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Batmobile featured in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone magazine has an article in its latest issue devoted to the 'Batman Begins' Batmobile. Superhero Hype has the article scanned and available on their website and it can be found Here

New picture of the Batsuit

Head down to to get a more detailed look at the new Batman suit. This is probably the best picture of it available right now

For any of you with image editors, turn up the brightness on the picture to notice the grey/black effect of the suit.

Nightwing: Year One details
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has interviewed Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty and Scott McDaniel about their upcoming 6 part arc in Nightwing titled Nightwing: Year One. The story explores the time period from when Dick Grayson was relived of his duties as Robin to when he became Nightwing. Head down here for more details


Electronic Arts and WB make official announcement about Batman Begins video Game
source: Warner Brothers , Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has released a press release announcing the development of a Batman Begins video game due out next year. Head down Here to read the full press release and to get a sneak peek at the game.

New Pictures of Begins' cast
source: Warner Brothers

Three more pictures of the Batman Begins cast have been released. This time of Cillian Murphy as Professor Crane, Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes and Rutger Hauer as Mr. Earle

Joker, Two Face, Scarecrow info
source: Batman on Film

Bill has some information on the current and possible future villains in the new Batman series. First off some info on the Scarecrow

It is basically a burlap sack with rope stitching on various parts of the mask. The mouth is stitched as well, but with thick black string. The mask if frayed at the end/neck area and seems to drawn together by another rope. Again, Murphy is wearing a gray suit with a blue tie.

Next up News on Two-Face who might appear in the sequel

The Harvey Dent in the sequel rumor. The cat is pretty much out of the bag on this one. Most of my sources confirm that, at this VERY EARLY stage, Dent will be the featured new character in the Begins sequel. He will, of course, be transformed into Two-Face. That strikes The Joker out for the time being, but another rumor relating to the Dent/Two-Face plot-line has Dent putting a dangerous criminal behind bars in the sequel. It will be one scene, possibly Dent's intro scene as District Attorney. Later in the series, this criminal MAY re-emerge as The Joker.

And last but not least..The Joker

The Joker plotline. (Note: BIG RUMOR -- only one source on this). Anyone who knows their Batman lore knows how The Joker enjoys revenge. One tidbit thrown my way indicates that when The Joker finally does enter the new series (and believe me, he will), it will be a mesh of two or three very famous Joker plotlines from the comic books. Most fans will probably assume that this means a certain one-off comic from the 1980s, but fans will have to dig a lot deeper -- and a lot further into the past -- than that. Remember: The key words here are "origin" and "revenge."

Head down to Batman on Film to read more about these characters

Bill's report mentions the Joker being a little stronger than he normally is which has some people wondering if Joker will be a muscle bound freak like Bane. First off a sequel is years away so things could change and second I believe the report implies that the Joker will be able to put up a good fight instead of going down as easily as he did in 'BATMAN'


Batman goes Lego!
source: Batman Lego Film

Jonathan Markiewitz has sent me a link to a Batman fanfilm he created and I recommend everyone take a look at it. What makes this film stand out from others? It's done in Legomation!! Hit the link above to see the film.

Batman: Europa
source: Comics Continuum

Former Batman artist Jim Lee isn't done with Batman yet. He is at work on a project which has Batman going through several European cities to track a criminal. The story will be written by Brian Azzarello and Matteo Casali and will feature art from different artists in each part. Some of the Artists will be from Europe.

Full details including which artists are working on this title can be found Here

Loeb and Sale talk 'When in Rome'
source: Pulse

The Team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale give their thoughts on their latest project 'When in Rome' to Pulse. They talk about Catwoman, inspiration for the story and their own projects


Irv Novick R.I.P
source: Newsarama

Some sad news to report. Former Batman artist Irv Novick passed away Friday morning at the age of 88. Novick was a premier Batman artist who along with Neal Adams help bring Batman back to his dark roots in the 70's. He also did work on the Flash and was Co-Creater of "The Shield" and drew most of DC's characters well into the 90's before his diminishing eyesight forced him to retire.

