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  August 21, 2002
More reasons why Batman vs. Superman failed
source: Batman on Film

Another source for Bill chipped in with some news regarding the sudden delay of Batman vs. Superman. According to this source, it appears that disagreements between the director and the studio may have led to this current situation. Here is a brief snippit of the report

 "As you know, they [WB] hired Akiva to do the script doctoring on the original. Well, the studio wanted to make some major changes (the reason Walker left the script) and [the changes] really seem to have not made any sense. In the Walker script, there was no secondary characters, no Olsen, Lane, Gordon, etc. There were two very familiar villains, one being the surprise mastermind behind it all, [trying] to get Batman and Superman to go after each other. Take each other out, the world is his. Another one is 'brought back to life' by the first, new body, same 'brains' if you will. Studio wanted to take out some of the new and original characters and take the movie down the same road as the others. They all must end the same, you know! Can't vary from the safe ending! Bullsh##! 

To read the full report, click Here

Is the studio back up to its old tricks? If this is true, let's hope J.J Abrahms "Million dollar" script doesn't suffer the same fate

  August 18, 2002
Possible reasons why Batman vs. Superman
source: Corona Coming Attractions, Batman on Film

Coming Attractions is running a story which could explain why Batman vs. Superman was derailed so suddenly. The site is reporting that J.J Abrahms turned in a 200 page script which the studio liked a great deal. The studio also wants McG to hand over the director duty to another (perhaps better) director among which include Steven Soderbergh, David Fincher, Michael Mann and Rob Bowman.

Bill from Batman on Film also received a response from one of his sources regarding B vs. S. Here is what he had to say

There is never any ONE SINGLE REASON why a film gets put into turnaround. Even "The Matrix" was in turnaround for several months before Warners/VRP relented and gave it the greenlight. In the case of "BvS", it looks like a studio decision (they are unsure about their batting average in this genre -- and that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fantasy that "they hate these kinds of films"), but the only way a studio will change its mind once the plug has been pulled is if the producer (Petersen) musters his forces and gets them to greenlight the project. Other contributing factors are clearly casting the leads; the studio wants stars -- and stars cost money. Additonally, stars who want contractual "control" (read: script approval) over the future direction of their characters (read: sequels) are a studio headache -- particularly when the stars in question (Law? Farrell?) HAVE NEVER HEADLINED A HIT MOVIE!!! These guys, from a marketing/accounting point of view, are long-shots AT BEST! You may not think so, I may not think so, but the Warners execs who will lose their jobs if the film tanks certainly think so. As to the "Superman" McG project, I wouldn't hold my breath. McG is generally considered on the same par as Michael Bay (read: talent free zone); Warners see "Supes" as an all-action epic -- not a shampoo commercial. There is absolutely NO WAY McG will end up directing that film. He barely survived "Charlie's Angels" (it is acknowledged that he had virtually NOTHING to do with its success), yet his name is attached to "Supes" because of a little thing we call "horse trading". (More on that for another day). My bet is that "BY1" will be the first taxi off the rank. Why? Hmm. Warners wants a "Bat" flick...they want Aronofsky to direct it...and Aronofsky is about to direct a LARGE budget thriller with a MAJOR lead actor...geez...think this is all leading to something BIG? After "The Fountain", Aronofsky will be in the hot seat. Trust me, "BY1" is only a greenlight away.

AJ: Most likely we'll see Superman first especially since that film has a script now and the studio is jumping to get this script filmed.

  Brief Catwoman news
source: Comics2Film

Comics2film has a small tidbit on John Rogers based on an interview he gave to the website CHUD. Rogers said that the Catwoman film is being "polished for production"

August 14, 2002
Batman vs. Superman delayed
source: Superherohype (With additional sources)

After so much hoopla and momentum, it appears that we may not see Batman vs. Superman for a little while. Here is what Variety is reporting (Courtesy of Superhero Hype)

Wolfgang Petersen has signed on to direct and produce the epic "Troy" for Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures. Production is slated to begin in spring 2003. The director remains committed to directing the studio's "Batman vs. Superman," a project that had previously been targeted to a 2004 release.

"Of these two projects I have developed at Warner Bros., I had hoped to make 'Troy' first and am pleased that the scheduling worked out that way," Petersen said. "I'm looking forward to directing 'Batman vs. Superman' in the future."

"Troy" is an adaptation of classic "The Iliad," a story set against the Trojan War and the rivalry between Achilles and Hector. The studio will likely focus first on casting Achilles.

Here is some more details from the Hollywood reporter. (Also courtesy of Superhero Hype)

"Frankly, both pictures ('Batman vs. Superman' and 'Troy') are big opportunities for Warners," said Lorenzo di Bonaventura, executive vp worldwide motion pictures at Warners. "We decided that 'Batman vs. Superman' is like a good wine -- it will find its time and only get better. Wolfgang instinctually saw the opportunity in both pictures and decided that 'Troy' was the one to go with first. It will be a full-tilt movie, an epic adventure."

The fact that there are several historical epics on the horizon -- including competing Alexander projects and Revolution Studio's "Hannibal," to which Vin Diesel is attached -- apparently convinced Petersen and Warners to move ahead with "Troy" even though that meant delaying "Batman vs. Superman."

With "Batman vs. Superman" sidelined, either of the two other superhero projects that Warners is developing -- "Superman," with a script by J.J. Abrams, and "Batman: Year One," to which Aronofsky is attached -- could now become the first of the trio to go into production.

