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December 11, 2005

Batman Begins up for two People's Choice Awards

Batman Begins has two nominations in the People's Choice Awards which will be handed out on January 10. It is nominated for Favourite Movie Drama (Along with Coach Carter and Star Wars: Episode III) and Favourite Movie (Hitch and Star Wars: Episode III)

cast your vote Here

Warner Brothers is preparing Batman Begins for Oscar consideration. Head down Here for details on that

It's long shot for Batman Begins to be nominated for Best Picture/Actor etc... However It has a chance in some of the technical categories

Batman Beyond and Justice League DVD sets on the way
source: Comics Continuum

Warner Home Video continues to release DVD sets featuring DC heroes. On March 21, WB will release season one sets for Justice League and Batman Beyond.

The discs contain the following

* Disc 1: "Secret Origins, Pts. 1-3," "In Blackest Night, Pts. 1-2" and "The Enemy Belows, Pts. 1-2."

* Disc 2: "Injustice for All, Pts. 1-2," "Paradise Lost, Pts. 1-2" and "War World, Pts. 1-2."

* Disc 3: "The Brave and the Bold, Pts. 1-2," "Fury, Pts. 1-2" and "Legends, Pts. 1-2."

* Disc 4: "A Knight with Shadows, Pts. 1-2," "Metamorphosis, Pts. 1-2" and "The Savage Times, Pts. 1-3.

DVD bonuses include:

* Audio Commentary: "The Enemy Below, Pt.2" with producers Bruce Timm, James Tucker, Glenn Murakami and Rich Fogel and director Dan Riba. "Legends, Pt.2," with Timm, Tucker, Fogel, Murakami and Riba. "The Savage Time, Pt. 2" with Timm, Tucker, Murakami, Fogel and Riba.

* Interviews: Inside Justice League: A private panel discussion takes place between Timm and his team of creators about Justice League with some special surprises

* The Look of The League: Timm explains character design of Justice League

* Storyboards: The Blueprint For Justice: The creative team of Justice League discuss storyboarding process

* Justice League: The First Mission: A never-seen-before promo that helped Justice League leap into action.

The Batman Beyond collection will be two discs and will retail for $26.99.

Episodes include:

* Disc 1: "Rebirth, Pts. 1-2," "Black Out," "Golem," "Meltdown," "Heroes," "Shriek" and "Dead Man's Hand."

* Disc 2: "The Winning Edge," "Spellbound," "Disappearing Inque," "A Touch of Curare" and "Ascension."

Hit the link above to see the box art for these sets.

Infinite Crisis cover #6
source: Newsarama

Head down to Newsarama to take a look at the Cover for Infinite Crisis #6. The link also has a picture of Robin's post Infinite Crisis costume

December 8, 2005

Adam Beechen talks Robin
source: Comic Book Resources, Newsarama

Justice League Unlimited writer Adam Beechen has given two interviews about his upcoming work on Robin. Beechen along with artist Karl Kerschel (Adventures of Superman) will take over the title after Infinite Crisis ends.

Newsarama interview
Comic Book Resources interview

Newsarama puts Batman on trial for his role in OMAC Project
source: Newsarama

Newsarama's Alex Segura and Troy Brownfield have debated whether or not Batman is responsible for the recent destruction the OMACs have brought on the DCU.  Go Here and see what these guys have to say.

Batman Begins makes two lists has added Batman Begins to its Top 100 DVDs for 2005. Begins is fifth (beating out Star Wars Episode III). Also IGN Comics has given Batman Begins the crown in their top 10 Comic Book Films list.

Just for the record, Batman and Robin made IGN Comics worst list


December 1, 2005

The Batman news
source: Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum has some details about the Season One DVD of The Batman. The Features are as follows

- Featurette: "New Look, New Direction, New Knight" - Go behind the scenes to explore the direction of The Batman series
- Featurette: "Building the Batman" - Detective Ellen Yin investigates the Batman's true identity.
- "Gotham PD Case Files" - Highly confidential profiles of the Batman's most dastardly foes.
- "The Batman Junior Detective Challenge" - Show off your detecting skills and unlock an exclusive feature via the Batwave Communicator.
- "The Batman Junior Detective Exam - Level 2" - Pass the Batman's test of knowledge to win a code to unlock a printable Gotham detective badge.
- Two Challenges: " The Batman Big Chill Challenge" and "Create Your Own Villain"

Head down Here to see the Box art

Cartoon Network Passes on sixth Teen Titans Season

Disappointing news as has received word from the producers of the show that the current season for Teen Titans will be its last. No reason has been given for the show's cancellation.

DC heroes to get Stamped!
source: Newsarama

Newsarama is reporting that in 2006, the US Postal Service will be releasing stamps featuring DC's heroes. The set has two Batman Stamps. The set will be released likely around next years San Diego Comic con.

(Click on the pic below to see a bigger version)