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Batman Begins Chicago Filming reports
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has a report on what was filmed this past week. The report also contains some pictures which include the Batmobile as well

Reactions to Batman Begins Teaser
source: Batman on Film

Bill has received emails from filmgoers who saw the Batman Begins Teaser at the theatres. It appears that the overall consensus among the film goers was positive.

A Hi-Res version of the trailer in Quicktime Format can be found Here

The Batman air date
source: Comics Continuum

Saturday September 11 will be the date when the new Batman animated show 'The Batman' will debut on Kids WB and the Cartoon Network. Comics Continuum also has some pictures from this upcoming show.

Grant Morrison Returns to DC
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has some details about Grant Morrison's (Batman: Arkham Asylum) newest JLA project now that he has returned to DC. Head down Here for more

Bat-Alumni news: Walter Simonson's newest project
source: Pulse

Walter Simonson talks about his work, Julius Schwartz and his upcoming tribute to the late editor at the Pulse


Batman Begins Teaser ONLINE!!!!
source: Batman Begins

Well Ladies and Gents, fresh off of yesterday's photo leak, WB has finally revealed the teaser for this film and the early description that was reported is true!! Click the link to the official site which has also gotten a facelift


Batman in all his glory
source: Batman on Film

Head down to Batman on Film to see a full picture of Christian Bale as Batman.

Looks Nice doesn't it. Notice the black boots and grey bodysuit? Also notice how Bale is able to look down thus indicating that he'll be able to do what his predecessors couldn't and that is turn his head. It should also be noted that this suit is made of neoprene and silicone thus making the suit much lighter than the previous ones. Overall a great effort...though I already knew this ;)

Various other Batman Begins news

In addition to the suit, here are some other Batman Begins tidbits. First Latino Review is reporting that the teaser for Batman Begins will attached to certain prints of 'The Village'. Second Entertainment Tonight mentioned that Michael Keaton will play Rachel's father in the film.

The Comics Continuum has learned that Upper Deck will make trading cards for this film.

And finally Both Aint it Cool and Superhero Hype have set reports from Chicago

New Team for BATGIRL
source: Pulse

After the conclusion of the Wargames storyline, the team of Andersen Gabrych and artist Ale Garza will take over the creative duties for the BATGIRL comic. Pulse has some preview pictures of Garza's work and the duo's thoughts on the character


Catwoman's total weekend tally
source: Box Office Mojo

Catwoman was third at this week's box office with a disappointing 17.3 million dollars. This film had a 100 million dollar budget with 35 million for marketing.

According to Box Office Mojo, Catwoman made 6.1 million on Friday (as opposed to 6.2 originally reported) 6.2 million on Saturday and dropped to 4.9 million Sunday.

Well folks, it's official. This film tanked!! 17 million on a 100 million dollar budget and an additional 35 million for marketing? Not good. I don't see this film doing any better and will likely drop even more as the week passes.

Eisner Awards handed out: Batman creators among the winners
source: Pulse

The Eisner's were handed out on Friday at Comic con and once again several Batman creators and alumni took home some of the prestigious awards.

Batman Alumni

Also Jerry Robinson, co-creator of the Joker and Robin was selected by the voters for the Hall of Fame but not by the judges.

Newsarama has an article which talks about Jim Lee's win and his contribution to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Another Batman Begins report from Comic con
source: Comics Continuum

Here's another report from Comic Con this time from the Comics Continuum. It's not too different from the previous one but still worth a read


First look at Cillian Murphy as Crane and some Begins highlights from Comic Con
source: Superhero Hype

Looks like Batman fans were disappointed yet again in regards to the film's teaser. It was absent at Comic con and now appears it will be attached to 'Aliens vs Predator'. However, A picture of Cillian Murphy as Jonathon Crane was revealed and both Murphy and Goyer answered questions about the film. Christian Bale and Chris Nolan appeared via video clip but didn't say anything significant other than apologising for not being present.

The picture of Crane is Here while a report of Goyer is Here

Catwoman whimpers on opening day
source: Box Office Mojo

Catwoman opened yesterday and took in only 6.2 million dollars which put it in third place behind I,Robot (6.9 million) and The Bourne Supremacy (19 million). Also critics have overwhelmingly panned the film as Rottentomatoes is indicating.

