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Dec 29, 2003

Possible Batman movie cast
source: Latino Review,

Latino Review has a report from a scooper regarding the cast for the film. Here is their report

Anyway, there's no script yet, and she doesn't know what the role is, just that it's 'exposure' and 'experience'. But here's what we can tell you on Batman Intimidation Game. There's two villains. There's one love interest. There's a young Comm. Gordon. There's a young Harvey Dent.

The cast are Christian Bale [Batman], Michael Caine [Alfred], Judson Caspian [Viggo Mortensen], Cillian Murphy [Harvey Dent], Katie Holmes [Rachel Caspian], Chris Cooper [Gordon], Elle Fanning [Barbara], Noah Emmerich, as of 11/29/03

They apparently are still finalising the two main villain roles, but everyone from Robert De Niro to Dennis Quaid has tried out, and they should have their man-times two, in a week or two.

I would definitely wait and see regarding this one. I have trouble believing that they have no script when a)Filming starts in February and b) Four actors have been cast. Bill at Batman on Film is also suspicious of this report. He also added that the studio is putting off fake info to throw people off. I've heard of them doing that for Superman.

Dec 28, 2003

Batman Film developments
source: Latino Review,

Latino Review has learned from Christopher Ecclestone's agent that he is not involved with the film. They have also learned of the following additions to the film's crew.

In other Batman movie news, The Bedford Today is reporting that Warner Brothers is planning to film part of the film in the village of Cardington. The studio has taken over some old airport hangers and plan to film there.

Jeph Loeb talks Batman/Superman (The comic)
source: Newsarama,

Newsarama has a great interview with writer Jeph Loeb on his Batman/Superman comic. He talks about how his take on the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight's partnership stories differ from those of the past. Go Here to read it.

Catwoman film on shaky ground
source: Aint it Cool News,

Interesting report from Harry Knowles regarding this Catwoman film. Looks the studio isn't happy with the reception that the film has been getting from the fans and has ordered changes. Changes that director Pitof isn't happy with. The report can be found Here

If true I have one thing to say, why didn't they do it right the first time? Wait and see as always though if true it won't be the first time the studio reeled over negative reception to their superhero projects.

Dec 16, 2003

More Villain Speculation and Rumour
source: Superhero Hype, Batman on Film

The rumours for this film's villains are starting to grow. First off Superhero Hype has a rumour where a scooper heard from someone in DC marketing that The Reaper from Year Two will be the villain for the film.

Meanwhile, Bill of Batman on Film is saying that his sources tell him that Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow are the villains.

Wait and See as always though take the First rumour with a grain of salt. In due time the truth will be revealed-A.J

Chris Cooper to be in Batman film?
source: Dark Horizons

Small Tidbit from Dark Horizons. They are saying that Chris Cooper (Bourne Identity) may be up for a role in the film. Again it is not clear who he'll play

Batman DVD news
source: Batman on Film

One of Bill's regular visitors attended a screening of former Bat-Director Tim Burton's new film "The Big Fish" and stayed for a Q and A session. Burton said that WB is working on Special ESditions of the first three films. He also said that he and Danny Elfman did commentary tracks but his films won't be recut. However Batman Forever might be.

If there are indeed Special Edition Batman films (Which I hope there are) chances are they'll be released around the time of the new film's release (2005?) A director's cut for Batman Forever has been rumoured for years though.

New Batman Animated Series tidbits

Here is some brief Information that I have learned from my colleague FrankD for the new animated show.

  1. The new show will have a younger Batman and will NOT be voiced by Kevin Conroy.
  2. The show will use aspects of Tom Mankiewicz's "The Batman" script
  3. Gina Gershon will do the voice of Catwoman

Catwoman film gets its composer
source: Music from the Movies

Graeme Revell (Out of Time) has been announced as the composer for this film.

Dec 11, 2003

Cillian Murphy to play Bat-villain
source: Variety

Fresh off the news of Michael Caine and Katie Holmes, Variety is reporting that Cillian Murphy ( 28 Days Later) will play a Batman villain though it was not revealed which one. Murphy was also a candidate to play Batman.

