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September 28, 2005

Animated Batman news
source: Comics Continuum

Writer Steve Melching gave a preview of the upcoming episode of The Batman: "Fistful of Felt"  to Comics Continuum

The episode marks the return of The Ventriloquist, and I think we found some clever new twists for him. The great Dan Castellaneta provides the voice of Wesker/Scarface, and it was a treat to meet him and watch him work. Adam West and Frank Gorshin reunited to reprise their roles as Mayor Grange and Prof Strange in the episode, which sadly turned out to be one of Gorshin's final performances."

Batman Alumni Mark Hamil will be voicing Flash villain Trickster in the upcoming JLU episode Flash and Substance. Hamil also played the character on the Flash TV series.

Cartoon Network will air Batman vs. Dracula on October 22 at 5 p.m. Eastern time. The Batman Strikes # 15, due November 9, will tie in to the film.

Go Here to see a preview pic from this episode as well as some preview pics for the Teen Titans episode "The Brotherhood" part 2, Here for the October Teen Titans schedule and Here to see the cover of The Batman Strikes # 15


Artist Pete Woods exclusive to DC

Official Press Release

Pete Woods, artist on CATWOMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS, has signed a 3-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"I couldn't be happier," says Woods. "DC has been a great company to work for, and these are really exciting times. The past year on CATWOMAN has been a fantastic experience for me, and the fan response has been phenomenal. Both (Senior Editor) Matt Idelson and (VP - Executive Editor) Dan DiDio gave me the space I needed to come up with something just a little bit different. The next year holds a lot of surprises and I'm eager to get started!"

Idelson says, "Pete's work has grown by ridiculous leaps and bounds since we first started working together eons ago, and to see the heights he's reaching on CATWOMAN… well, it's a joy being his editor and telling him what to do!"

Upcoming issues of CATWOMAN are available as follows:

CATWOMAN #47 (JUL050195) is available for advance reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on September 28.

CATWOMAN #48 (AUG050191) is available for advance reorder and is scheduled to arrive in stores on October 26.

CATWOMAN #49 (SEP050214) is solicited in the September Previews (Volume XV #9) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on November 23.


Mark Waid hints at Post Infinite Crisis DCU
source: Monitor Duty

With questions mounting over DC's Infinite Crisis, some have wondered just where the DCU is going. Writer Mark Waid made the following statement which also included Batman and how he might be

"The good news is, and I guarantee you this, when we're on the other side of the CRISIS, those days are GONE. Just gone. We're sick to death of heroes who are not heroes, we're sick to death of darkness. Not that there's no room, not that Batman should act like Adam West, but that won't be the overall feeling. After all this stuff, after everything shakes down, we're done with heroes being dicks. No more we screwed each other and now we must pay the consequences. No, we're super-heroes and that's what we do. Batman's broken. Through no ONE person's fault, but he's a dick now. And we've been told we can fix that."

Hit the link above to read Waid's comments on the Catwoman film and other related matters.

Another interesting thing to note is that Grant Morrison (Who is rumoured to take over Post Infinite Crisis Batman) agrees with Waid while Former and current Batman writers Greg Rucka and Judd Winnick don't.


September 25, 2005

The Batman news
source: Comics Continuum

Here is the weekly schedule for the week of October 3 on Cartoon Network

-Monday: The Big Chill
-Tuesday: The Cat and the Bat
-Wednesday: The Big Heat
-Thursday: Q & A
-Friday: A Dark Knight to remember

Saturday will feature a new episode titled: Fistful of Felt

Head down to Comics Continuum to see some preview pictures from the upcoming Batman vs. Dracula straight to video film

Jim Lee talks a little about Batman
source: Pulse

Pulse has conducted an interview with artist Jim Lee. While most of the interview is focused on Superman, Lee does talk about the differences between drawing Batman and Superman and his Superman partner (and Batman Alumni) Brian Azzarello. Hit the link to above to read it

September 15, 2005

Morgan Freeman nominated for Supporting Actor role

Morgan Freeman has made the list of nominations for the 2005 Black Movie Awards. Freeman has been nominated in the Supporting Actor category for his role as Lucius Fox in Batman Begins

Best of luck Mr. Freeman.

