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Saturday June 23, 2001

Justice League Preview to be shown at San Diego Comic-con 
Source: ComicsContinuum

Warner Bros. Animation's Rich Fogel told The Continuum that fans will get a first look at Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series at the Comic-Con International in San Diego. "We're just starting to plan the Justice League panel now, and although we probably won't have a finished episode, we'll definitely have some eye-popping visuals to share," Fogel told The Continuum. "We're all very excited about having a chance to give some of our most devoted fans a sneak peek at what's coming up on Justice League." The convention runs July 19-21. The date and time of the Justice League panel has not been released yet.

More Details on Batman: Dark Tomorrow for the Game Cube
Source: IGN

Batman: Dark Tomorrow
Kemco plans on bringing a much grittier Batman to GameCube when the console launches in November.
June 19, 2001
At this past E3, Kemco caught us by surprise with an all-new Batman game for GameCube. Apparently the title has been in development for some time and Kemco was even showing off an above average, high-quality FMV sequence to demonstrate its vision for the new game, Batman: Dark Tomorrow. The visual appeal and style of the pre-rendered movie had us drooling for more. And it looks like we won't have to wait very long, the Dark Knight returns to consoles for GameCube's launch this November.

Custom storyline by DC Comics
Fight face-to-face with Black Mask, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, the Joker, the Ratcatcher, Mr. Freeze and other menacing baddies
Experience familiar Batman environements including the Batcave, Gotham City, the Underground Sewers, Arkham Asylum, and others Professionally designed graphics and cut-scenes by one of Hollywood's best design firms Gameplay balances the power of thought-provoking puzzles and nerve-racking action sequences
Utilize the incredible gadgetry on Batman's Utility Belt
Kemco promises state-of-the-art visuals from GameCube
Made for one-player Available for GameCube launch, November 5, 2001

More Details, including art and screens, can be found Here

Sunday Jun17, 2001

Small News bytes

-Fabio at Superheroes at the Movies is saying that we may see Year One in the Summer of 2003.

-Bill Ramey of Batman on Film is saying that the movie Catwoman will indeed be Patience Price and not Selina Kyle.

Just a reminder that both of these are still rumours and nothing official.

Sunday June 10, 2001

Petition to Bring the Animated Series to DVD

If you are interested in this endeavor, please follow the this link

Sunday June 3 , 2001

Batman heading for the Game Cube!

Check out Ign's GameCube section for some brief news on an upcoming Batman game for Nintendo's new machine. The link to that section is here (Thanks to JoeKerr for the info)


Details on Batman: The Movie DVD
Source: Cinescape

Adam West and Burt Ward have done commentary tracks for the upcoming DVD release of the 1966 Batman feature film.

While talking to Video Premiere Awards, West spoke of having done the commentary, saying, "Youíve got to make [a DVD commentary] enjoyable. I donít especially enjoy talking about Batman. Do you want to sit there and talk about your work for an hour-and-a-half?

"I try to make it fun, but it takes a few minutes to kick in. After talking for a while, it does become a thing of some pleasure. Those were funny, zany, wild days."

As for working with Burt Ward again, West says, "I donít think they could use half of what we said. When Burt and I get together, itís amazing. After 30 years, the onstage chemistry is thereówe get right back into character. Weíre like kids again, just with more adult stories."

Batman hits video stores in August.


OnStar info
source: Comics Continuum

Well it seems that the folks at OnStar have some more big plans with the Dark Knight. They are beginning an online promotion where the winner will get a walk on role in the next Batman movie. In addition, that another ad, featuring the Riddler, is on the way. Full details are available at the Comics Continuum and can be found by going here


Tuesday May 21, 2001

Some Info on Patience Price
Source: Filmforce

I have posted a link to Stax's script review for an early script of Catwoman. This draft was written after the Waters version and features the Patience Price Catwoman. However, Stax is incorrect when he says that this is the script that will be used in the upcoming film. The film will have a totally new script. The link to the old script review is here

Back in Action

Alan Porter, editor of the Gotham Gazette and the Gotham Weekly news is back after a lengthy hiatus. Alan has since restarted his weekly news letter and plans on bringing back the Gotham Gazette. If you'd like to subscribe to the Gazette, drop Alan an email at as well you can read previous editions of his news letter at

Saturday May 19, 2001

Batman Beyond wins two Emmy's
source: ComicsContinuum

Living up to its predecessors, Batman Beyond took home two Daytime Emmy's. One for Outstanding Special Class Animated program and the other for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition. Now I know that BB isn't everyone's favourite flavour of Batman, but still it is nice to see Batman related things come out on top.

Some Batman info on the Justice League show

Shaun McLaughlin, associate producer of the upcoming Justice League animated series on Cartoon Network, told The Continuum that the portrayal of Batman will be consistent with the previous animated series. "I think the actual portrayal of him is fairly similar to what you've seen before," McLaughlin said. "The actual tone of the character strikes me as pretty much the same. "It's just that he's in a group dynamic. It's like in 'World's Finest.' Putting him in context with somebody else makes the whole story change a little bit. He's a pretty forceful character and visually he's very strong. Putting him in with somebody like Superman, automatically there's a little bit of tension. "Not that there's verbal tension between the two of them or they don't like each other or anything like that. It's almost like it's light and dark. I don't think anybody who liked either of the past Batman series will be disappointed." Batman's look is getting tweaked for Justice League, but, again, it's very familiar. "It's a little bit softer, and for want of a better phrase, a little more kid friendly," McLaughlin said. "Don't take that to mean it's been dumbed down or anything like that. It's kind of between the original Batman the Animated Series and the revamp." Kevin Conroy is reprising his voice role as Batman for Justice League. 

