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August 22, 2007

Anthony Michael Hall's role revealed
source: Hollywood Chicago

The website Hollywood Chicago has some information on who Anthony Michael Hall will play in The Dark Knight. The site says that Hall will play the role of a reporter who is jealous of Bruce Wayne. There are more details about the character but the report is filled with Spoiler Information.

Details on Anthony Michael Hall's role (SPOILERS)

The Batman Season Four DVD Image
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has an image of the back cover of the Season Four DVD of The Batman and Teen Titans. Follow this link to see them

August 16, 2007

Michael Goguen on the fifth season of The Batman
source: Newsarama

Michael Goguen, the Supervising producer of The Batman, has been interviewed by Newsarama in regards to show's fifth season which will see appearances from other DC heroes such as Superman. He also talks about DC's other animation projects such as the direct to video New Frontier.

The full interview can be found at the link above

New Batgirl statue from DC Direct on the way
source: Newsarama

DC has announced that they will be releasing three new statues of their characters based on renditions by popular artists. Among them will be a Batgirl statue who will be based on Carmine Infantino's rendition of the character.

Batman toys affected by Mattel toy recall
source: Mattel

Toy company Mattel announced a recall of several toy lines due to concerns that they contain lead coated paint or are affected by magnets. Among them are the following Batman toys

J1944 Batman Magna Battle Armor Batman figure
J1946 Batman Magna Fight Wing Batman figure
J5114 Batman Secret ID figure
J5115 Batman Flying Fox figure

If any does own any of these toys, head to this link for further details

American Senator makes third visit to Gotham with an appearance in The Dark Knight
source: CNN

Senator Patrick Leahy will have a small role in The Dark Knight. Leahy did the voice of the governor in Batman: The Animated Series episode Showdown and also appeared in the film Batman and Robin

The Dark Knight News: Big scene set for Chicago
source: Hollywood Chicago

Hollywood Chicago has some news on a big scene set for August 29. Hit the link above to read more but be warned, the info has Spoilers

August 13

MIKE WIERINGO (1963-2007)

Some sad news to report. Artist Mike Wieringo passed away Sunday after suffering a heart attack. Wieringo worked on the ROBIN title as well as Impulse and Spider-man.

Condolences to Mike's family and friends. He will be missed-AJ

August 10, 2007

Wizard World Chicago Highlights
source: Various

Wizard World Chicago is underway and here are some highlights for Batman fans

-In October an eight part story titled The Resurrection of Ras al Ghul will occur in several Batman books and will start with a prelude in BATMAN 670 and will cross over in Detective Comics, ROBIN and NIGHTWING.

-ROBIN will have a new writer.
-There are plans for Cassandra Cain.
-Batwoman will appear in Countdown.
-A four issue mini series titled Countdown: Arena will have different versions of one character battling each other to be in the villain Monarch's army. Batman will be among the characters battling other world versions of himself. Fans will be able to vote for the favourites on starting in September. Keith Champagne will write the series and former Batman artists Scott McDaniel and Andy Owen will provide the art.
-Dustin Nguyen will become the artist of Detective Comics in 2008.

-When asked if there was going to be an animated version of Jeph Loeb's The Long Halloween, Paul Levitz said yes.

Saturday had a panel devoted to The Dark Knight. Comic Book Resources has a full report of what happened at that panel which featured, Christopher and Jonathon Nolan, Christian Bale, David Goyer, Paul Levitz, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart. The report also contains some spoilers as some footage from the film was shown

-DC is also introducing a comic line aimed at younger readers. Super Friends, which will feature the Justice League including Batman, and Tiny Titans are two of the titles of this new line. The stories are going to be simplistic and the target age group is at least three years and younger.

Tom Mandrake's scary Detective Comics work
source: Pulse

Artist Tom Mandrake returns to Batman to provide the artwork for a two part storyline in Detective comics 835 and 836. The full interview is Here


August 2, 2007

The Dark Knight News
source: Various

Here are the latest developments on The Dark Knight

The site Why So Serious has been updated again. It now redirects to another site called Rent a Clown

Hans Zimmer has told Superhero Hype that he is working on a new Batman theme for the upcoming film.

Super Hero Hype also has some shooting locations for this film in Chicago which is taking place all this week

Newsarama has some brief details about the anime series that will be set between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. David Goyer, Brian Azzarello and Josh Olsen are attached to the project.