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November 25, 2005

The Batman news
source: Comics Continuum

Cartoon Network has preempted the series The Batman until December 12 for another show. However the network will still air the episode RPM on Saturday Dec 10.

Post Infinite Crisis Batman news
source: Newsarama

DC has released some info on their plans after their Infinite Crisis story. Here are some snippets

-James Robinson will be doing an eight part story that will crossover in BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS
-Batman Alumni Greg Rucka will be working on SUPERGIRL and a CHECKMATE series
-Bruce Jones will write NIGHTWING and  Adam Beechen and Karl Kerschl will take over as the creative team of ROBIN. Didio dropped some hints that there might be different faces behind the Nightwing and Robin masks.

The following was taken from the recent issue of Wizard

One of these characters will give birth in '06: Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Catwoman or Oracle

will be stripped of their powers: Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern (Hal)

will become the mayor of a crime-riddled city: Wally West, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen

will have amnesia and be unable to tell friend from foe: MM, Aquaman, Atom, Elongated Man

will take the mantle of the most powerful hero in the DCU: Booster Gold, Animal Man, Kyle Rayner, Earth-2 Superman

will become a criminal: Hal Jordan, Superman, Flash, Captain Marvel

WILL BE THE ONLY ONE AROUND AFTER "INFINITE CRISIS": Wally West, Superboy (Connor), Guy Gardner, Nightwing

One of these teams won't survive Infinite Crisis: JLA, JLA, JLA, JLA

will becomes the military's secret weapon: Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Red Tornado, John Stewart

will destroy an entire country and kill millions: Braniac, Sinestro, Black Adam, Vandal Savage

..And Finally........

A Third printing of the first part of Justice has been planned


November 18,2005

Batgirl to end with Issue 73
source: Newsarama

Dan Didio has given a list of comics that will be cancelled. It now looks as if Batgirl will join Gotham Knights and Gotham Central in Batman related titles getting the axe.

A full list of titles and more can be found Here

Teen Titans and The Batman Season One DVD Sets
source: Comics Continuum

WB will be releasing two disc sets of the first seasons of both Teen Titans and The Batman on February 7

Here is a list of Episodes for Next Week

Monday: The Big Heat
Tuesday: Q & A"
Wednesday: "The Big Dummy"
Thursday: "Topsy Turvy"
Friday: "The Laughing Cats" 
Saturday: Fleurs du mal (New episode)

Terry Austin on a possible Dark Detective 2
source: Pulse

Terry Austin has given his thoughts on his recent work with Steven Englehart and Marshall Rogers, Dark Detective. Austin talks about a possible sequel to the stories and what to expect.


November 16, 2005

Greg Rucka talks about the End of Gotham Central
source: Newsarama

The upcoming February will see the end of two Bat Titles. Greg Rucka talks about his term on Gotham Central and the circumstances behind its ending with Newsarama

Mat Wagner on Covering The Monster Men
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has another interview with Matt Wagner and his two Batman mini series. Matt talks about the process he goes through when doing the covers for this series.

November 13, 2005

Infinite Crisis covers
source: Newsarama

DC has released two new covers for its Infinite Crisis story. The first is Jim Lee's cover to part three which has Batman meeting some "guests" in the cave and the other is George Perez's cover for part five which has a certain Man of Steel fighting the Man of Tommorow

Infinite Crisis # 3 Cover (Look for the pic with Batman looking to his left)
Infinite Crisis # 5 Cover (Click on the pic on the page to see full Cover)


Devin Grayson on Nightwing
source: Comic Book Resources

Devin Grayson talks about her work on the Nightwing comic and what to expect in the character's future.


November 3, 2005

Batman Begins DVD top seller for second week
source: Hollywood Reporter

The Batman Begins DVD remained as the weeks top seller as it fended off three new releases: Herbie Fully Loaded, House of Wax and Bewitched.

However the film dropped to second place in the rental charts to Bewitched.

Frank Miller's Variant Cover for All Star Batman and Robin #3
source: DC Comics

Click below to see a bigger version

Dan Didio earns promotion
source: DC Comics

Editor Dan Didio, who overseas all of DC's characters has been promoted by DC. Full details are in the release below.


Dan DiDio has been promoted to Senior Vice President - Executive Editor, DC Universe, it was announced today by Paul Levitz, DC Comics President & Publisher. DiDio will continue to report directly to Levitz.

DiDio, who joined DC Comics in January 2002 as Vice President - Editorial, oversees the editorial department for the DC Universe imprint. As the DC Universe Executive Editor, DiDio charts the ongoing adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and scores of heroes and villains; he also works to develop new titles with the industry's premier writers and artists.

