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May 29, 2004

Various Batman Begins News.

Garth Franklin of Dark Horizons is suggesting that everyone keep checking the Batman Begins website as some surprises might turn up. Previously WB has quietly sneaked in the pictures of the Batmobile and Batman/Bruce Wayne so something else might pop up.

Bill of Batman on Film is reporting that Dan Glass (Matrix) is the Visual Effects Supervisor. in addition Superhero Hype is reporting that some Visual Effects work is happening in Chicago. Go Here to read that and to see some set pics (Minor Spoilers). Batman on Film also has some pictures of where shooting took place in Chicago.

And finally Artist Tommy Lee Edwards is working on a art guide for Batman Begins

Details on DC's Julius Schwartz tribute
source: Newsarama

Newsarama has some art and thoughts from the talents involved in this summer's Tribute to former editor Julius Schwartz. DC will release 8 specials featuring covers from Schwartz's reign on the titles where the creators have to write a story based on what's depicted on the cover. Full details are Here

May 27, 2004

Larry Holden comments on Batman Begins
source: Christopher

Larry Holden, who is either in or out of Batman Begins, has been interviewed by What is interesting are his comments regarding the news on this film.

Well, all I can say is that yes, I have read the script, yes, I have flown to London several times to talk with Chris about things, and yes, I will probably be going back there very very soon to discuss things further... But I have not been cast in the film, and all the talk on the internet about the script or what have you is way off base. I mean, this is a huge movie, with a lot at stake, so these guys made sure to think out every possible scenario when it came to potential script leaks, etcetera, and they came up with a fool proof plan - one that no other film has gone to the trouble or expense to work out in advance. And, because of that, they have the world eating out of their hands right now. I mean, they haven't allowed anybody to spoil anything for their audience, which seems to consist of millions of folks who really really care about "Batman" and this film. And I mean that. You shouldn't believe what you read, and I don't care which so-called "Batman" expert has said what or will say what. They are dead wrong about ninety nine percent of it all. And that goes for casting, the script, the car, the suit... whatever. And I know, because, like I said, I've spent a lot of time on that set recently, hanging out, and, since I'm still considering climbing onboard, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about "Batman" from a variety of sources outside of the production, particularly the internet. And not once during this whole time have I read something that was spot on, that was fully accurate.

Interesting comments though I can't agree with Holden since much of the info has been confirmed and others (Such as the suit) have been revealed. Bill of Batman on Film has given his rebuttal where he defends his reporting and it can be found Here. Stax of Filmforce has also given his response

Some Set Pictures of Batman Begins
source: various

Here are some set pictures to get everyone warmed up for the film.

First off are some pictures on Strange Interlude.

Next we have Superhero Hype (Minor Spoilers)

Teasers and Tradeshows
source: various

Bill of Batman on Film is reporting that WB will attach the teaser for Batman Begins to Catwoman and not 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. Also at this years Tradeshow in New York, Batman Begins products, including the new Batmobile, will be featured.

Is WB attempting to inflate the box office take of Catwoman??

Catwoman International Poster reveiled, Di Novi talks Catwoman
source: Bigmir

The Russian website Bigmir has the international poster for the film up. It can be found Here

Comics Continuum has done an Interview with Catwoman producer Denise Di Novi. She defends the changes to the Character and the suit

The Continuum: Speaking of which, I think there was a lot scrutiny over Catwoman's costume...

Di Novi: Which completely mystified me. I have to say the funny thing about Catwoman is there have been 12 versions of Catwoman throughout history. It's not like Batman or Superman or X-Men that were conceived and they stayed consistent and have had a straight through-line and were essentially the same thing, with just updating.

The thing with Catwoman is there are 12 different versions where she had 12 different costumes which were really different. It wasn't like how Batman got updated or Superman got updated. They were dramatically different costumes. She wore a dress at one point. She's had capes. They were very, very different.

Also, her back story and her characterizations are very different. In one, she's a prostitute. One, she was a street runaway.

So when people say that you're not being true to the costume or the character, I kind of want to say, "Well, which one do you think I should be true to?"

The Interview can be found Here

I honestly don't know what Di Novi means when she says that there were 12 Catwomen. Ever since Bob Kane created her, she was, and still is, an expert thief named Selina Kyle. Sure her costume changed over the years but her character never did (significantly that is)

I also don't understand how she claims to be "respectful" of the character when the filmmakers have a) changed her identity and her character and b) given her a costume that is more in line with a burlesque performer than a superhero.

May 24, 2004

Casting call goes out in Bedford
source: Batman on Film, Superhero Hype

Those of you who live in or near the Bedford area may be interested to learn that a casting call has gone out for extras in Batman Begins. 2020 Casting is doing the selecting and more details can be found Here

Batman Begins Novelization publisher picked
source: Sci Fi Wire

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that Del Ray Books will publish the Novelizations of Batman Begins and Catwoman. In addition, the publisher will also release three other Batman novels.

Wizard World Batman highlights
source: Comics Continuum

There wasn't too much Batman related news at the DC Panel at Wizard World but here are some notable tidbits

-Though he won't be Robin anymore, Tim Drake will play a big role in the upcoming War Games and Identity Crisis storylines as well as the Teen Titans comic.

