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April 24, 2002
New Team for BATMAN comic confirmed
source: Comics Continuum

The Continuum has confirmed rumours from last month that Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb will take over the BATMAN comic this fall when Greg Rucka leaves. Ed Brubaker will take the vacant spot on Detective Comics. No word on Scott McDaniel's future with Batman titles.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer Trade paper back on the way
source: Comics Continuum

Good news for fans who missed certain or all the parts of the Murderer storyline. DC will be collecting the entire story into a 264 page trade paperback. The cover for the Batman 10 cent adventure story will top off this volume. The trade will collect the following issues.

The 10 cent adventure, Detective Comics #766-767, Batgirl #24, Batman: Gotham Knights #25-26, and Batman #599-600. Plus, relevant portions of Nightwing #65-66, Birds of Prey #39- 40 and Robin #98-99. Details on Gotham Girls mini series
source: Newsarama

Here are some details from Newsarama regarding the Gotham Girls mini series

The five-issue mini-series starts when a man from a chemical company hires Catwoman to steal a mysterious vial, its contents unknown. But Catwoman learns that the man who hired her was actually drugged and under the control of Poison Ivy.

Each issue reveals a new twist in the plot as Det. Montoya tries to recover the stolen vial and capture the thief. As one of the female police detectives in Gotham, Montoya is always trying to prove herself. She doesn't like it when Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, sticks her nose in police business. No one knows that Miss Gordon is the young Batgirl, who is also trying to prove herself.

Poison Ivy has her own reasons for wanting the vial. The Jokeresque young woman named Harley Quinn is as crazy as a rat in the hatbox, so what she wants is anyone's guess.

"It's a girls night out, fast and fun," said series editor Joan Hilty. "Each issue will feature shifting configurations of loyalties as things change. This is a story that will keep everyone guessing until the end."

The series will be written by Paul Storrie, who has written comics based on other animated series, Justice League Adventures and Batman Beyond.

Artist Jennifer Graves gets her first shot at a regular series after having drawn a few back-up stories for mainstream Batman and Superman titles.

For more details including information on upcoming ROBIN and CATWOMAN stories, click Here ....And finally....

The Hollywood Reporter is saying Birds of Prey is a sure bet for this fall

  April 12, 2002
Batman creators nominated for Eisner Awards
source: Newsarama

Every year The Comic book industry's top talent are awarded Eisner awards which showcase excellence in talent, and stories. Here are a few Batman related nominations

Note: The Title in Brackets indicates what work they are doing or done with Batman while Italics indicates what they were nominated and quotes indicates their work that was nominated. An asterisk indicates the nomination is for non Batman work

-Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Best Graphic Album---Reprint "Dark Victory"
-John Van Fleet, Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art) "Batman: The Ankh"
*-Steve Lieber (Detective Comics) Best Short Story "Me and Edith Head"
*-Ed Brubaker (BATMAN) Best Single Issue "The Fall"
Greg Rucka (Detective Comics)
*Best serialised story
"Queen and Country #1-4: Operation: Broken Ground".
*Best New Series
"Queen and Country".
Best Writer
"Detective Comics"

Butch Guice (Former artist of Birds of Prey)
*Best Continuing Series "Ruse".
*Best New Series "Ruse".
*Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team "Ruse"

Todd Klein "Best Lettering" "Detective Comics, The Dark Knight Strikes Again"
Sergio Aragones (Batman 600) "Hall of Fame"
Catwoman News
source: CHUD

The CHUD movie site has a small tidbit based on what John Rogers, the writer for the film, told the website

According to Rogers, his draft does indeed take place in a large metropolis (although not Metropolis), and revolves around biotech being used for illicit ends. The leather-clad justice-seeking lead character acts as both a detective and a thief, not to mention an accomplished martial artist. Rogers used the Tim Burton origin as a starting point but spun this new character off into her own evolution. There's apparently plenty of action of the rooftop pursuit, hi-tech heist and general ass-kicking variety involved as well, along with more characterization than perhaps we're accustomed to in most comic book properties. Rogers also endorses the addition of director Pitof, whose film "Vidocq" demonstrated that if anything, he has a strong sense of visuals.

