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December 22, 2004

Another look at the Batman Begins Video Game
source: Computer and Video Games

Computer and Video Games has a preview on the Batman Begins game for the Xbox. Included are some screen shots of the Game.

Looks great though the character models could use some improvement.

A look back on 'Silent Night Deadly Night'
source: Pulse

Pulse's Steve Chung has gone down memory lane again this time doing a Christmas theme. He talks about Batman 239 where Batman must work to stop a man from Murdering his ex Boss.

December 19, 2004

David Goyer writing The Flash!!
source: Variety

David Goyer isn't done with adapting Superheroes to film yet. Variety is reporting that Goyer now plans on adding the Flash to his list which includes the Blade films, Batman Begins and Ghost Rider.

Still on the subject of David Goyer, He has been interviewed by MovieHole where he talks about Batman Begins and also reveals that another trailer is due out in a few months.

Head down to Superhero Hype for a roundup of Batman News

Batman Begins Merchandise news

What would a Big film be without its merchandise. Head down to this Link to get a sneak peak at some Batman Begins toys


Trailer Reactions
source: Batman on Film

Bill has compiled a list of reactions from audiences regarding the new trailer. Again the consensus is that the reactions ranged from surprise to positive. The full list of reactions can be found at Batman on Film

Batman Begins actors nominated for Golden Globes

This years Golden Globes feature several faces familiar to Batman fans. Here are a few

Nicole Kidman - Birth
Uma Thurman - Kill Bill Vol. 2

Liam Neeson - Kinsey

Jim Carrey - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Morgan Freeman - Million Dollar Baby


In addition former Bat-director Joel Schumacher's film 'Phantom of the Opera' has recieved nominations for Best Motion Picture and Best Original Song.

Best of luck to all (including Joel)


New Begins' Trailer online
source: Official Batman Begins site

It's finally here, the long awaited trailer to Batman Begins can be found Here

Many of you may or may not have been aware that the trailer was actually leaked on the weekend online. I decided to hold out for a better quality version as opposed to the grainy Media Player version that was available. Trust me, It looks much better on Quicktime. As for the trailer, to qoute Hannibal from the A-Team "Nice!!!"



Batman Begins International Poster online!
source: Batman Begins official site

Warner Brothers has released the International Poster for Batman Begins. Click on the Picture below to see a larger version

Batman Begins International Poster

In regards to the second trailer, The official site is reporting that it will be available online Monday. At the moment, it is attached to Oceans 12 and certain prints of Blade Trinity.

Gail Simone signs extension with DC
source: Comics Continuum

Birds of Prey writer Gail Simone has signed an two year exclusive with DC. In addition to her work on Birds of Prey, she will also be doing a story arc in JLA: Classified

December 6, 2004

Various Batman Begins newsbytes

Here is some brief news on the Batman Begins trailer. is reporting that the trailer will feature a sample of the film's score which is done by John Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer. It is also expected to be one minute and 15 seconds long.

Head down to Superhero Hype to look at some pictures from the Batman Begins video game from EA and to Latino Review to read Morgan Freeman's thoughts on Batman Begins.

And finally, Bill of Batman on Film has some interesting news regarding Batman Begins merchandise. He has also written a piece on how the Batman series can expand by following the James Bond model. The merchandise info can be found Here while the piece is Here

David Lapham on 'City of Crime'
source: Pulse

Head down to Pulse to read an interview with David Lapham who is writing a 12 part story arc in Detective Comics.

Batman Begins Teaser Poster Online!!
source: Official Batman Begins site

The Official site has been updated with the new Teaser poster. Click on the Picture below to go to the official site to see a bigger version.

Batman Begins Teaser Poster

Latest speculation on the trailer is that it will be attached to Ocean's 12 and Blade Trinity this upcoming week. As well, the trailer might turn up online possibly this Tuesday.


More Batman Begins game details
source: IGN

For anyone who missed the Game Informer Magazine featuring Batman, IGN has a small summary of what the game will feature. Interesting to note is that the writer of the hit game Splinter Cell will be working on the Batman game's story. Head down to IGN for full details. EA has also opened up a website for the game Here

The elements in this game sound quite good. I always wondered how a Splinter Cell'esque Batman game would be.

Will Pfeifer on Catwoman
source: Newsarama

Writer Will Pfeifer will have some big shoes to fill in the Catwoman comic. He will replace Ed Brubaker as the regular writer.

On how he got the job for Catwoman:

I had gone there knowing that my run on Aquaman was coming to an end, and that HERO wasn't going to be long for this world. I was hoping to at least line up the possibility of something else with DC, but Matt just asked me to step behind the giant DC booth for a second and asked me how I'd like to do Catwoman. Needless to say, I was pretty damn happy about it. We batted around some ideas over lunch, discussed my take on the character, and we were off and running.

His take on Catwoman

I think Catwoman works the best as an adventure book with some film noir touches thrown in here and there. As an over-the-top super-hero book, it's not really playing to its strengths. Selina and the characters she hangs around with - except for the guy in the bat suit - are more down-to-Earth and, for lack of a better term, normal, than the rest of the DC Universe. In some ways, I want to continue the tone I used in HERO - people trying to live normal lives in a very abnormal place. Naturally, there will be all sorts of reasons Selina can't/won't live a "normal" life - otherwise, the book would get a little tedious: "Page one, panel one: Selina sits in her cubicle at her data processing job, trying to remember if she put a cover sheet on her TPS report. Page one, panel two: Selina makes a cup of coffee..."

Head down Here for more details

Brubaker and the Man who laughs
source: Newsarama

Also from Newsarama are details on Ed Brubaker's one shot Batman: The Man who laughs. The story documents the first meeting of Batman and the Joker and is based on Joker's first story in Batman 1 written in 1940. Full details on this story can be found Here