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Jun 28, 2004

Additions to Batman Begins cast and crew
source: Batman on Film

Here are a few more additions to the cast.
Emma Lockhart - Rachel Dobson.
Rachel Hammond,
Tamer Hassan
Rade Sherbedgie - homeless man.

Crew wise, Eric Oram was a personal trainer for Christian Bale

Jun 25, 2004

Batman Begins Teaser trailer and Poster news
source: Cinescape

Cinescape is reporting that the teaser trailer will be attached to Catwoman and I Robot this summer and not Spider-Man 2.

For those of you wondering what the teaser poster looks like, it can be seen in the pictures of the Batmobile at the trade show.

And Finally head down to Batman on Film to get a glimpse of the actors who will play Joe Chill, Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.

First review of Catwoman
source: Aint it Cool

Aint it Cool has a review of Catwoman on their site. The review has some minor Spoilers and can be found Here (Spoilers)

Jun 20, 2004

Christian Bale makes the cover of Entertainment Weekly

In addition to being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, Christian Bale is also featured in an article that has quotes from George Clooney and Adam West.

Key part of Batman's origin filmed Friday
source: Batman on Film, Superhero Hype

Both Batman on Film and Superhero Hype has received some info from someone who was onset Friday and saw the filming of a crucial scene and a setup for another big scene. Bill's reports is Here (SPOILERS) and Superhero Hype's is here (SPOILERS) The person also noted that these actors too part in the filming.

Jun 17, 2004

Possible description of Batman Begins Teaser?
source: Batman on Film

Bill has recieved some details from one of his sources on what we might see in the teaser for Batman Begins. To read it, highlight the text below (Spoilers)

Black screen, The WB logo fades in. It stays on screen for a few seconds, A little longer than normal, Then it fades to black. The black screen also stays for a few moments, then quietly some of the theme starts to play (I'm not too certain but I think it's the same theme they've used in the past for Batman trailers, But I defiantly know it was music from the Burton film).

After about 10-15 seconds of darkness a complete white frame fades in, Then it looks blurry, Then we start to see shades of blue, Then it totally fades in. It's a very wide shot of a snowbound mass of land, with a small figure walking towards the camera (I kept thinking what the hell is this? They just must be using Batman music). Then it was an upclose shot of Bale, He falls into the snow. He starts coughing. There is some voice-overs of different people, mainly Neeson. There are flashes of the rest of the cast, Bale talking about his fears, what drives him. Then We see a man slip on a strange looking gas mask. Very German/Nazi WW2 looking for the design of the mask. Probably the Scarecrow.

A black screen, Batman standing on top of a building then jumping falling down towards the screen. Flashes of a fast moving train, What looks like a huge black tank and a helicopter and police cars. A few more flashes of some fast paced car action. There are a few shots of the city (Which look very dark and pretty rough, Very unfinished). Then Bale's eyes appear over the skyline, Which fades into Bale's face in the Batman mask. Then a black screen and the new bat logo fades in, kinda old school with a rusted finish. It slowly moves towards the screen with a bass dropping drone. The credits fade in "Next Summer it Begins."

Wait and see before taking this to the bank

Jun 16, 2004

More Trailer rumours
source: various

Cinescape is reporting that the teaser for Batman Begins may be attached to Spider-man 2 or I, Robot. Batman on Film is reporting that the teaser will indeed be attached to Catwoman

I think its wishful thinking for the teaser to be on Spider-Man 2 (A better choice than Catwoman though) I Robot is a possibility

A few more Batman Begins Pictures
source: Newsweek

The latest edition of Newsweek contains the article below and a few more pictures. The pictures can be found Here

Devin Grayson talks about Nightwing
source: Pulse

Birds of Prey writer has interviewed her Nightwing Counterpart Devin Grayson for the Pulse. Grayson talks about the character and what to expect from future issues.

Jun 13, 2004

Newsweek Article on Batman plus pictures
source: Newsweek

Newsweek has an interesting article about Batman Begins. The article also has two excellent pictures of Batman in action

Batmobile unveiling video
source: UGO

Can't get enough of the Batmobile? Well head down to UGO to look at a video of its unveiling at the Trade show.

More details on Carmine Infantino's suit against DC
source: Pulse

Here are some more details about this lawsuit courtesy of Pulse. Infantino is asking for 4 million dollars and credit for the creations of Flash, Batgirl Poison Ivy and several other characters. Infantino also claims that he was offered $25,000 dollars which he found insulting. More details on this and other similar lawsuits are at Pulse

Jun 10, 2004

Batman Begins Teaser rumours
source: Batman on Film, Dark Horizons

Both Dark Horizons and Batman on Film are reporting that the teaser for Batman Begins will appear at this years San Diego Comic Con and will be attached to Catwoman.

Batmobile's origin
source: Aint it Cool News

Aint it cool has a report from the New York Trade show which includes an origin of the Batmobile. (SPOILERS)

Pete Woods talks War Games
source: Pulse

The Pulse has interviewed former Robin artist Pete Woods. Pete talks about the work he is doing for the War Games storyline and drops some hints as to what we can expect from the story and his art More...

Jun 8, 2004

More Batmobile pictures from the Trade show
source: London Features International

The new Batmobile made its appearance at the New York Trade show and some more pictures have been posted online. For those you who held out hope that the design might be preliminary will be disappointed. Go Here for the pictures

Catwoman Movie round up
source: Superhero Hype

Superhero Hype has made a list of Catwoman related news on their website. Go Here to see them

Jun 6, 2004

Batman Collected Editions announced
source: DC Comics

DC has announced several Collected Editions and Graphic Novels it plans to release in the near future. Here is a rundown of them

British citizens queue for roles as Extras in Batman Begins
source: Bedford Today

Looks like people from all over the U.K are streaming into Bedford to get one of 2000 extra roles for Batman Begins according to the Bedford Today. Full details can be found Here

Batman Begins news roundup

Batman on Film is reporting that Dermot Power has joined the film's art department along with actor Mark Boone Jr for a unspecified role along with Tristan Murphy who will serve as Liam Neeson's stand-in.

Cillian Murphy recently gave his thoughts regarding his role in Batman Begins to Movie Hole.

 "I like to mix it up a bit. Batman Begins is my first experience in a full-on blockbuster. My interests don't generally lie in those sorts of films, but the director is Chris Nolan, the script is wonderful and it's a great cast. I can have a bit of fun with it, too, because my only motivation really is being bad.

 I love doing proper dramatic character studies, but it's also good to have a but of fun, dress up and stuff".

And Finally, Katie Holmes Pictures has some additional pictures of the actress onset. Go Here to see them

Former Bat-Artist sues for rights to the Flash
source: Newsarama

Artist Carmine Infantino, who worked on Batman during the 60's, is suing DC for the rights to the Flash claiming that DC hired him to revitalise the character. Infantino also wants credit for creating Batgirl as well.

More details can be found Here