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October 19, 2006

Jerry Robinson to join The Dark Knight crew?
source: Newsarama

Newsarama's Daniel Robert Epstein interviewed Batman alumni Jerry Robinson about his work which is currently displayed in New York's Jewish Museum titled Superheroes: Good and Evil in American Comics. Robinson gave a brief comment about the Batman films and revealed that he might be involved with The Dark Knight

NRAMA: What do you think of the Batman movies?

JR: I was more impressed with the last one [Batman Begins] than the others.
I didnít care for most of the others, mostly the writing and not necessarily
the acting. I hope the next one [The Dark Knight] will be good. I might be
acting as a consultant on that.

NRAMA: Oh really?

JR: Possibly. Thatís being discussed. So if thatís true, then I hope itíll
be the best one

Hit the Link above to read more of the interview (Thanks to Daniel Robert Epstein for the heads up)

October 16, 2006

The Dark Knight News Roundup
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has interviewed the Nolan Brothers. Here are some notable snippets Hype!: You said you don't think about casting until you've finished a script, but you cast Heath Ledger [as Joker], so does that mean that "The Dark Knight" script is actually finished?

Christopher Nolan: Umm, no it doesn't, what it means is that we finished constructing that character and so we were able to sorta think about that. You know, his casting was a series of fortunate events, he expressed an interest. I hadn't really thought that he would be interested in doing it but it was worth a try so it was actually a very early conversation. Then, you know, we realized we were seeing the same character.

CS/SHH!: Are we going to see the detective side of Batman in this one?
Christopher: I can't really say any more about it (laughter).

CS/SSH!: It will be darker than the first one?
Christopher: To be honest, I really don't think in those terms, the story will be what the story is and it will be for you guys to say whether it is or not. I honestly don't think of it like that.

CS/SHH!: How close are we to hearing who Harvey Dent is going to be?
Christopher: I don't know who is going to be him and I am the only person who would know so...I don't know.

The full Interview is Here

Christian Bale also told the 'Hype that he hasn't read any material from the next Batman film and doesn't know much about it yet. Read his thoughts Here

And finally Liverpool site icLiverpool is reporting that the Dark Knight may pay a visit to Liverpool due to a Film Location Manager's recent visit to the city.

October 10,2006

Three Screams for Batman Begins
source: Spike TV

Batman Begins picked up Three Scream awards which were given out by Spike TV. The film won the Ultimate Scream, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Frank Miller picked up a Scream award for his work on All Star Batman and Robin and one for Comic con Icon.

Go Here for a list of other winners

Hans Zimmer onboard The Dark Knight

Composer Hans Zimmer has told the website that he will return as the composer for the Batman Begins sequel and take some time off afterwards.

Wayne Faucher talks about his work
source: Pulse

Inker Wayne Faucher talked to Pulse about his recent work on Detective Comics inking Don Kramer's work

THE PULSE: What was your collaboration with Kramer like on Batman? How did you get to know him so you could feel comfortable inking his work?

WEF!: Actually, while it looks like nothing I've ever inked before, it's been pretty simple. Don knew exactly what he was looking for. What surprised me was that the ink style he wanted seemed to be diametrically opposed to his pencil style. In fact, until he told me he was looking for something with loose textures and a rougher finish, I was going to shoot for a super slick approach. What we ended up with is an amalgam of slick and loose! It's great fun and always interesting to work out. When I started over Don I had just come off of THE COBBLER'S MONSTER for Becket/Image which was extremely loose, so it was an easy transition.


THE PULSE: I know you don't want to spoil anything, but what will you tell us about what's coming up in the pages of Detective Comics?

WEF!: Paul Dini is just amazing. He wrote a book I inked over Bucky called MR. FREEZE a number of years ago. I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was wrong. His DETECTIVE stories are consistently outstanding. We've got a great Penguin story coming up followed by a tale with certain grinning clown prince that blew my socks off when I read it. Just amazing...

THE PULSE: What do you like the best about inking these characters?

WEF!: These are characters I've known my whole life. Old friends really. When I used to sit in my bedroom back in Rhode Island drawing my own comics and reading Jim Aparo, Don Newton, Gene Colon and Neal Adams, I knew this was what I wanted to do at some point. Since inking has been my second career (after 10 years as a graphic designer) I feel like I waited long enough that I can enjoy it. I'm old enough to know how lucky I am, y'know?

The full Interview can be found Here

No Harvey Dent for Ryan Phillipe
source: IGN Film Force

IGN Filmforce met up with actor Ryan Phillipe to get an answer on whether or not he is involved with the new Batman flick. Phillipe told the site that the rumours aren't true and are news to him

"Chris Nolan is great and I thought the first one was amazing, But it is just a rumor at this point; I don't know if they even have a script. But who knows at this point."

"It's funny - I always wonder how things like that kind of start," Philippe said. "It's interesting, [because] I'm working down in Austin right now shooting a movie and on the radio it will come on, 'Ryan Philippe is playing this person.' And I'm like, 'Really? That's the first I've heard.'"

Nolan on Hedger and Joker

Christopher Nolan gave some brief thoughts to about his casting of Heath Ledger.

"He's just exactly the kind of energy I needed for the character," Nolan (The Prestige) said in an interview about the Australian Brokeback Mountain star. "Everything about the risks that that performer is willing to take are the things I need for somebody to take on that iconic figure. It's going to be a huge challenge for us to create it, and he's exactly the guy you want to be in the trenches with."

Nolan also stated that he hasn't had time to do additional casting due to his work on The Prestige

October 8, 2006

Tom Mandrake talks Batman
source: Newsarama

Artist Tom Mandrake talks about his upcoming work on BATMAN. He will team with longtime partner and friend John Ostrander for a four part story arc starting in December. The Interview can be found at the link above

No Harvey Dent for Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe, Liev Schreiber and Guy Pearce
source: FilmForce

Stax at Film Force has some news regarding the casting of Harvey Dent. The rumour mill has mentioned Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe, Liev Schreiber and Guy Pearce as possible candidates for Gotham's District Attorney.  Both Pearce and Gyllenhaal's reps have stated that their clients aren't involved in anyway with The Dark Knight. Schreiber's rep didn't answer back and Phillipe's reps have also responded in the negative.

Batman on Film is reporting that the role of Dent has been cast and will be announced soon

Full details at the link to Film Force

October 4, 2006

Harvey Dent will be in The Dark Knight, Nolan says
source: IGN Filmforce

FilmForce attended a Q and A with Christopher Nolan and wife Emma Thomas where they discussed his various films. In addition to talking about The Dark Knight's story and direction, Nolan also confirmed that Harvey Dent would be in the film but was tight lipped about his portrayal.

Film Force also has an article speculating on the sequel which can be found Here

Allison Mack to do guest voice on The Batman
source: Comics Continuum

Allison Mack (Smallville) will be joining Superman actor Brandon Routh in the episode "The Everywhere Man" Mack will do the voice of a character called Clea.

Batman Confidential # 1 Preview
source: Comics Continuum

The Continuum also has a three page preview of Batman: Confidential. A new ongoing Batman monthly. The pages can be found Here