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Clothing company teams up with Batman Begins to make Batman themed clothes
source: Toy Mania

Toy Mania has received a press release from Rocawear Clothing. The company plans on combining its apparel with themes from Batman Begins. Clothing lines will be based on three Batman related themes: "Urban Legends", "Gotham City" and "I am".

Full details can be found Here

Batman heads back to the UK
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has a small blurb on what to expect next with Batman Begins. It looks like 1000 extras will be involved in a scene which will be filmed in Bedford

Bat-Alumni news: Denny talks Julius Schwartz and Flash
source: Pulse

A lot of creators have had their turn paying tribute to the late Julius Schwartz and now it is former Batman writer and editor Denny O'Neil's turn. Denny gives his thoughts on Schwartz and talks about his story featuring the Flash to the website Pulse

Second Batman Animated DVD set on the way
source: IGN

IGN DVD has revealed that Warner Brothers will be releasing a second Batman: TAS DVD set on December 7. It will have four discs and featurettes on Robin and the voice actors.

Ed Brubaker to leave Catwoman
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has learned that writer Ed Brubaker will be leaving Catwoman. Brubaker stated that he was feeling burnt out. Issue 37 will be his last.


Character designs and profiles for 'The Batman' revealed
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has posted the character designs, profiles and names of the voice actors for the up coming 'The Batman' animated show.

'The Batman will debut on September 11 with the episode "Bats in the Belfry" featuring Batman, Joker Alfred and other main characters. The Intro of the show can be seen Here

Batman Begins sequel talk: Joker candidates?
source: Latino Review

While it is too early to be thinking of sequels, Latino Review has a list of actors who may play the villain in a Batman sequel. Who is the villain? Hint: Green Hair, Red Lips, White face

Batman Begins news roundup
source: Various

Here is a roundup of various Batman Begins newsbytes. First, Filmforce has a collection of videos taken on the sites of the film shoot. Most of them consist of the Batmobile

Superhero Hype has some pictures of some set work for Batman Begins as well as another article on the last few days of filming in Chicago

Details on the last days of shooting
Some more set pictures
Picture of a Shadow Warrior from Batman Begins


Footage of Chicago filming appears online
source: Superhero Hype

A group of fans managed to record the filming of a scene with Batman. The footage can be found Here

A possible origin of the Scarecrow
source: Dark Horizons

Dark Horizons has a report that contains a brief description of Arkham and how Jonathon Crane becomes the scarecrow. However Major Spoilers are ahead!


Wizard World Chicago news: More Batman Begins footage aired
source: various

In addition to the Bendis/Wayne Fiasco (See below), Batman fans got another special treat as they not only got a chance to see David Goyer and Christopher Nolan but some additional footage from Batman Begins.

Nolan revealed that he became a fan of Batman through the 60's show and the character stuck with him since. Nolan also researched through many Batman titles and in particular 'Batman: Year One' and 'The Long Halloween'

Nolan also revealed his growing up in Chicago as the reasons for filming and because it felt like the best place to film the Batmobile's scenes

More detailed Explanations can be found Here and a description of the footage can be found Here (Minor Spoilers)

Brian Bendis issues apology for Wizard World fiasco
source: Newsarama

Following the incident at Wizard World which led to him getting into an exchange with Bob Wayne of DC, writer Brian Bendis issued an apology for his actions at the show.

For those who care I just have a couple of things to say about what went on at my panel at Chicago con.

I regret the whole thing. Canít say it any simpler that that. What I intended was to start a grass roots campaign to get the proposed Batman/ DD book off the ground, not to create a wrestle mania circus.

I apologize to everyone involved at DC comics. It was wrong for me to try and do this without your involvement. My frustration with the current climate between the companies pushed me to make what I feel now was the wrong choice.

For those of you who think this was a marketing stunt. There is no book so there is nothing to market. This was not a stunt. This book does not exsist and probably never will under current conditions. I do not need nor do I want this type of publicity.

To read Bendis' full apology, head to Newsarama


Brief Batman Begins news
source: Various

Superhero Hype has posted a behind the scenes picture from US Weekly. The picture shows Christian Bale and Gary Oldman.

Superhero Hype and Batman on Film continue to receive set reports from the filming. It now appears that the main cast has finished filming their scenes in Chicago and are heading to the U.K. Second unit crews will wrap up the rest.

Another David Goyer Interview
source: Maxim Online

Though he mostly talks about his other work and Blade Trinity, David Goyer does reveal a few hints about Batman Begins and how it fares against the previous four films to Maxim.

Bat-Alumni News: Alex Ross' does Justice
source: Comics Continuum

At Wizard World Chicago, Alex Ross (Batman: War On Crime) revealed that he would be painting the art for a 12 issue series from DC called Justice. The story will be written by Jim Krueger with art by Doug Braithwaite which will be painted over by Ross.

Batman/Daredevil proposal causes a stir at Wizard World
source: Newsarama

Fans who were at Wizard World Chicago on Friday got an unexpected surprise. Marvel writer Brian Bendis revealed that he wanted to do a Batman/Daredevil story and that creators from both Marvel and DC were ready to do it. However the plan was shelved after DC President Paul Levitz said no. The reason being that Paul took exception to some disparaging comments Marvel EIC Joe Quesada made about DC in the New York Observer.

Things became interesting after DC VP Sales and Marketing Bob Wayne showed up at Bendis panel and the two had a mild exchange. Cooler heads prevailed later on but in the end one thing was clear: No Batman/Daredevil crossover. 

