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May 31, 2005

Batman Begins gets Japanese premire
source: various

Batman fans in Japan got their first peak at the Dark Knight's return to the big screen. On Monday the main cast members took part in a press conference.

Comics Continuum has some comments from director Christopher Nolan

Hello Magazine has an article that says that Katie Holmes took most of the attenion of the media due to her relationship with Tom Cruise

And finally News24 has an article on Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson and why they signed onto the film.

New artist on BATGIRL
source: Newsarama

Newsarama is reporting that artist Pop Mahn will become the artist of BATGIRL starting in October .

May 27, 2005

Win a private, hometown screening of "Batman Begins"

"Good Morning America" is looking for stories of real-life superheroes. If you had someone go above and beyond to make a huge difference in your life, now is your chance to thank them. Send in your story for a chance to surprise your hero with a private, hometown screening of "Batman Begins" for your hero's friends and family, hosted by Warner Brothers! This thriller opens in theaters across America on June 15. Click here.

New Batman Begins pictures
source: WB

Warner Brothers has released 55 new pictures and they can be found Here at Comics Continuum

Not all of those pictures are new as some have been released sometime earlier

'The Batman' news and Ratings
source: Comics Continuum

'The Batman' continues to draw top ratings in certain demographics:

Comics Continuum has some preview pictures up the upcoming episode "Fire and Ice" which airs this Saturday.

May 25,  2005

Another link to the Batman Begins preview from Smallville

Seems the link from the previous update went dead yesterday, but don't fret. The following Link also has the footage (100 megs as well. Dial up users have been warned)

More TV Spots
source: The Movie Box

The Movie Box has three more TV Spots for Batman Begins.

Batman Begins soundtrack news
source: Warner Brothers

Here is a Warner Brothers press release for the film's soundtrack (Courtesy of Superhero Hype)

On June 15th, Warner Bros. Pictures' "Batman Begins," from director Christopher Nolan, the summer's most anticipated theatrical release, opens nationwide featuring a score that will immediately make music history -- a unique collaboration between two of the screen's most honored and respected composers, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, working together for the first time. Warner Sunset Records will release the CD for "Batman Begins" on June 14th. The soundtrack contains 12 tracks composed by Zimmer and Howard and is 60 minutes in length.

"Watching this unique collaboration between two great talents has been constantly fascinating and exciting. Their contribution to 'Batman Begins' has been immeasurable," said Nolan.

"Collaborating on this project has been a lot of fun. Since 'Batman Begins' is a character driven story, we wanted to give Batman credibility through the music. We've created a score that tried to stay true to the duality of the character, capturing the motion, energy, darkness and rage of Batman," said Zimmer and Howard.

"Batman Begins" explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.

Zimmer is one of the most respected and talented composers in the business with over 100 film scores to his credit highlighted by his Oscar winning score for "The Lion King" as well as scores for Oscar winning films including "Gladiator," "Rainman," and "Driving Miss Daisy." Zimmer's credits also include "The Last Samurai," "Black Hawk Down," "Thelma and Louise," and the upcoming DreamWorks release "Madagascar."

James Newton Howard, a six time Oscar nominee, is best known for his spine tingling scores for M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village," for which he received an Oscar nomination, as well as "The Sixth Sense," "Unbreakable" and "Signs." Howard's list of credits includes over 90 films including "The Fugitive," "The Prince of Tides" and most recently "The Interpreter."

Comics Continuum is reporting that the Sci-Fi Channel will air a Batman Begins special on June 14.

Jeph Loeb and Neal Adams to work on a Batman story
source: Newsarama

Newsarama, is reporting that Jeph Loeb and Neal Adams will be working on a yet unnamed Batman story. At this point, no details are available.

Jeph Loeb Interview
source: Newsarama

The folks at Newsarama have conducted an interview with Jeph Loeb on his upcoming story arc in Superman/Batman. The interview is Here

May 22, 2005

The footage from Smallville

For any of you who haven't seen the 10 minute preview from Smallville. Head down to his link. However it is a 100 meg file so dial up users have been warned.

Filmforce's Tour of the Batcave
source: Filmforce

Head down to Filmforce which has a video tour of the Batcave from Batman Begins.

Batman Begins got Milk? Ad

He did it before and he's doing it again. The folks behind the Got Milk? Ads have once again used Batman for their ad


May 18, 2005

R.I.P Frank Gorshin
source: Bloomberg media

Some sad news to start off with. Frank Gorshin, known for his role as the Riddler in the 60's Batman series has passed away today due to Lung Cancer. He had been hospitalised three weeks earlier.

In addition to his role as the Riddler, which earned him an Emmy Nomination, Gorshin starred on Broadway and appeared as a guest star on many other TV shows such as 'Murder She Wrote', 'Lois and Clark' and 'Star Trek'. Recently he returned to the world of Batman by providing the voice of Hugo Strange on 'The Batman'

Frank leaves behind his wife Christina, son Mitch, daughter-in-law Maria, grandson Brandon, sister Dottie and brother- in-law Willie. Rest well Mr. Gorshin. 