More Batman Begins internation release dates
source: Batman on Film

Batman Comic Panel news from San Diego Comic Con
source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has a nice little roundup of Batman comic related news. Among the highlights include

More details including other story arch's and War Games can be found Here

The Batman toys
source: Toy News International

The figures for The Batman animated show were also unveiled at Comic con and Toy News has snapshots of several including Batman, Bane and Scarecrow

Jul 19, 2004

Description of the trailer?
source: AintitCool

Aint it Cool has a report from someone who says that they've seen the teaser. To summarise, it has a narration by Christian Bale with various scenes showing Bruce travelling and his parents funeral. The Full description is Here

More cast additions and more Batmobile pics
source: Batman on Film , Filmforce

Here are a few more cast additions

Also head down to Filmforce to see some more pictures of the Batmobile

Sharon Stone and Halle Berry talk Catwoman

source: Comics Continuum

The Comics Continuum has interviews with both Hero and villain of the Catwoman film. Go Here for Halle and Here for Sharon

Jul 17, 2004

Explanation for the missing trailer?
source: Cinescape

There is no doubt that many of you went to see I, Robot in hopes of catching the Batman Begins teaser but came out asking "Where was it?! Cinescape has this regarding the matter

somewhere, someone at Warner Bros. decided it wasn't the right time just yet to show audiences the BATMAN BEGINS trailer, and so it was yanked from playing on I, ROBOT's scorecard. Instead, we're now told that WB's back-up plan is to have theaters place a trailer for either CATWOMAN or EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING with showings of I, ROBOT.

Additionally, instead of the new BATMAN trailer playing with CATWOMAN (which we insist had been the plan a couple of weeks ago), Halle Berry's superheroine flick will instead be accompanied by a trailer for SOUND OF THUNDER, the time travel-gone-awry sci-fi film starring Edward Burns.

Well the next place where the trailer might (hopefully) show up is at San Diego's Comic Con

Jul 15, 2004

IGN DVD reviews the Batman Animated DVD's
source: IGN

IGN has reviewed (After reader requests) the new Batman Animated set. The review is Here

Catwoman news

Comics Continuum has interviewed Catwoman actor Benjamin Bratt as well Pulse has an interview with the writer of the Catwoman movie novelization Elizabeth Hand.

Batman Begins Chicago news
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film is reporting that Batman Begins will wrap up filming in Middlesex England and will film pickups at Shepperton and Bedfordshire.

The site also has a report on the filming in Chicago as well as some information regarding the trailer

Jul 13, 2004

Another review of the Batman Animated DVD set
source: Comingsoon

Comingsoon has another review of the Animated DVD set. Go Here to read it

Batman related events at San Diego's Comic Con
source: Comic con website

For those of you heading to this years Comic Con in San Diego, here is when you can expect to see some Batman related events and Batman alumni

Thursday July 22
12:00 - 1:00: Feature on Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN)
1:30 - 2:30: Alex Sinclair (HUSH) will give a talk on digital colouring in comics.
2:30 - 4:00: Batman alumni's Mike Manley (BATMAN) and Bret Blevins (Shadow of the Bat) will take part in a lecture on creating comics
5:00 - 6:00: DC Panel will feature Paul Jenkins (Legends of the Dark Knight) and Bill Willingham (Robin)
6:00 - 7:00: The creators behind the upcoming War Games storyline will answer questions

Friday July 23
12:30- 2:00 Feature on Batman Begins. Cillian Murphy and David Goyer set to appear. 2:30 - 3:30 Batman alumni's Jeph Loeb and Greg Rucka will be part of the Superman: A new Era forum
2:30 - 4:00: Batman executive producer Michael Uslan will be part of a Marvel feature 3:30 - 4:30 Judd Winick (BATMAN) will be part of a feature along with writer Geoff Johns 4:30 - 6:00: Forum on all of WB's DC animated shows. A sneak peak of "The Batman" will be shown

Saturday July 24
10:00-11:00: Batman alumni's Paul Dini and David Fury (BATMAN:The Animated Series) will be part of a forum promoting a new show they are working on called Lost
11:00-12:00: Dustin Nguyen (again) this time part of a Wildstorm panel
3:00-4:30: DC Panel will feature Brian Azzarello (BATMAN: Broken city), Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee (HUSH) and Greg Rucka

Sunday July 25
10:30 - 11:30: Feature on Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (Long Halloween, Dark Victory)
12:00 – 1:00: Feature on Eduardo Risso (BATMAN: Broken city)

Catwoman promo information
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has rounded up a list of Catwoman related specials to go along with the film's release. They can be found Here

Jul 11, 2004

Various Batman Begins news
source: Batman on Film

Here are some more additions to the cast.