New Batman Begins pictures on official site
source: Batman Begins site

The official site has been updated with pictures of Ken Watanabe, Linus Roache and Tom Wilkerson in their respective roles as Ra's Al Ghul, Thomas Wayne and Carmine Falcone

Also, the Legion of Gotham website has received a new picture of Christian Bale as Batman. LOG however will require visitors to sign up and participate in their forums for access to their material.


Batman Begins website updates tomorrow and later this week
source: Superhero Hype

Keep an eye out on the official Batman Begins website tommorow. Superhero Hype is reporting that pictures of Ken Watanabe (Ra's Al Ghul), Linus Roache (Thomas Wayne), and Tom Wilkinson (Carmine Falcone) will be up tomorrow while on Tuesday, October 26 you'll be able to get a look at Cillian Murphy (Dr. Jonathan Crane), Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes), and Rutger Hauer (Mr. Earle).

Another Christian Bale interview
source: Sci Fi Wire

Sci Fi Wire has some comments from Christian Bale regarding Batman. Bale talks about his early thoughts on the character and how he slowly came to like him

Gotham city gets mini sized
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film is reporting that a Miniature version of Gotham has been created at the Lucas Soundstage . The Miniature city stands 12 to 15 feet high


Yet another Christian Bale interview
source: Zap2it

Zap2it has a small interview with Christian Bale. He talks about filming in Iceland and his thoughts on Batman the character.

Is this the Wayne Enterprises Logo?
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has what it says is the logo of Wayne Enterprises for Batman Begins. Head down Here to see it

Batman Begins Novel up for pre-order
source: Amazon

For those who want a sneak peak at Batman Begins, Amazon will have the novelisation of the film available for April 26, 2005. Anyone wishing to pre-order the book can do so Here


Is this Batman Begins' version of the Scarecrow??
source: Mukmouth

The Website Mukmouth has recieved a conceptual picture of how the Scarecrow's mask might look like. However, Batman on Film's sources is saying that this picture is not the final design. Hit the link above to see the conceptual art.

Batman Begins Visual Guide in the works
source: Comics Continuum

Remember all those books that have all the info you want on Star Wars? Well Batman Begins will be getting the same treatment courtesy of Scott Beatty. Beatty is also working with Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel on a six part story in the Nightwing comic titled. Nightwing: Year One

Another Christian Bale interview

With Christian Bale's movie 'The Machinist' days away, has an interview with the upcoming Batman. Bale focuses mostly on the Machinist but does get some Batman tidbits in as well.

Catwoman DVD details
source: Warner Brothers

Catwoman didn't do too well at the box office but will a DVD release help? The disc is planned for a January 18 release and will feature alternate endings, additional scenes and documentaries. The disc will sell for 27.95

Harvey Dent Cameo in Batman Begins?
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film has a rumour stating that Harvey Dent might appear in a cameo role in Batman Begins. Rumours of Harvey appearing in the film have popped on and off. According to BOF, a new draft of the script might have him in it.


Denny O'Neil to do comic adaptation of Batman Begins
source: SFX Magazine

SFX Magazine has revealed that former Batman writer and editor Dennis O'Neil will be writing the comic adaptation for Batman Begins. Denny has also written the comics adaptaions for the previous live action films

Christian Bale talks Batman

Christian Bale has been interviewed by and Latino Review. He talks about Batman and his upcoming film 'The Machinist'.

Batman Begins Sequel talk
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film has some interesting speculation about a possible Batman Begins sequel. Which villain might show up in the next film? And who from the current cast is signed for the next film ? Head down to BOF for more

Pulse reviews Brave and the Bold 93
source: Pulse

Pulse writer Steve Chung is doing a special where he reviews Halloween themed stories. Next on his list is Brave and the Bold 93 which is a Batman story written by Dennis O'Neil and drawn by Neal Adams. The review can be found Here