Go Here to read what Bendis had to say, Here to read Bob Wayne's side and Here to read more about the exchange between Wayne and Bendis


EA to make Batman Begins game?
source: Gamecube Advanced

Gamecube Advanced is reporting that Electronic Arts will be making the Batman Begins video game. It will follow the movie's story and will feature gameplay that involves Stealth and Espionage

Various Batman Begins news
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has rounded up some articles and pictures of the ongoing filming in Chicago. The info can be found Here (Minor Spoilers)

In addition the site has a picture of the Wayne family's Bentley and additional set reports (Minor Spoilers)

'The Batman' promotional pictures
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has two Batman related images. One is a promotional picture for the new animated show and the other is cover art for the DVD Batman: The Animated Series - Secrets of the Dark Knight

Update on Carmine Infantino's lawsuit against DC
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has an update on the legal situation between Carmine Infantino and DC. It looks like there may not be any progress until September as DC has applied for several extensions to file a response to Infantino's accusations. Infantino is looking for a 4 million dollar settlement.

Bat-Alumni News: Loeb on "The Fast Man -- Dead"
source: Pulse

Pulse has an interview with Jeph Loeb. He talks about his contribution to the Julius Schwartz tribute specials with a story called "The Fastest Man -- Dead!"


Another view of the Bat-Signal
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has pictures taken of the front of the Batsignal. The pictures including some new ones can be found Here though be warned. There are spoilers here as well.

Characters being renamed?
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film has learned that two of the characters in the film, Rachel Dobson and Judge Phelan, have been renamed. They are now Rachel Dawes and Judge Faden

Bill also has an interesting report regarding stories that some people had a unpleasant encounter with Christian Bale. Not only that but it seems that the American crew and security aren't helping filming either. As always, head down to BOF for more

I second Bill and his scooper's request that people be considerate to the cast and crew at the moment. Let's not ruin it for everyone now OK?

David Goyer talks Batman Begins
source: Aint it Cool News

Aint it Cool has an interview with David Goyer. He talks about the script leak, WB's mishandling of the teaser fiasco and other stuff.

David Lapham Talks Detective Comics
source: Newsarama

Come this December, writer David Lapham will be taking over the writing chores of Detective Comics and will be joined by artist Ramon Bachs. Newsarama has a feature where he talks about writing for Batman, his thoughts on nearly being partnered with legend Bill Sienkiewicz and more

I'm looking forward to this as and Ramon Bach's artwork looks amazing!


David Goyer at Wizard World Chicago
source: Comics Continuum

Batman fans in Chicago are already getting a big treat with Batman Begins filming in their city. Now they can meet the man who has written the film. David Goyer will be at Wizard World Chicago on Saturday August 14 at the DC booth. Goyer will be at a Batman Begins panel which will start at 1 pm for a limited signing and wristbands will be given on a first come basis on Saturday Morning.

More set Reports and some pictures
source: Superhero Hype , Batman on Film

Yet more reports are coming in. The latest reports include news of the Bat signal and appearances by Christian Bale and Gary Oldman.

Superhero Hype report 1
Superhero Hype report 2
Batman on Film

Some Brief Rumours regarding Batman Begins
source: Batman on Film

While this isn't concrete and should be considered as rumour, it is nonetheless interesting. Bill of Batman on Film is reporting that UBI SOFT may make a Batman Begins game which could feature Bale doing voice acting. Second is the possibilities of Cameos in the film. Now what could these cameos be. Actors from the Bat-Alumni or brief appearances by familiar Batman (Or even DC) universe characters?


First look at Ra's Al Ghul
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has snagged some pictures of Ken Watanabe as Ra's Al Ghul. They can be found Here

The second picture shows Director Chris Nolan and Christian Bale. Ken looks excellent (though not like the Ra's that we know, but I'm told not to worry about that) and the outfit is wonderful as well.

Is this the teaser poster?

A person on the Batman on Film message board has decided to make his version of the Batman Begins poster... only to make it very accurate to the official one. Head down Here to see it

Looks nice. Very much in tone with the marketing of 'BATMAN'

Pitof on Catwoman
source: Empire Online

Despite the fact that his film did abysmal and was savaged by the critics, Pitof defends his work and explains what he set out to do

"I donít understand why they didnít like it," said director Pitof. ďI think this movie is very different to other types of movie. I wanted to make something very different from the comic book. Our Catwoman is something special, something new Ė we started completely from scratch."

"Michelle Pfeiffer was a great, great Catwoman, what she did was amazing but we wanted to make the movie for Halle Berry because she deserved it."


Batman Begins set reports Galore
source: Superhero Hype, Batman on Film

A lot of Chicago set reports are beginning to trickle in. Almost all of the reports mention the Batmobile and some have mentioned Katie Holmes and Christian Bale present as well. The reports can be found below

Superhero Hype's report
Batman on Film's reports

And while we are on the subject of the Batmobile, It appears that some people were able to record some footage of it in action. The footage can be found at the links below

Batmobile footage

Loeb and Sale on 'When in Rome'
source: Pulse

The duo behind the Batman classics 'Long Halloween' and 'Dark Victory' have another special story to release. 'When in Rome' is a story that takes place during 'Dark Victory' and follows Selina Kyle as she heads to Rome to find out whether or not she is Carmine Falcone's daughter.

Halle to retire from Superhero duty
source: BBC

Halle Berry has told the BBC that her days of playing a superhero character on the big screen are over unless of course that character happens to be Catwoman.

So Halle would pass over a film series that has done well over one that may never exist. Scary.