The Batman Schedule for Cartoon Network
source: Comics Continuum

The following is the upcoming schedule for The Batman that Cartoon Network subscribers might find interesting:

"Batgirl Begins, Part 2,": Saturday, Sept. 24 at 8:30 a.m. (ET)  (Part One airs this Saturday)

Week of Sept 19
-Monday: "Riddled"
-Tuesday: "Fire & Ice"
-Wednesday: "Pets"
-Thursday: "JVT"
-Friday: "Night and the City" 

A Sneak Peak to Infinite Crisis #1
source: Newsarama

Head down to Newsarama to take a look at four pages from the upcoming DC Event Infinite Crisis which has also has Batman as a main character.

Third Supergirl #1 printing features Batman on the cover
source: DC Comics

DC's Supergirl comic is being printed a third time with the second printing selling out as well. The new cover has a very surprised Batman meeting Supergirl which is done as a Homage to Adventures of Comics 252

(click to see bigger version)


September 6, 2005

A new Batman Dictionary to be published in Brazil

The following is a press release which may be useful to Batman fans in Brazil.



Brazilian journalist writes a guide with 1,500 entries about Batman

The several versions and all details about the universe of the most
popular comics hero are now close at hand. The DICIONÁRIO DO MORCEGO
(Dictionary of the Bat) written by Brazilian journalist Sílvio Ribas,
reveals Batman in almost 1,500 entries. The book is a result of very
personal research the author has developed since he was a child, as a data
collector about the most famous pop culture icon.

From villains and classic allies of the Dark Knight – as Robin, the
buttler Alfred, Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman – to names of people
and places inspired by the legend, the 276 glossary pages bring a very
close inspection of everything related to the Batman. Besides an author,
character and publication directory, the book also offers quotes, parodies
and references. “I wanted to write the most complete guide in Portuguese
language about Batman along the 66 years of history and through the most
different medias,” says Ribas.

This unpublished format comes to the bookstores simultaneously with the
third Batmania wave, started with the film Batman Begins avant-premiere in
movie theatres throughout the world. The two first waves were anchored by
the 1966 TV series and by the 1989 film. As a result of them, even those
who had never read the comics recognize the hero and his symbols.

Comics, movies, TV series and ads, cartoons, games, radio casts, toys,
music and several curiosities. “They all help the book,” says Ribas, “to
achieve one of the goals,  which is a convergent point among the fans, as
well as a necessary, essential source for more detailed researches about
the issues applied to the topic or the topic itself.” He also reminds that
the book has everything to fulfil a broader range of readers, not only
Batman lovers, but professionals from journalism, psychology, sociology,
history and arts.

Title: Dicionário do Morcego – 1st edition, 2005.
Author: Sílvio Ribas
Publishing House: Flama Editorial (in the city of São Paulo, Brazil)
Number of pages: 276
Price: R$ 35.00 (aprox. US$ 14.30)

Sílvio Ribas - (51 0xx31) 3263-5103 e 9129-5134


Sílvio Ribas, 35, a journalist from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil,
wants to be seen rather as an expert of the Batman phenomenon than a
bat-maniac. An important researcher about the character in Belo Horizonte,
capital of Minas Gerais state, where he lives, the author of Dicionário do
Morcego decided to put in the book researches and analyses about the hero
he has been producing in the last 17 years. During the journalism
graduation, he produced in 1991 a video about the Dark Knight. He was a
very active member of Biblioteca Nacional de Histórias em Quadrinhos
(Comics National Library) and founded with friends Correio Gotham (The
Gotham Post,) a mail exchange club of Brazilian Bat-fans. His collection
of comic’s editions all dedicated to the Batman Family is about 3,000
items. He has published several articles about Batman in special reports
on newspapers, magazines and TV. He works as a reporter, editor and
commentator, and started his career in 1993, working for the three major
newspapers in Brazil along these 12 years. He was awarded with several
journalism prizes and has participated in several coverages in Brazil and
abroad. He has been the editor assistant at Estado de Minas newspaper
since 2002.