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News Archive: October to November 2000

Friday November 8, 2000

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Info

Harry Knowles, who has been covering the story regarding this film recently talked to Jean H MacCurdy, head of WB Animation. Here are some highlights

On any additional cuts: "I don't think so, but it is possible. What Paul saw was basically the final cut, but there might have been some changes. I can't really say for sure. If
there were they were very minor tweaks and changes."

On who ordered the cuts: "The edits were made as a
Collaboration between us, Warner Video and Kids WB,"

On whether or not an uncut version will ever be released: "Definitely STILL a chance, we won't have an answer till after the first of the year. We already have meetings
scheduled to discuss this issue with Warner Home Video and that hope is still very much alive. I really hope we can do something with the original version and we should know
right after the first of the year one way or another."

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AJ: Harry sounds optimistic about an uncut release and I feel the same way. One of the reasons why the film was edited was it set for release around the same time that FTC report came out slamming the entertainment industry. WB is probably waiting for the heat to die down so they can release the original film.

Friday November 17, 2000

Aronofsky on Year One.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

Cindy Perlman, a syndicated columnist, devoted a section of her column to Darren Aronofsky and his Batman movie. Here are the highlights of what Aronofsky said.

Themes for the film:"I want to introduce some Freudian psychology and answer the question: What does it take for a real man to put on tights and fight crime. I promise that this time Batman will be a complex character with issues,"

Regarding the thoughts of those who think this may be a teen flick: "It's not the teen Batman. But we do tell the origins story," Aronofsky said. "We learn how Batman saw his parents killed in front of him by a gunman and then trained himself to fight crime." 

On casting rumours: "It's really premature. Honestly, I haven't thought about it." 

AJ: Interesting comments. From what Aronofsky said, I'm assuming that he will be following the same style of story telling that Tom Mankiewicz took in his script. If that's the case then we might see the definitive Batman movie.

Sunday November  12, 2000

Kurt Russel Bruce Wayne?

One of Harry Knowles sources has told him that  Lorenzo DiBonanventura is telling a select few that Kurt Russel is set to play Batman.

AJ: I'm assuming that Harry and his source are thinking of the Batman Beyond Movie regarding this one. Russel is too old to play Batman and Y1 but at the same time is too young for Bruce in BB. Let's just wait and see how this one plays out.  

Monday October 2, 2000

Who shot Commissioner Gordon?

In what could be the biggest shakeup in Gotham since No Man's Land, Newsarama is reporting that in January 2001, a story arc will begin with James Gordon being fatally shot by three bullets and resulting in a hunt for the killer. All of the creators and editors involved are saying that things will never be the same again, which is making many people wonder if Gordon's days are numbered.

AJ: A big surprise indeed. Many people are already speculating that Gordon will surely die. Fabio2 has already started a petition calling on fans to make DC stop this from happening. While I wish Fabio luck, I personally feel that Gordon will not die. Why? first off he has been around as long as Batman has. He and Batman co-debuted in DETECTIVE 27 and has been an integral part of the mythos. Later years, writers such as Frank Miller have added more dimension to the character as opposed to the flat characterizations from the films and TV show. DC isn't dumb and are pretty sure they know what happened to Marvel with the clone storyline.

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