More TV Spots and Smallville clip
source: The Movie Box

Head down to The Movie Box to see a trio of new clips. They include a 6th TV Spot, the International TV Spot and the Smallville promo

Brief Comics News
source: Comics Continuum

The second printing of the OMAC Project #1 has sold out prompting yet another printing of this issue. The Second part of this story has sold out as well and will also be reprinted. To date, the first issues of all the 'Countdown to Infinite Crisis' spin offs have sold out.

DC has announced that the 'All Star Batman and Robin' maxi series will be published every sixth week starting July 13.

Batman Begins Video Game news from E3
source: IGN

IGN editor Hilary Goldstein has a hands on report for the Batman Begins game. It sounds like fans are in for quite a challenge with this latest adventure which also features some neat driving scenes.

Speaking of driving, it appears that Warner Brothers also provided EA with the new Batmobile to help promote the game. Go Here for the game report

May 16, 2005

Batman Begins soundtrack Cover Art
source: Toonzone

Toonzone has pictures of the coverart of the Batman Begins soundtrack and can be found Here

For those wondering, the names of the tracks are those of different species of Bats. Interesting isn't it?

Misc Batman Begins newsbytes
source: various

A New TV spot aired with Survivor. It can be found at

Head down to Superhero Hype to see pictures of a massive Batman Begins billboard in New York

Batman Begins will get a June 6 premiere at the Grauman's Chinese theatre

And Finally, head down to composer James Newton Howard's website where he talks about the score

May 13, 2005

Batman Begins International Trailer plus Video Game trailer
source: UK Batman Begins site

The International Trailer of Batman Begins is up and available on the UK Batman Begins site.

The trailer for the video game can be found Here

Batman Begins Trading cards info
source: Comics Continuum

Card Company Topps will be making a trading card set for Batman Begins. The 90 card set will be on the market June 17 and will feature several special cards and ones with signatures from the main cast. Head down to Comics Continuum to see some preview pics and more details

..And Finally......

The British Board of Film Certification has rated Batman Begins 12A for "strong fantasy horror and moderate violence." The film is rated PG-13 in North America and will have a running time of 2 hours and 20 minutes

May 10, 2005

What does David Goyer have planned for Batman Begins' sequels
source: Premiere

In an interview with Premiere magazine, Goyer gave some hints on what to expect in future films

“The next one would have Batman enlisting the aid of Gordon and Dent in bringing down The Joker... but not killing him, which is a mistake they made in the first one," Batwriter David Goyer tells the latest issue of U.S. movie magazine PREMIERE. "In the third, the Joker would go on trial, scarring Dent in the process."

New Batman Begins video game screenshots
source: IGN

IGN has a few more screenshots of the Batman Begins video Game.

DC reveals new logo
source: DC Comics

DC revealed its new logo this past monday. It will appear May 25 on the comic 'The Return of Donna Troy'. It will also make its non comic debut June 15 with 'Batman Begins'.

May 9, 2005

'The Batman' news and Ratings.
source: Comics Continuum

'The Batman' continues to draw healthy ratings from both male and femal demographics. It fared as follows

Comics Continuum also has some images from the upcoming episode 'The Riddled' which will air May 21 on the Kids WB

The Bill Finger Award
source: Newsarama

Batman Alumni Jerry Robinson has set up a new award in honour of his late friend and unofficial Batman co creator Bill Finger. The award will be given out to those recognised for their writing. The full Press Release for this new award can be found at Newsarama

....And Finally Go Here to see the promo poster for the season finale of Smallville which will also feature an eight minute preview of 'Batman Begins'

May 4, 2005

DC raises prices on $2.25 titles. Bat titles affected
source: Newsarama

Starting June, DC will raise the prices of its current titles which are priced at $2.25 to $2.50. 'BATMAN', 'NIGHTWING' and 'ROBIN' will be affected Bat-title wise though 'The Batman Strikes' will stay the same.

Bob Greenberger on Batman: Cover to Cover
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has interviewed DC Editor Bob Greenberger on the recently released Batman:Cover to Cover which is a collection of the best Batman covers spanning Batman's long history. The book also contains comments from several people from comic talent like Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross and Neal Adams to non comic people like Christopher Nolan, Mark Hamill and Adam West.

Greenberger talks about the criteria for the covers in the book and the behind the scenes work for the collection and which covers didn't make the cut.

Various creators talk various projects
source: Pulse

Here are some links to interviews with current Batman creators.

May 3, 2005

All Star Batman and Robin details
source: Comics Continuum

DC has released some details of thier upcoming Batman maxiseries 'All star Batman and Robin'

The all-new saga of Batman and Robin begins here! The people responsible for some of comicdom's greatest tales, Frank Miller and Jim Lee team up for the first time to bring you Batman and Robin like you've never seen them before in this imaginative reinvention of these classic characters that will have your eyes popping and your head spinning!

"All hell breaks loose at the circus as millionaire Bruce Wayne and gal pal Vicki Vale witness a young boy's life shattered before their eyes. Orphaned, Dick Grayson has nowhere to go and no one to turn to -- no one but Bruce Wayne and the shadow of the bat!

Head down to Comics Continuum to see colour versions of the first issue's covers

Katies Holmes on Entertainment Tonight

Tonight's edition of Entertainment Tonight will feature Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes) as she promotes 'Batman Begins'

Here's another version of the Third onesheet. This one is from the UK Batman Begins site