"Dan has done an impressive job of bringing his personal energy and enthusiasm to the DC Universe, which has never been a more exciting destination for our readers," said Levitz. "Dan is leading a stellar line-up of creative talent in guiding the greatest collection of characters in popular culture, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next."

Before joining DC, DiDio was with the computer animation company Mainframe Entertainment where he served as freelance story editor and scriptwriter for the television series Reboot and War Planets. Later he became its Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, overseeing the development, distribution, marketing, and promotion as well as merchandising and licensing of all Mainframe's television properties. Among the television projects he developed were Weird-Ohs, Beast Machines, Black Bull's Gatecrasher and Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother. He began his television career in 1981 at CBS, where he worked at a variety of positions before moving to Capital Cities/ABC in 1985. At ABC, DiDio served as Public Relations Manager for the three New York-based daytime dramas, then moved to Los Angeles to become Executive Director of Children's Programming. In this post, he was responsible for Saturday morning programs and After School Specials and served as Program Executive on such series as Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Hypernauts, Madeline, Dumb and Dumber, and Reboot.

At DC Comics, DiDio has spearheaded such bestselling projects as ALL STAR BATMAN AND

The Batman schedule
source: Comics Continuum

Here are the episodes for the week of November 7

Monday: The Laughing Bat
Tuesday: Night and the City
Wednesday: Bat and the Belfry
Thursday: Traction
Friday: RPM (New episode)

Go Here to read summaries of the two new episodes airing Saturday Nov 5 and Saturday Nov 12 as well as summaries for upcoming Teen Titan episodes 

Some words from new creative team on Superman/Batman
source: Pulse, Newsarama

Pulse has conducted a brief interview with the new upcoming writer of the Superman/Batman title Ethan Van Sciver. He talks about his plans and gives his thoughts on the two characters he'll be working with

Newsarama has artist Mark Verheidan's comments Here

Upcoming Infinite Crisis Covers
source: Newsarama

Newsarama also has previews of the Covers for Infinite Crisis #2 (Jim Lee and George Perez's) 3 and 4 (Both Perez's) and they can be seen by going Here


October 26, 2005

Lego awarded Batman license
source: Warner Brothers

Batman has become the latest character and/or property to get the Lego treatment. He joins Harry Potter and Star Wars as this press release reveals

Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced today that they have awarded the LEGO Group the construction toy license for DC Comics' "Batman". The agreement includes the rights to develop and market construction toys based on the classic "Batman" brand, inspired by the pages of DC Comic's comic books; Warner Bros. Animation's hit television series, The Batman; Warner Bros. Pictures' blockbuster feature film, Batman Begins, which debuted in theaters this past summer and any related theatrical releases or television programs that are produced during the period of this deal.

Beginning in April 2006, LEGO Group will introduce six new "Batman" products featuring constructible play sets with strong vehicle focus, cool functionality, gadgets and a library of collectible mini-figures.

"Our partnership with the LEGO brand on 'Harry Potter' has been an extremely successful one and we are excited about building our relationship through 'Batman'," said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing, Global Toys, Publishing and Themed Entertainment for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "LEGO Group brings a wealth of creativity and quality to the products they produce and are uniquely positioned to meet the high level of expectations we have for 'Batman', one of our marquis brands."

"Our experience shows that combining the right property with the construction play pattern is a formula for success, so we are thrilled to be working with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on the 'Batman' property," says Jill Wilfert, Vice President Global Partnership and Alliance Management for LEGO Group. "Not all stories translate to construction, but the 'Batman' setting, characters and focus on gadgets and vehicles allow us to create authentically detailed, functional and fun models that will have strong appeal and play value for children and adult collectors alike."

"Kids dream of the intricate world of Batman's Batcave full of crime fighting toys, and now they'll have the opportunity to make it all real, LEGO-Style," commented DC Comics President & Publisher Paul Levitz, "What could be more fun?"

The LEGO® "Batman" product line replicates the collectible craze the company created around its best-selling LEGO "Harry Potter" series - where the sets are intended to be combined to further the storyline and play-acting opportunities.

These new construction toys will be supported with television, print and online advertising, Web content, LEGO Club, targeted events, a model tour and retail promotions.

Christopher Nolan talks Batman Begins
source: Box Office Mojo

Box Office Mojo has a very good interview with Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan.

Here are some snippets

Box Office Mojo: Is Batman a hero?