And finally some information from Moviehole (Also courtesy of Superhero Hype)

Is everyone sick of the "Batman Vs Superman" rumours yet? Jude Law's Superman, Colin Farrell's Batman, or is it Christian Bale, oh and hang on is that Josh Hartnett...Yeah. Finally, we've got to the bottom of the story about how they're casting this film. While talking to Christian Bale's agent about the actors future plans, Moviehole discovered there's more to the story than what we think.

"The word about Batman is that NO ONE has signed on yet as all rumoured participants (Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Christian, Josh Hartnett, etc....) all have various conditions with regard to casting/money/marketing rights", he says. "For example, actor A may choose to do the movie ONLY if actor B is playing opposite him. If B drops out, A has the option to drop out or insist on Actor D, etc.... Actor C may sign on with a condition that he makes the same dollars as Actor B. If he doesn't get it, he'll walk."

The agent says that although Christian Bale is indeed still a contender for the role, there's several others who've been mentioned this week. "I've heard casting rumours as far flung as Ben Browder (from the Aussie-filmed sci-fi show FARSCAPE) who's agent is reportedly hoping to get him into a movie to prepare him once the series is gone to Tom Welling (who plays Superman in the TV series SMALLVILLE) to dualing cheekbones James Marsden and James Franco."

The rumours that Bale has been approached for the role of Batman are all true. "Christian has been approached for a number of BATMAN projects -including the Darren Aronosky BATMAN but all depends on the various conditions I mentioned above. He prefers the Aronosky project because the script is unique but that project is realistically on hold until BvS is done." he adds, "Don't forget that all-star casting usually drives a budget into over-drive so there's also the X- MEN approach to use lesser-known (and less expensive) actors from TV series. So, the dust hasn't settled yet."

Very Interesting news. While Batman vs. Superman takes a back seat, there is a chance for the other movies (Year One, Superman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman) to get bumped up the list. However, if you ask me this latest shuffle shows poor organization on WB's part don't you think?

  August 12, 2002
Batman vs. Superman: Casting details
source: Aint it Cool News

Harry's got some details regarding the casting news from a while back where he reported that Jude Law and Collin Farrell were selected as Superman and Batman respectively. Well he's got some more details including why Jude Law left

On Jude Law's casting: Jude Law had the role. It was his. He was happy with the money that was being offered, and they were just waiting on the final contracts from what Nanobot 1 and others were telling us. The people around the office were in a happy talkative jabberjaw mode

On why Jude Law left the role: when the deal fell apart, it wasn't about money, it was about Sequels. Jude wasn't adverse to playing Superman in multiple films, he just wanted to be able to commit to those projects individually based upon the quality of their respective scripts. Reportedly, Jude was very interested in the Andrew Kevin Walker script for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. I've heard it is very good, and I've been told by Houdini to expect to read it soon. However, Jude... being a QUALITY PERFORMER and knowing Warner Brothers' shitty history on Superhero Franchises, where self-parody and out right spectacular suicide dives into empty swimming pools filled with broken beer glass on these types of things... Well he wanted to control his destiny. And of course, the concept of having a star with integrity that could vote one way or another in regards to his committment on a project... Well, that's just too much.

Harry also confirms the rumour of Josh Hartnett being chosen for Superman. He is saying that Hartnett is close to a done deal and that Collin Farrell will be Batman. Click Here to read the full article which also contains Harry's opinions on Hartnett's potential casting for Superman

  August 7, 2002
Another contender for Superman and has Batman already been found?
source: Supermanhomepage

Interesting news from the Superman hompage website. Steve Younis is reporting that Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down) is now Warner Brothers new choice for Superman. His source is also saying that Colin Farrell has been chosen for Batman.

  August 4, 2002
Another Batman vs. Superman rumour
source: Batman on Film

Bill has some interesting news regarding who will appear in this movie besides Batman and Superman. His sources are saying that familiar supporting characters such as Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and even Lois Lane may not appear in the film. Batman fans may have to do without James Gordon.  Another source had this to say in regards to the setting of the film

 It really revolves around Bruce Wayne's personal life, a tragedy in his life that makes him VERY angry, and doubt his life, as well as Superman's thought process, in the post 9/11 world. There is no mention of 9/11 but you can tell by the scenery, by the small parts in the beginning, that the world is just not the same. Something Superman does in the beginning, and the crowd/ public reaction, the way they treat Superman. It all revolves around them dealing with their issues, and of course the super villian(s) in their past lives, that comes about.

  Batman Comic-Con Hightlights
source: Comics Continuum

The folks at DC revealed some news regarding the Dark Knight at the San Diego Comic-Con.

-The First Issue of Batman/Superman by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness will have both heroes dealing with President Lex Luthor
-When Ed Brubaker moves over to Detective Comics, he will write a six part mystery in which Batman's Rogues are being picked off. Tim Sale will do the covers for this story arc
-Cameron Stewart will become the artist of CATWOMAN starting issue 12.
-Gotham Central's 1 and 2 will come out in August.
-Batman: Detective # 27 is a graphic novel which has Bruce Wayne becoming a detective of a top secret organization.

  Batman related Eisner winners
source: Mile High ComicsThe Eisners were also presented at Comic-con where DC took home 6. Of those, 3 had some ties to Batman. They are
-Best Letterer: Todd Klien (Detective Comics and The Dark Knight Strikes Again plus numerous other titles)
-Best Cover Artist Dave Johnson (Detective Comics)
-Best Graphic Album: Reprint: Batman: Dark Victory, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

While he didn't win one for DC, Greg Rucka did pick up one award for his Queen and Country series for Best new series.
The Full list of winners can be found Here