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News and Rumours: December 2001

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December 14, 2001

Batman Year One Tidbits
Source: Batman on Film

Bill Ramey is reporting that Batman Year One will not be released in 2003 due to the fact that Warner Brothers has three other big movies, Terminator 3, Harry Potter and the Matrix, lined up for that year. Bill also shot down a rumour suggesting that John Cusack is set to appear in Year One. No casting has begun.

December 11, 2001

Frank Miller on DK2 and Year One Film
Source: Newsarama

If three successful Batman stories and one upcoming Batman movie isn't enough, Frank Miller now wants his own comic universe. The Dark Knight Universe that is. Here is what he is saying

“…Dark Knight 2 isn't just a Batman story - it's my take on the whole DC pantheon, in the context of Dark Knight. It's a story full of horror, and full of hope,” he said.

“I suggested to Jenette [Kahn], at one point, that DC allow me my own little wormhole in the DC Universe, called the DKU - the Dark Knight Universe. Where I could take their gods and heroes in my own directions.

“Who knows? Could be wild!”

...Miller also talked to the Onion A.V Club about his numerous works. The full interview can be found Here, but here are some bat related snippets

On Dark Knight Strikes Again: It's really simple. I had a story. Also, I've always loved the superhero stuff—I just didn't think it was the only thing comic books should be doing—and I just really got the itch. Fifteen years away from it has given me a much different perspective. I'm much more able to approach it like I'm 7 years old than I used to be able to.

On the Year One Film: Darren and I are currently developing my Batman: Year One as co-writers. I just passed a draft to him the other day.

On Darren Aronofsky: He does like comics a great deal. I can't really talk about what's in the movie, though, because I think Warner Brothers would have somebody beat me up. And asking a screenwriter what the movie's going to be like is like asking a doorman whether a building is going to be condemned.

New Batman Title on the way
Source: Newsarama

Newsarama is reporting that in Summer 2002, there will be a Bat-title that will deal with the Gotham's Major Crimes unit featuring Maggie Sawyer. The title will be written by both Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka with Michael Lark doing the artwork

December 06, 2001

Batman, Robin and Joker make Guest appearance on Static Shock
Source: ComicsContinuum

Justice League isn't the only place where Batman can be seen in his animated form. From the Continuum are details on a guest appearance on Static Shock

Chris Simmons, story editor of the Static Shock animated series, told The Continuum that Batman and Robin will be appearing in the upcoming second season of the Kids' WB! show.

"Yes, fans...the oft-reported rumors are true," Simmons told The Continuum. "The Dark Knight and the irrepressible Boy Wonder make their way to Dakota. Seems that a certain white-faced, green-haired arch-nemesis with a warped sense of humor wants to spread his own kind of joy in Static's hometown. And once he appears, can the Bat be far behind?"

In addition Simmons confirmed that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill and will be reprising their roles as Batman and Joker respectively while Eli Marienthal (Iron Giant) will do the voice of Robin.

Batman Animated DVD update
Source: World's Finest

Circle April 2002 on your Calendar because that is when the first Batman Animated Series DVD will be released. Here's what Timm told the folks at World's Finest Regarding this

"I did a series of talking head intros for some of the DVD'S, and there may be a few other nifty extras involved as well. No commentaries, alas", Timm said. "By the way, the B:TAS DVD contains the first five episodes, NOT a "thematic" or single character grouping."

In addition, the first DVD will have the first five episodes made:  On Leather Wings, Christmas with the Joker, The Last Laugh, Pretty Poison and Nothing to Fear.

....Speaking of Timm...

World's Finest also had a chance to speak with Timm on his current projects. The full Interview can be found Here Here are some bits regarding Batman

On the upcoming uncut Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: I'm THRILLED that the un-cut ROTJ is coming out on DVD, are you kidding?! I wouldn't exactly call it an uphill battle...I'd always HOPED that Home Video would release it un-cut, but I'd pretty much given up hope...their announcement of its impending release came out of nowhere, quite took me by surprise. About the only extra feature that I know of will be the original commantary track that Paul, Glen, Curt
and I recorded before the caca hit the fan.

Batman Beyond in particular: I could easily go back and do some more B-Beyonds, sure. There was this one DTV story idea that Glen Murakami and I were toying with involving Catwoman, but it was pretty dark....I mean PITCH BLACK. So, after what happened with ROTJ, I don't think THAT
one's gonna happen any time soon.

And Finally.....

Variety is reporting that Catwoman will be Ashley Judd's next film.

December 04, 2001

DarkKnight 2 in Entertainment Weekly
Source: ComicsContinuum

Batman continues to gain some mainstream attention. The December 7 edition of Entertainment Weekly contained a feature on DK2. Some highlights included art from the first issue and qoutes from numerous people including Frank Miller and editor Bob Schreck.

..And in the Chicago Sun Times

The Chicago Sun Times also has an article devoted to DK2. It can be found by going Here (Note the article has been taken down). Here is a snippet of the article relating to DK2

Why do a sequel now? ''Because I had a story to tell,'' he says simply. ''. . . Almost every time I finish a story, I have a sequel in mind.''

In this sequel, ''Batman isn't the guy who makes the story happen,'' Miller. ''He is very much the master of the scenes behind the game.

''The other characters are given the stage an awful lot. It's just not a Batman comic.''
In this story, Batman and his new Robin go on a trail to find what happened to members of the Justice League who haven't been seen in years. Wonder Woman, Flash and the Atom are primary characters.

Miller also has created characters and successors to well-known heroes.
Yet, don't expect grim and gritty from Miller this time around.
''I wasn't going to do anything redundant,'' he says. ''This one is much more an exploration of the character of the superhero. It's me fiddling around with DC [Comics'] pantheon.
''They have these wonderfully rich characters, and one-by-one I am exploring them and showing what makes them fun. I use them as I have before to conduct my satire of the contemporary world.
''The world has become a kinder, gentler Fascist state. All the news is good, but we don't have a Bill of Rights anymore.''
Already, advance sales orders are booming for ''Strikes Back.'' The numbers are double those of most comics.


Warner Brothers is making a live action Scooby Doo film for next year. A few weeks back, they released the teaser for this film. The big noteworthy is how the teaser tricked many filmgoers into believing they were seeing a teaser for a Batman film. For those of you who missed it, follow this Link and have a good laugh