Michael Caine news
source: Variety, Sci Fi Wire

Here is a little more on Michael Caine. Caine has signed on for two more films should the first one be successful. He also told Variety that he'll be shooting his scenes for eight weeks.

In addition to the comments about taking the role of Alfred. Caine had this to say about the story

"We start when Batman is a baby, so I'm more like a father. I'm a father who knows how to lay a table with the knives and forks in the right places." [Nolan] said, 'We're going to have a human hero in Batman," Caine added. "He's powerful because he does pushups. Where does he get all his weapons? Because he's a multibillionaire, and he's in the arms business, so he gets the secret weapons instantly. Why does he wear the bloody suit? To scare the s--t out of people, because he doesn't really want to fight.'"

Katie Holmes news and some speculation
source: Batman on Film

Just a little tidbit to add to the Katie Holmes news. The character she'll play is named Rachel. This has led some people to speculate that it may be Rachel Caspian from the "Year Two" storyline. Also in that story her father Judson Caspian was a villain named "The Reaper" and knew Thomas Wayne.

Bill of Batman on Film is saying that one of his sources has told him that Ra's Al Ghul is in the film and that Harvey Dent will also be in it.

December 10, 2003

Katie Holmes to screen test for Batman film
source: Variety

Could Katie Holmes land a role in the Batman film? She can if her screen test goes well. Here is what Variety is saying

Holmes has been offered the role, subject to a screen test with Christian Bale that will be conducted by director Christopher Nolan. While Nolan considered many young actresses to play Batman's love interest Rachel, Holmes is the only actress who will do a screen test. It is considered likely that a deal will follow shortly after.

Holmes would be the third cast. Nolan, who came aboard the film with his producing partner Emma Thomas, first set Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader, and recently began negotiating with Michael Caine to play his butler, Alfred.

The film, scripted by David Goyer, is gearing up for a 2004 start date and 2005 release.

Viggo Mortensen to be in Batman film?
source: Sci Fi Wire

Fresh off his stint in the Lord of the Rings films, looks like Viggo may go from the heroic king of Gondor to a possible Batman foe. Michael Caine told Sci Fi Wire that Chris Nolan is interested in having Viggo play a villain but didn't say which one.

Speaking of Michael Caine
source: CHUD

Michael Caine recently gave some thoughts to CHUD about his role on Batman. Here are some highlights

On why he took the role of Alfred: "Batman is being made in England, but it's also being made quite differently,"

"I had a long conversation with Christopher Nolan before I accepted the part. I only knew him from Memento and I didn't know him personally. Funny enough, he lived near me, so he came around to the house and we had lunch, cups of tea and stuff and he explained to me what he was going to do and what his outlook on Batman was and why he wanted me in it. The short answer was, he wants it to be more natural. He regards - as I did anyway quite coincidentally - I find a lot of these comic book heroes boring because they are invincible. If you're bulletproof, where's the jeopardy for the hero? You can't gas him, you can't kill him, what's the point? And he is making a very, very natural Batman. I remember one phrase he said to me, I said, 'Well, he's very powerful and strong.' And he said, 'Yes, he is Michael, but not because of Kryptonite, it's because he does push-up's."


December 3, 2003

Batman movie news round up
source: various

 Lots of rumblings going on regarding the film. First off, Bill at Batman on Film has received some info regarding the recent rumours of Christopher Eccleston as the Scarecrow. Bill's source is saying that Eccleston is in talks to play the Scarecrow. He also mentions that Katie Holmes could play Bruce Wayne's latest love interest. Finally the second villain will be a business man who feuded with Thomas Wayne.

Clint Eastwood has shot down rumours that he might play the Mayor of Gotham.Eastwood previously stated that "He's too old for comics"

It looks like the title of the film keeps changing as well. Recently it appeared that it was changed back to Batman: Intimidation. Now the film according to Empire magazine is referred to as "Project Y"