop to these brutal slayings, Batman travels to Hong Kong, where he gets caught in the middle of a feud between two brothers: one, the head of a local gang of criminals, the other, the chief of police! Now, the Dark Knight's only hope may be Hong Kong's own super-hero, the mysterious Night Dragon."
......And Finally

Kemco has already opened up a website for the cross platform game Batman: Dark Tommorow. To check out some screen shots of this game and other features go Here