Christopher Nolan: Hero has become such a bandied about word, used so broadly, and it ceases to have any meaning. Is Batman a hero? Certainly, he's more a hero than superhero [but] I think the word "hero" is very problematic. He has no superpowers, but he's a heroic figure. The reason to me he's heroic is because he's altruistic. He's trying to help other people with no benefit to himself and, whatever motivates him—and this was the tricky thing to really try and nail with Batman Begins as opposed to previous incarnations—is the difference between him and a common vigilante, the Punisher or Charles Bronson in Death Wish. To me, the difference is he is not seeking personal vengeance. We did not want his quest to be for vengeance, we wanted it to be for justice. That's what sends him looking for an outlet for his rage and frustration. What he chooses to do with it is, I believe, selfless, and therefore, heroic. And that, to me, is really the distinction—selfishness versus selflessness—and that is very noble. But it is a very fine distinction. I do think he is a heroic figure.


BOM: Are the sequels Batman Continues and Batman Ends?

Nolan: I can't talk about it. These are very early days. I'm going to do Prestige first—about a couple of magicians who become involved in sabotaging each other acts, set in turn of the century London—and then we'll be looking at doing a Batman picture.

BOM: Why didn't you provide an audio commentary for the Batman Begins DVD?

Nolan: I hate doing commentaries. I've done them on my other films because in each case they came up with a reason or an interesting way to do it. Insomnia was in production. For Following, I was just talking about how to make a film. As for talking about artistic interpretation, if you will, you can't possibly do that until the film has had its wings—because the film is not complete until it's had an audience. There's nothing more mortifying than to watch these commentaries on movies they've done before the movie's come out because you don't [really] know what the movie was [and how it played before those it was created to serve]. The movie's not finished until it's in front of an audience.

The Full Interview, can be found Here

Scott McDaniel renews contract with DC
source: DC Comics

Former Batman and current Robin artist Scott McDaniel will be staying with the company for two more years.


Scott McDaniel, whose dynamic drawing has graced series including ROBIN, NIGHTWING and BATMAN, has add 2-years to his exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"I am extremely happy to continue working with all the amazing DC characters, both fictional and editorial," says McDaniel. "I am very excited about the new challenges ahead. When I was a boy, I absolutely loved Superman, Batman, Robin, the Flash, Aquaman, the Greens - both Lantern and Arrow - and it is a dream come true to vicariously live out their adventures through my pencil! The experience of working with editors like Bob Schreck, Michael Wright, Tom Palmer Jr., and Mike Carlin is professionally satisfying and creatively stimulating, as they are each committed to creating intelligent, interesting and challenging stories. Thanks, DC, for making all this possible!"

"I started working with Scott just as the Batman mantle was handed over to me here at DC, and all I can say is that I had the greatest experience watching this consummate pro slam-dunk his deadlines while never phoning in even a panel, let alone a page," says Group Editor Bob Schreck. "He thinks everything through: the layouts, the dynamics, the choreography, the lighting, the overall composition, EVERYTHING! He's a joy to work with, on every level, and we here at DC are very lucky indeed to have him on our team."

Some of McDaniel's work may be found in these collected editions, all available for reorder:



Greg Rucka talks OMACS
source: Pulse

Greg Rucka has some more things to say about his recent OMAC project series. He talks about the nature and the inspiration for the OMACS at Pulse

October 19, 2005

The Batman Schedule for next week
source: Comics Continuum

Here is the Cartoon Network Schedule for the week of October 24,

Monday: Swamped
Tuesday: Pets
Wednesday: Meltdown
Thursday: The Butler Did It
Friday: Batgirl Begins Pt. 2
Saturday: A Dark Knight to Remember

....And Finally

All Star Batman and Robin topped Diamond Distributors top 100 list for the month of September.


October 11, 2005

Batman Begins DVD review
source: various

With the DVD days away, here are some early reviews. Suffice to say it looks like this disc is a winner

-The Digital Bits
-Batman on Film

Alan Moore collection announced
source: DC Comics

DC has announced that it will release a collection of Alan Moore's stories in a Book called: DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore in January. Included are the following Batman stories

-The Killing Joke
-Detective Comics 549-550
-Batman Annual 11

The collection includes an excerpt from Moore's Killing Joke proposal. The full list of stories that will appear in this collection can be found Here 

The Batman Schedule for the week of October 17
source: Comics Continuum

Here is Cartoon Network's schedule for next week

Monday: "The Clayface of Tragedy"
Tuesday: "The Cat, The Bat and The Ugly"
Wednesday: "Riddled"
Thursday: "JTV"
Friday: "Batgirl Begins Part One"
Saturday: "Batgirl Begins Part Two"

Steven Englehart chat transcript
source: Comic Book Resources

Steven Englehart recently did an online chat with Comic Book Resources and the transcript is now online. Steve talks about his career but does mention a few Batman points. Full details are Here

Christopher Nolan Talks Batman Begins DVD, sequels
source: has an interview with Christopher Nolan who talks about the making of the Batman Begins DVD and drops a few hints on the sequel. Nolan also talks about his film Prestige


October 8,2005

DC's Who's Who Mystery Box set
source: Pulse

Next Spring, DC will be releasing a new toy line featuring characters from the DC Universe. Among the characters in the line include Batman (based on his design from Detective Comics 27) and Joker (Batman 613). The characters will be micro sized in a mystery box and will contain pieces which form a mini Batmobile.