Friday April 20, 2001

Who will be Catwoman? Patience Price or Selina Kyle
Note: Both Bill Ramey and Fabio2 have stated that any Batman Y1/BB news they report should be considered rumour unless it is from an official source (i.e. WB) I stress the same 

Bill Ramey of Batman on Film is reporting that a very reliable source has told him that Catwoman won't be Selina Kyle, but Patience Price. For those of you who may not know, Patience was the name of the Catwoman character in a script written some time back (Not the Waters script)  On the other hand, Fabio2 stated on his message board that his source says it will be Selina Kyle. Hmmmm? 


Wednesday April 4, 2001

Fourth OnStar Batman ad up at Adcritic

For anyone who missed the new OnStar ad that aired during Oscars, you can view it at the Adcritic website by going here.

Monday April 2, 2001

Ashley Judd signs to play Catwoman
Source: E!online 

Ashley Judd Gets Catty
by Josh Grossberg
Apr 2, 2001, 11:25 AM PT

Well the often rumoured Catwoman movie appears to be one step closer to reality. Here's a snippet from E! online 

Holy hairballs, Batman, there's a new feline in town. 
Word around Gotham is that Ashley Judd will be slinking around as everyone's favorite sex kitten in an upcoming Catwoman feature being developed by Warner Bros. 

While the studio hasn't officially confirmed the casting, Daily Variety reports that Judd met with studio executives and signed on for the role, which would be the first time the felonious feline has gone from supporting villain to star. 

Catwoman reportedly will be a dark, stylistic noir ŗ la the first two installments of the Batman franchise, which were directed by gloom-meister Tim Burton. 
Full Article can be found here

AJ: Just to add to that, Fabio2 has stated on his message board, albeit may not be 100% accurate, that the film will be set in the Y1 setting. Probably to remove Catwoman from the Batman Y1 story and let her develop in her own movie. As for Ashley Judd as Selina/Catwoman, she seems right for Catwoman  Probably a lot closer to Catwoman than Keaton was to Batman ;)

Devin Grayson addresses omission in Gotham Knights 15

-Devin Grayson recently wrote to Fandom's Newsarama to address a piece of text that wasn't included in Gotham Knights 15. The text in question has to do with an email by Tim to Bruce. The full text and article can be found by going here.

New Batman videogame on the way
Source: ComicsContinuum

Batman: Chaos in Gotham, a new game for the Game Boy Color, arrives in stores this week from Ubi Soft.

Here's how Ubi Soft describes the game:

"An unprecedented double breakout of Arkham Asylumand Gotham Penitentiary has plunged Gotham City into an abyss of terror! Rallied by the brilliantly demented Two-Face, the escapees have initiated a massive crime wave, drowning the streets in violence and chaos. The police are overburdened and only Batman and his companions can restore order to the city, and bring the scoundrels to justice.

"As either Batman or Batgirl, go on an all-out mission to unravel the convicts' secret scheme and return
them to incarceration. Using Batarangs, grappling hooks, bombs, bare fists and more, battle Two-Face's
henchmen through more than 18 levels of crime-fighting action. Navigate the Batmobile, Batcycle or
Jetwing and utilize a fleet of sophisticated Bat-vehicles in the quest to clean up the streets. With cameo
appearances from infamous Batman characters, use everything to uncover and foil Two-Face's plans of
destruction and return safety to the citizens of Gotham."

The game has a standard retail price of $29.99.

Saturday March 24, 2001

- E! online had a small "scoop" saying. Aaron Eckhart is being eyed for the role of James Gordon in Darren Aronofsky's Year One film. Eckhart's name came up for the role of Batman as well. On the other hand, Bill Ramey of Batman on Film is reporting that his sources have said that no casting has begun which makes the scoop mere rumour. 

-There will be a new OnStar ad featuring Batman. It will air during the Oscars. Penguin and Vicky Vale will appear in it too.

-Some bad news regarding the Special Edition Bat-DVD's. WB has said that none are planned. 

Saturday March 17, 2001

Source: ComicsContinuum

Batman Beyond was nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards on Wednesday.

The series was nominated in the following categories: Outstanding Special Class Animated Program; Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition; Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Special Class; and Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing - Special Class.

"It's great that so many of the talented people who worked on this show are getting the recognition they deserve for their incredible contributions," Rich Fogel, one of the show's writers, told The Continuum.

In the Outstanding Special Class Animated Program category, Batman Beyond's competition will be Angela Anaconda, Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Roughnecks: The Starship Trooper Chronicles and Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.

AJ: The competition looks interesting though it makes me wonder how a show like Angela Anaconda got nominated. Makes me wonder why the Japanese are considered the leaders in animation. Oh well, here's hoping Batman Beyond picks up a few.

Batman Special Edition DVD's?

The Dark Horizons website is reporting, based on info from the Worlds Finest website, that Warner Brothers may release special editions of the four live action Bat-films by Christmas time. Most notably, Batman, and maybe Batman Forever, will contain deleted scenes along with additional features such as trailers bios etc. As well, Sub-Zero and an unedited Batman Beyond Return of the Joker might follow.

The idea of special edition Batman DVDs sounds neat. It's no surprise that Both BATMAN and BATMAN FOREVER had some deleted scenes. In fact I remember talk of an extended Forever from years back. Here's hoping it is true.