Abduk Blackmanwest -court reporter
Keith How -tramp Jeff Lipman and James Mawhinney (unspecified roles).
Ben Cooke -Batman stunt double #2

In addition, Paul Bernard will do promo work for the film.

Batman on Film also has some technical details regarding the filming of the movie and when the DVD will be released along with more international release dates.

More on that art up for sale
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film has yet more news regarding the art that is up for sale on Ebay. Bill has heard from the artist of the work, Ryan Sook, who has given his side of the story. It can be found Here

Casting reports from Chicago
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has a couple of reports from the Extra casting in Chicago. They are Here

and Here

Jul 8, 2004

Art on Ebay followup
source: Batman on Film

This is a followup to the news about the artwork on sale on Ebay. Bill of Batman on Film has looked into it and has concluded that it is not authentic pre production art.

New Batman animated DVD on the way
source: Comics Continuum

Warner Home Video will be releasing three DVD's based on its animated shows of DC heroe's. Among them is Batman: The Animated Series - Secrets of the caped crusader. This disc will have the following episodes The Cat and the Claw," Parts I and II, "Heart of Ice," "See No Evil

Seems a little strange that they are still releasing individual discs when people clearly want the shows as a set. Strange....

Catwoman's rating
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype is reporting that Catwoman will be rated PG-13

Marvel writer bolts for DC. To do a Batman story
source: Newsarama

Writer Bruce Jones who has worked on Marvel titles like Spider-man, Hulk and others has jumped ship to DC and signed a 2 year exclusive deal. Among his projects will be a story arc in LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT

Profile on Len Wein
source: Pulse

Pulse has an excellent profile on former Batman editor Len Wein. Len also discusses albeit briefly a little Batman

Jul 6, 2004

More Teaser Trailer details
source: Cinescape

Cinescape is reporting that the teaser for Batman Begins will indeed be attached to I, Robot. They also said it will be a minute and five minutes long. I, Robot will come out July 16.

Animated DVD series set reviewed
source: Toonzone

The folks at Toonzone have given the Batman Animated Series set a positive review. It can be found Here

Bill Matheny talks about his latest work "The Batman Strikes"
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has interviewed writers Bill Matheny and and Adam Beechen writers of Justice League Unlimited and The Batman Strikes respectively. They talk about their previous work and what to expect with these new books.

Jul 5, 2004

Denise Di Novi talks CATWOMAN
source: Filmforce

CATWOMAN producer Denise Di Novi was interviewed by Filmforce about the upcoming film. She talks about the development of the film and "the 12 versions of Catwoman"

Illinois press release regarding Batman
source: State of Illinois

A recent press release by the State of Illinois mentions BATMAN BEGINS and where the film will be shot. Here is the relevant snippet

"Intimidation Game," Warner Brothers, will be filming all of the exterior scenes for the new Batman film starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader and Michael Caine as his butler Alfred, in Chicago. Interiors were built on stage in England. Chicago will be standing in for Gotham in this version being directed by Chris Nolan (Memento) whose brother lives in Chicago. When the script called for an underground road he immediately thought of Lower Wacker, which brought the project to Illinois. The work has expanded to include the Amstutz Highway in Waukegan and various Chicago area locales for 15-plus days.

For anyone interested in being an extra, head to this Link Keep in mind there is a $50 fee

BATMAN BEGINS International release dates
source: Batman on Film

Courtesy of Batman on Film, here is when BATMAN BEGINS will open in other countries

Pre-Production art up for sale ?
source: Ebay

It appears that artist Ryan Sook has put up some of his work from the film up for sale on Ebay. Head down Here to see it

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle featured in Pulse special
source: Pulse

Pulse's Steve Chung has written a little feature about the doomed marriage of the Batman and Catwoman from the now defunct Earth-2. The story took place in Brave and the Bold 197

July 2, 2004

More pictures from Batman Begins
source: Batman Begins website

There was yet another cryptic update to the Batman Begins website. If you click on several parts of the Bat symbol pictures of Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine in their respective roles as Ducard, Gordon, Fox and Alfred will be revealed.

However if you have trouble finding the links, try these links

Lucius Fox
James Gordon,
Alfred Pennyworth,
Henri Ducard.

Excellent pictures especially the one of Gary Oldman as James Gordon.

New Catwoman trailer

Here's the latest and final trailer for Catwoman. It can be found by going Here