Batman: Year One rumour
source: Batman on Film

Jett of BOF has received an interesting set report, which he suggests at the moment to view as a rumour regarding this film. Here are some snippets

On the film's style: The interviewer noted to Frank he knew that he couldn’t say anything to the press about YEAR ONE but asked if he could say a few things off the record. They began to chat and I remember Miller talking about how Aronofsky wanted to film in England at Pinewood. Also that Aronofsky wanted to bring some Hitchcock type flavor to the film, with all indoor sets . The press will be kept far away from this film and filming totally indoors will make that more possible. As far as casting Batman, Miller said 'No one has been cast.' But talks have been made to 'at least 3 of the main characters.' When asked what three, he replied 'Read the YEAR ONE comic.'

In Comparison to the other Batman films: Miller explained the film as bleak, industrial and very 80's comic book style pacing. It’s not a total reimaging of the other films. I’m sure the WB is wanting to keep what worked he said. But at the same time, each of those films were different from each other while borrowing stuff from the films before it.

To read the article in full click the above Link to Batman on Film and head to the news section.


April 6 2002
Pitof in negotiations for Catwoman
source: Hollywood Reporter
Last month, Filmforce reported that a French director named Pitof was being considered for Catwoman. A few days later a French movie site claimed he wasn't. Now the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Pitof is in negotiations to direct the film.



April 6 2002
Denny Comments on Azrael
source: Newsarama
Is Azrael being cancelled or simply ending? writer and former Batman editor Dennis O' Neil is saying the latter. Recently Denny spoke to Newsarama regarding Azrael's fate.

On Azrael's future: “Mike [Carlin] suggested to me three or four months ago that in lieu of canceling the title, I might want to bring the story to a close – to shape it to an ending,” O’Neil told Newsarama. “For a whole lot of reasons, not the least of which is this way I have control over the fate of my own character, I agreed. It’s not like there was a cancellation date set, but the handwriting was pretty clearly on the wall, and the title was not going to persist forever. And these days, 100 issues is a pretty good run.”

On what to expect in the last few issues: “Things will be brought to a fairly emphatic conclusion,” O’Neil said. “Let’s slam all the doors. It’s been suggested that I don’t do that, but this will be the end of the novel. Everything will be brought to a conclusion. I haven’t figured out the mechanics of it yet – just the other day, I began to get a glimmer, by trying to figure out what it is Azrael would really want at this point. Also, I decided the hell with trying to do traditional superheroes Let me put my own convictions and preoccupations center stage.

The full article, which contains Denny's thoughts about the character and his future plans can be found Here

April 6 2002
Ashley Judd on Catwoman
source: Comics Continuum

The following is a tidbit from the Continuum on Ashley Judd commenting on her role as Catwoman

Ashley Judd said she's become very possessive about the character of Catwoman. Judd has been attached to the title role in the film, which is in development at Warner Bros. Asked if she's going to be Catwoman during E!'s Revealed, Judd said "Catwoman is very good. Well, I certainly hope so. That's the intention. Absolutely. "I'm extremely possessive of that part now. I'm just like a dog hiking my leg all around that script. I'm like, 'You people back off. It's mine!'"

Interesting news regarding the Birds of Prey TV show. Gotham Clock Tower is reporting that Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill will be in the Birds of Prey pilot doing the voice for none other than the Joker. However, he will be referred to as The "Voice from Shadows." and will be featured in a scene which will show the circumstances leading to Barbara's crippling.

In other Birds of Prey news, the Futon critic, an online TV critic, is reporting that Birds of Prey will likely be a companion to the show Charmed on Thursday night.

And finally... Gotham Clocktower has a cast photo of the Birds of Prey. To see it, follow the link above or click Here