-Everyone at DC is happy with the current status of Batman Begins from the script, cast and tone of the film.

Bill Willingham talks Robin (The Fourth one)
source: Pulse

Pulse has an excellent in depth interview with writer Bill Willingham about the new Robin and what to expect from her. The Interview can be found Here (Spoilers Ahead!!!)

May 23, 2004

Batman Begins newsbytes
source: Various

Here is a recap of Batman Begins news that was overlooked this past week.

The following have been added to the cast and crew (From Batman on Film )

Also, Dark Horizons is reporting that more pictures of the cast members will be released in June starting with a few in the 'Hollywood Insider'.

For those of you wondering if there will be a teaser for this film anytime soon, the word is that it might be attached to either the Harry Potter film or Catwoman.

May 18, 2004

Batman Begins Chicago shooting dates
source: Chicago Film Office

Batman Begins will start shooting in Chicago from July 31 to August 21. Extra Casting info will be available later on

Catwoman TV Spots now showing

If you are watching TV these nights, keep an eye out for TV commercials for Catwoman  as WB has started airing starting them this week.

In other Catwoman news, EA has opened a website devoted to the Catwoman game. It can be found Here. As well, Halle Berry will be a presenter at the MTV Movie Awards.

Devin Grayson talks War Games
source: Comics Continuum

Devin Grayson has given some more details about the upcoming "War Games" storyline. The storyline will take place over three months and will have some surprises for readers. Full details can be found Here.

Batman Alumni News:
source: Newsarama

Right after he is done with Batman, artist Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN) will team with Ed Brubaker (BATMAN, CATWOMAN) on Wildstorm's The Authority. To read what both writer and Artist think, head here

May 13, 2004

More Actors for Batman Begins
source: Batman on Film

Looks like the cast is being rounded off with supporting roles now. Larry Holden, who was rumoured a few months back, is in the film as D.A Carlton Finch. Noah Margetts will play an Arkham Thug, Charles Edwards a Waynetech exec and Freddie Royston may play a role involving Ra's Al Ghul considering one of his talents is playing Arabic and Mediterranean characters.

Some Batman Begins set pictures
source: Katie Holmes Pictures

Katie Holmes Pictures has a few set pictures from the film at St. Pancreas Chambers in London. Go Here to see them

Catwoman game pics at E3
source: IGN

Electronic Arts is one of the many Video Game Giants on hand to showcase their upcoming games. Among them is Catwoman. Go Here for some more pics of the game

May 9, 2004

More Actresses join Batman cast
source: Batman on Film

Batman on Film is reporting that British actresses Alexandra Bastedo, Lucy Russell and Siobhan Hewlett have joined the cast. They play "Mrs Delane", "Susan" and Bruce Wayne's secretary Jessica respectively.

Bill also has some pictures of Mentmore towers, used for Wayne Manor and of a building in Chicago that could be used in the film. Head down to Batman on Film to see them

Bat Alumni discuss own projects
source: Newsarama

Former Writers Ed Brubaker (BATMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS,) Darwyn Cooke (Batman:EGO) and Greg Rucka ( DETECTIVE COMICS) recently had a chance to discuss their own future projects.

As far as the trio doing future Batman work, Cooke wants to do a graphic novel featuring Catwoman and Rucka plans on doing a story called Gotham+20 which he says will be "The last Batman story". Rucka also likes the idea of London doubling as Gotham

Head down Here for more details

For those of you wondering, Gotham+20 is just a "What if" story so you can relax

May 6, 2004

Begins Script undergoing rewrites?
source: Batman on Film

Bill is reporting that the Batman Begins script is undergoing some rewrites. However he assures everyone that these rewrites won't hurt the overall film.

Speculation is that Katie Holmes' character Rachel is being "improved"

More Filming news
source: Leighton Online

The Leighton Online is reporting that the film is shooting at Mentmore Towers which is doubling as Wayne Manor. The article also points out that security is very tight

Catwoman site Updated

The Official Catwoman website is now ready to go with some sketches, downloads and a synopsis of the film. Head down Here to see what they have

The Teaser trailer for the film is also up and can be found Here

May 3, 2004

Alan Burnett on "The Batman
source: Comics Continuum

At this weekend's WonderCon, Alan Burnett had a chance to give some insight in regards to the new Batman Animated show. Regarding the show's faithfulness to the comics:

"It's really true to the mythology of Batman. It just takes him younger. He's in his mid-20s and he's been at it for about three years, so he's still trying to find his way as a super-hero, although he's pretty confident and does it pretty well.

For more details about the show, Head down to Comics Continuum

Details on "War Games"
source: Newsarama

Here are some details about the upcoming crossover in the Batman titles. The story is titled War Games and will start with a "12 cent adventure" written by Devin Grayson. The new Robin will have a big role in the story as well.

More details of this story can be found Here

Batman's chest logo
source: Batman on Film

Many people had one question when they saw the pictures of Bale as Batman: Where is the Bat-Symbol on his chest? Don't worry, there is a Bat-Symbol on the suit and Bill of Batman on Film has a picture of what it looks like. It is 100% accurate to the suit symbol.

Bill also has some new set pictures and is reporting that British actress Sara Stewart has joined the cast.