Full details including which other characters are in this line can be found Here

Batman Begins nominated for Hollywood Film Festival Award
source: Yahoo Movies

The Hollywood Film Festival Award committee has released its list of nominees for its Hollywood Movie of the year award and Batman Begins has made the list. Also on the list is Sin City based on Batman alumni Frank Miller's works. Go Here to to vote and look at the other nominees

Greg Rucka, Bill Willingham talk about post OMAC, Day of Vengeance DC
source: Newsarama

Now that the OMAC project miniseries is over, Greg Rucka talks to Newsarama about the effects of his miniseries which has significantly affected the relationship between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and how it will affect the DCU. Bill Willingham does the same for his miniseries.

Go Here for Rucka's discussion and Here for Willingham. Both Articles are spoiler heavy

October 6, 2005

Batman Begins DVD pics
source: Comics Continuum

Comics Continuum has some pictures of the menus from the Batman Begins DVD. All the pictures can be found Here

Neal Adams to cover All-Star Superman
source: Comics Continuum

Though his upcoming Batman work is still a mystery, Neal Adams will be doing a variant cover for the All-Star Superman title that will debut in November.

Matt Wagner on Batman
source: Comic Book Resources

Matt Wagner has been interviewed by Comic Book Resources regarding his new Batman work Batman and the Monster Men. Here are some snippets

On his inspiration for his stories

"What I'm doing is-- and it should be evident from the titles-- is taking two of my favorite pre-Robin Golden Age stories and updating them for a modern audience," Wagner said. "'Batman and the Monster Men' actually ran in Batman #1 and features Hugo Strange, who creates the Monster Men. And the follow up series, 'Batman and the Mad Monk,' I think originally appeared in 'Detective' #31 and #32.

His thoughts on how Batman is

"There's a tendency to make Batman such a grim bad-ass, that he verges on being a bad guy himself," Wagner said. "I prefer to view him much more heroic. He's certainly driven but he is kind. He's polite. He's a good guy. He's a hero. He adopts these scary methods because he feels that's the only way to truly combat the criminal element around him and drive away the nightmares that haunt him. He's not just this grim soldier who just assumes this is the way the world is going to be forever. He wouldn't be fighting back if that was the case."

Julie Madison

"Here again I'm digging into the Golden Age stuff and following up with the way I'm portraying Bruce. He thinks he's going to have some semblance of a normal life some day so he has a girlfriend. He's got his Golden Age girlfriend, Julie Madison," Wagner explained. "In the Golden Age stories she's an actress and in mine she's a budding law student. The big supporting characters are her and her father."

The full Interview is Here



October 2, 2005

Crisis Counselling highlights from WizardWorld Boston
source: Various

Here are some Batman related highlights from the two DC panels from this weekend's Wizard World Convention

-Jason Todd's return is due to the events of the Infinite Crisis, however the issue of his return will be dealt with in the Batman comics

-According to Dan Didio, Batman, along with Superman and Wonder Woman, is considered a pillar of the DC Universe. Infinite Crisis is the result of these pillars not holding up and conflicts among the three due to their different perspectives. Didio likened Batman to a policeman whereas Superman was a fireman and Wonder Woman a social conscience.

-Didio's response to a question asking if Batman will die: "Bruce Wayne is Batman. That's your answer."

-Dick Grayson will find his way back into the Batman family (recent issues have him joining other forces)

-Greg Rucka told fans to expect a big surprise at the end of Gotham Central 37

Go Here and Here to read more regarding the Infinite Crisis and Here for an interview with Greg Rucka

Nolan and Bale team for another film?
source: Hollywood Reporter

Director Christopher Nolan is teaming up for another film with Christian Bale titled Prestige. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Christopher Priest which sees two Wizards in a heated battle for secrets. Interesting note is that Hugh Jackman of X-Men fame will play Bale's rival. 

The Batman Schedule for Cartoon Network
source: Comics Continuum

Here is a lineup for this week's episodes

Monday: The Big Dummy
Tuesday: Topsy Turvy
Wednesday: Bird of Prey
Thursday: The Rubber Face of Comedy
Friday: A Fistful of Felt
Saturday: Batgirl Begins part one